Japanese 柴神
Romanization shibagami
Race Inugami
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Japan

The God of the Japanese Empire. He is not a "concept" but an actual living being.

By virtue of being immortal, he has been the one to choose and appoint the Japanese Emperor since thousands of years ago. Since his judgment regarding humans is always spot on, his choices have always been proven right and the Japanese Empire never had a foolish Emperor in his long history.

He doesn't involve himself in politics after having appointed the Emperor, preferring to watch over the Emperor's subjects lives. He fights on the frontlines whenever Japan is attacked by foreign enemies, since his heroic exploits are written about on every history record he is well known and loved by the Japanese people.

Sometimes, he just acts like a dog.

“Then, let us see it through together. That future I promised you on that day.”

Voice Actor : Kontsu


Recruitment: Talk to him in event phase after doing the kamikaze cermony (The one with Mikado in a Dress)

Command Points:

Skill "God's Miracle" - Attack against Disasters + 30%

Extra Skill "Great Barrier" - Comes from his flagship which is fixed at his 1st slot; -300 missile damage

Level 10

Hp + 20% (Preset Flagship)
Hp + 20%
Hp + 20%
Hp + 20%


  • Shibagami starts out at Max Level.
  • After accepting the Japanization plan, he will be replaced by Mikado once you own 15 regions.
  • His skill won't give him the +30% damage bonus if the monster doesn't have the "disaster" attribute.


Ranked third, with 5036 votes, in Alicesoft's male popularity poll.

He is a possible reference to Star Fox.