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  • Miko no Mori (巫女ノ杜) - The Miko Shrine the protagonist became affiliated with.
  • Hi no Kamikyou (日ノ神教) - "God Cult of the Sun", the oldest religion in Japan.
  • Danshinkyou (男心教) - "Man Heart Cult", male muscular athletes
  • Apple Society (アップルソサエティ) - otaku worshipping the "Moe Goddess"
  • Kinbyoutan (金瓢箪) - "Golden Gourd", convenient store chain
  • TA Kyoudan (TA教団) - "Try Again Order", female athletes
  • Hoshi no Ie (星の家) - "Home of Stars", orphanage
  • Megami no Shirube (女神の標) - "Beacon of the Goddess", female-centric musical people
  • Jiaikai (自愛会) - "Self-Loving Group", narcissists?
  • Ikunoukyou (育農教) - "Agriculturism"
  • Shin Jinrui Kenkyuusho (新人類研究所) - "New Human Research Institute", aka Puppetism (人形教).
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