Shihoudou Narika
Japanese 四方堂ナリカ
Romanization shihōdō narika
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Ninja
World Beat Blades Haruka
Affiliation Souha Jougenshuu
Appeared in Beat Blades Haruka


Narika is the daughter of Shihoudou Seigen, and is in fact a member of the Crescent Moons.

She's three years younger than Takamaru. While she has martial arts training, in general she's more or less a normal girl. While sometimes she might seem cold, most of the time she is caring and helps out other people. She is an excellent cook, and has a great penchant for sweets in particular. She also is a fair bit into games and anime, even flipping through the eroge she scavenged from Takamaru.

She has a long hidden crush on Takamaru: when first finding out about Blades and what her becoming one would entail, she considered running away, however after an event where she was touched by his compassion, she decided against it and kept at her training. Until Haruka's arrival, she was tasked to keep an eye on him and ensure he did not have sexual relationships and waste his power. She is quite cute and aware of it, but she nonetheless feels a complex against Haruka's skills and more mature looking body. On the whole, she has an extremely tsundere behaviour, hitting Takamaru and calling him a pervert even as she potentially falls in love with him. Though fairly inexperienced and occasionally shy, she enjoys gaining the upper end on Takamaru and domineering him a bit.

As a Blade, she uses a gigantic red shuriken in battle that returns to her. When not battling, the shuriken turn into a white-pinkish snake she called Perro. Perro is very attached to its master and will defend her when he feels she is threatened, or even generally annoyed by someone (Takamaru)


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