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  • 体力 (HP) - Decreases when being attacked.
  • 攻撃力 (Atk) - Attack governs damage from melee attacks.
  • 知力 (Int) - Intelligence governs damage from ranged attacks.
  • 防御力 (Def) - Defense reduces damage from melee attacks.
  • 抵抗力 (Res) - Resistance reduces damage from ranged attacks.
  • 命中 (Hit) - Accuracy of attacks (melee & ranged)
  • 回避 (Eva) - Ability to evade attacks
  • 行動 (Spd) - Determines the order the characters move.
  • 精神力 (MP) - MP (lit "Spiritual Power") of the protagonist is used when:
    • Any of the miko attacks or raises their morale (気合). Amount spent depends on the formation used.
    • Protagonist uses healing power
    • Protagonist re-summons a defeated miko

Parameters can be improved by training and winning battles.


  • 攻撃 (Attack) - Would give two options, Melee Attack(Atk) and Ranged Attack(Int). Melee attacks only work on enemies on the front row. Should that be cleared, you can target anyone from then. Ranged attacks can work on anyone at any time.
  • 防御 (Defense) - Allows a character to defend. Not only does the character defend only, the character will also shield a character next to her from harm. However, Itsuki will NOT shield others. Also, do take note that shielding is only possible when the formation is intact(the squares are blue, instead of greyed out.
  • 回避 (Dodge) - Increases own dodge rate. Does not shield.
  • 気合 - Increases your charge bar by 3. During this turn, should your character be attacked, she gains another 1 bar. Max 5 bars to unlease 連續攻擊(Continuous attack) and 合體攻擊(Combination attack). Continuous attack simply does damage to the yellow regions, Combination attack does damage to all squares.
  • 精神集中 (Concentrate) - Itsuki-only ability. Recovers MP to half its max amount.
  • 癒しの祈 (Healing prayers) - Itsuki-only ability. Allows you to heal 1 character's HP to full by spending 10MP, or heals entire party's HP by half their max amounts by spending 30MP.
  • 再召喚 (Re-summon) - Itsuki-only ability. When a character is down, you may spend 30MP to re-summon her into battle.
  • 陣形變更 (Formation Change) - Itsuki-only ability. When your party of 4 are all available, you may change formation to get different boost effects. This does not consume any MP nor your turn, so you can take your time to arrange them in whatever way you like. During the setting of your formation, take note that the red spot is Itsuki, while the light blue spots are where the girls may be set. As attacking enemies on the same number panel does critical damage, it may change the tides from time to time. Formations in the upper area are the offensive formations, level 1 gives accuracy boost, level 2 gives atk and int boost, level 3 gives atk, int and accuracy boost. The defensve formations give eva boost for level 1, def and res boost for level 2, def, res and eva boost for level 3. Should Itsuki be placed beside a girl, there will be hearts coming out, probably indicating a further increase in boost(?). Requires verification on this.


Training menu
Max HP Atk Int
Def Res Hit
Eva X X
Training points
Param Mizuno Momiji Natsu Itsuki
HP 2 1 3 2
Atk 2 2 3 -
Int 2 3 2 -
Def 3 1 2 2
Res 3 2 1 2
Hit 2 2 3 -
Eva 2 1 3 -

During training phase, the player decides which parameter each heroine should improve. Each heroine will gain the training points corresponding to the chart Training points chart for three times. If the protagonist is training with a heroine, that heroine gains one additional base training point for three times.

Example: If Mizuno is set to train HP, normally she'll gain 2x3=6 training points towards Def. If the protagonist trains with Mizuno, she'll gain an additonal point for each animation, resulting (2+1)x3=9 training points instead.

For every 6 training points accumulated in a particular parameter for a character, that character's stat increases by 1 (except for HP, which increases by 3 each time). Once a character's stats turn red, the training would be very difficult and inefficient past that point.

(Not sure about HP, but Atk and Int turns red at 120, Def, Res, Hit and Eva turns red at 80.)

If the protagonist (Itsuki) is set to train with a heroine who is practicing a parameter that the protagonist has, the protagonist will also gain training points in that parameter. His training points are hidden and not displayed on the screen.

Example: If Mizuno is training HP, Momiji is training Hit, and Itsuki is set to train with Mizuno, then Itsuki will gain 2x3=6 training points towards HP (and Mizuno will gain (2+1)x3=9 points towards HP). However, if Itsuki is set to train with Momiji, then Itsuki will gain no training points at all, while Momiji gain (2+1)x3=9 training points towards Hit.

Bonus training points from Battles[]

After each battle, surviving party members gain bonus training points for every parameter. The amount gained is two times the points from the Training points chart. If the "Combo Attack" (see next section) is used to finish a battle, the bonus points is doubled (so 4x the amount in the chart).

Example: If Momiji survives a battle, she would gain 2 training points for HP, 4 for Atk, 6 for Int etc. If she survives a battle and the battle was won using the Combo Attack, she would instead gain 4 training points for HP, 8 for Atk, 12 for Int etc.

However, do take note that when a character beats the boss character(s) with a normal attack, and ends the battle, the character usually has a +1 increase in their speed, which may change the sequence of your future battles.

On the other hand, should you lose a battle, you are given the option to retry the battle, should you choose to do so, you get to train once more before you enter the battle again, thus you would have slightly better stats.

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Scheduling training
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Itsuki training with Mizuno


During combat, each side places their combatants on a 3x3 grid. Formations can apply various bonuses to combatants placed on specific locations on the grid.

The objective of the combat is to defeat the other side's boss. Thus if the protagonist falls in a fight, you automatically lose the entire battle.

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