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Japanese セラクロラス
Romanization serakurorasu
Race Gods
Sex Female
Status Alive
Class Four Holy Gal Monsters
World The Continent
Affiliation ???
Appeared in Rance X


Serachrolas The Time is one of the Four Holy Gal Monsters, created on the 3rd generation of Monsters as one of the mothers tasked with populating The Continent with countless species of Guy Monsters and Gal Monsters.

She's the youngest-looking of the Four, resembling a small naked little girl wearing only multiple ribbons coming down from her neck. Her long blonde hair is tied with two blue ribbons. She's incredibly tiny, being roughly half as tall as Wenlina.

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During the 2nd Dark Lord War Rance cooperated with the Four Holy Gal Monsters, who joined his side during the war effort for one reason or another. When a Holy Gal Monster goes into heat they usually breed with monsters as it is their function to populate the world with new species. However Rance instead offered himself as a partner due to his own selfish sexual desires and ultimately gave birth to 4 new species of monsters. Serachrolas was the only one that he showed no interest in due to being a small kid but during her estrus period she kissed him and was able to lay an egg regardless, since the Holy Gal Monsters only need a genetic sample to breed. She ultimately gives birth to White Satan.