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Shinjitsu no Rance original cover

Original cover

Shinjitsu no Rance re-release cover

Re-release cover

Rance ~Shinjitsu no Rance~ (ランス~真実のランス~; English "Real Rance") is a Drama CD released on April 4th, 1996; and re-released on February 23, 2000. It was published by Compass, and distributed by Pioneer.

The story is specific to the drama, using some original antagonist characters who do not appear in any other Rance media. Most of the background music is taken from Rance IV. Rance and Sill's voice actors (Kazuki Yao and Rie Iwatsubo) both reprise their roles from Rance: The Desert Guardian. As well, two minor characters' voice actresses from the OVA, Miki Takahashi and Junko Asami, return with new roles.

Track List[]

# Japanese Title English Title Length
1 ランス登場! Rance appears! 9:57
2 魔将軍パブズ Magic General Pubs 9:46
3 ランス、ハメられる!? Rance, getting fucked!? 8:56
4 ジェントルマン・ランス Gentleman Rance 7:32
5 発進!チューリップ28号 Take-off! Tulip No. 28 8:57
6 ヘルマン軍襲来! Helman Army Invasion! 5:21
7 ランスVSパブズ Rance vs. Pubs 6:02
8 エピローグ Epilogue 4:25

Total length: 1:00:56


Rance Kazuki Yao
Sill Rie Iwatsubo
Maria Omi Minami
Shizuka Michiko Neya
Lia Miki Takahashi
Pubs Kenichi Ono
Mack Takehito Koyasu
Min Junko Asami
Hanny Hiroko Kenyu Horiuchi
Soldier A Takashi Nagasako
Soldier B Shigeru Shibuya
Town girl A Miyuki Matsushita
Town girl B Yukari Honma
Town girl C Hiroko Takemasa