Setina Fab
Japanese セティナ・ファーボ
Romanization Setina Fābo
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Waitress
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03

About[edit | edit source]

A waitress that works in a tavern called Hanires in the city of Kanras from the Free Cities Alliance. She's fairly popular due to her voluptuos body and cheerful demeanor. It doesn't look like it but she's not wearing any underwear.

WhenRance passed by for a casual meal, he immediately asked her for sex but was rejected. An insisting Rance eventually convinced her under some conditions.

Setina actually aims to work as a graphic designer and practices with raw paper everyday. She agreed if he helped her get a few items to improve the quality of her drawing instruments. She asks for a steel core, a dial and a memory, all these serve to make digital drawing. Once he gets her the items, he has sex with her mid-drawing.

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