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Serena Phraze
Japanese セレーナ・フレイズ
Romanization serēna fureizu
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Warrior
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Mizuhara Dojo
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift
Mentioned in Toushin Toshi - Soshite sorekara


Serena Phraze is a warrior from the Mizuhara Dojo, who partnered with Seed Cashima during the Toushin Tournament. As an orphan, she was "picked up" by Reshi Cashima, possibly in hopes that she would someday marry Seed, though Seed saw her as an adopted sister. The situation was complicated when Serena fell in love with Reshi, and the two began a relationship until Reshi dropped the two off at the dojo, never to return. Serena quickly surpassed Seed at the dojo, and was given one of its three secret techniques, the Mizuhara Fierce Sword, which could grant weaknesses to her opponents.

When Billnas and Seed were challenged to compete in the Toushin Tournament for the hand of Hazuki Mizuhara in marriage, Serena became Seed's partner, subject to the risk of sexual forfeit and slavery if he were to lose the tournament. While she accompanied Seed during the early stages of the tournament, she eventually left him to his own devices, giving him the opportunity to stand on his own and visit Hazuki while she in turn visited Billnas, beginning a secret relationship. In spite of this relationship, Serena's loyalties in the tournament remained with Seed, and prior to the battle with Billnas, Serena passed the Mizuhara Fierce Sword to her partner, as it was the only reliable way to defeat Billnas' Mizuhara Heaven Sword.

After Seed won the tournament, he and Serena were kidnapped by Apros, mayor of Toushin City, and Serena was held captive as a way to force Seed to comply with Apros' demands. Serena was subject to severe torture during the period, being forced to serve as one the cruel Toushin Gentobou's "comfort women," but unlike many of Apros' subjects, she never broke, and ultimately attacked Apros at a crucial moment, fighting to help Seed and Hazuki escape from Toushin Mansion. After Apros' death, Serena was rescued and was able to return to the dojo, where she helped Billnas train Seed after his regression to his pre-tournament state.

Appearance and Personality[]


Serena is laid-back and enjoys drinking and relaxing.

Serena is an easygoing, teasing sort of person, especially in regards to Seed Cashima, though some aspects of this personality can be seen with others, such as Border Galois. Her concern for Seed and Hazuki is genuine, though her determination to leave Seed to stand on his own leaves much of her personality unexplored.

Serena has short, blonde hair and a thin build. She is frequently seen in a pink dress, though her combat armor is silver with occasional accents of gold. In Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, she wears her armor consistently, which is modified to expose her midriff and upper thighs. She also now wears a brown scarf around her neck.


Serena's possession of the Mizuhara Fierce Sword technique suggests she is one of the three strongest students at the Mizuhara Dojo, though she no longer has the technique after giving it to Seed Cashima. While rarely seen in combat, she was able to fight off Apros and several of her supernatural servants at once, which was no small feat, although she was ultimately captured by the group.

Serena's acting was able to fool Apros enough to let her guard down.

Serena has a great degree of willpower, able to withstand extreme tortures. She is also an excellent actress, able to feign submission to such a degree that she fooled at least two experienced slavers, one of them an Angel.