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Installing patches Edit

Go to and download either or

Unzip the file, and copy the contents to the directory where you installed Sengoku Rance.

Change log Edit

MangaGamer Patch version 1.07Edit

1.07 is a patch for the MangaGamer release of Sengoku Rance. Version 1.06 was never publically released.

Link :

  • Many many typos fixed.
  • You can now use the SuperXBR Upscaling Filter to drastically improve visuals when enlarging the screen.
  • Linear Filter mode now uses gamma-correct upscaling.  This prevents bright, thin lines from becoming overly dark when being enlarged.
  • In an attempt to address crashes in music playback, the SACT Engine was updated to the Beat Blades Haruka version.
  • Some people were experiencing start-time crashes due to the "Perform Noise Reduction" option being turned on, so it is now forced off.

MangaGamer Patch version 1.05Edit

1.05 is a patch for the MangaGamer release of Sengoku Rance.

This patch fixes a number of issues including:

Patch version 1.04 Edit

1.04 contains all the changes in 1.01 and 1.03. The initial MangaGamer release is based on patch 1.04, and version numbering continues from there.

1.04 only adds minor changes compared to 1.03, and it's unncessary to upgrade to 1.04 if you have 1.03 and everything is working fine for you.

You may continue to use the previous save game.

The "skip read messages" function do not remember old messages read in 1.01 or prior.

Summary of cumulative changes since 1.03:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where after making peace with some houses that were holding areas on Oda House territory, you can choose to fight and reclaim the area.
    • Fixed a bug where when going to the Hot Springs, Sill's healing ability does not increase.
    • Fixed typo of description in the skills "Twin Action King" and "Twin Intelligence King".
    • Changed the Buddha Bonus of commanding fan +1 to some other item.
    • Fixed a bug where the Purupet Shop has odd behaviors.
    • Fixed a bug where Mouri Motonari has odd behaviors in All Nation mode.
    • Misc other fixed

Patch version 1.03 Edit

The following lists difference from 1.01. Version 1.02 was never officially released, and thus is omitted here.

  • Changes
    • Added: All-Nation Mode
    • Added: Kill Monkey Route
    • Added: Various Progresses
    • Added: Additional characters Masou Shizuka (志津香) & Gekko (月光)
    • It's now sufficient to get commanders up to Trust to prevent them from defecting to Shimazu House.
    • Maximum gain from the Wealth Tech skill has been changed from 1000 to 2000
    • Allows the skipping of enemy house status from Enviroment Settings dialogue.
    • Greatly increases the capture probability when using the skill "Light Attack"
    • Change the way the skill "Unity" works.
    • Added new skills: "Assassination Defense", "Ying Yang Defense", "Propaganda Effect", and "Guard Crush".
  • Bug fixes (to be translated)
    • 魔法使い系等、一部のキャラが登場時に間違ったHPが表示されている場合があったのを修正
    • 敵国が連続で攻める時、既に織田を駆逐した土地を再度攻めてくる場合があったのを修正
    • 謙信が帝になっても対戦相手を探すイベントが発生する場合があったのを修正
    • 暗殺の正否が再ロードを繰り返す事で変化する確率を減らした
    • アイテム[割引入隊券]、解雇費も安くなってしまっていたのを修正、また補充費は変わらないのでアイテム説明を変更
    • 北条家と和睦した後、北条家が宣戦布告をしてこないように変更
    • アイテム[不死身稲荷の御守り]が香姫にも効果が出るように変更
    • アイテム[将軍護衛隊]の入手を難しくした
    • ランスがランスアタックを必ず大満足ボーナスで取れるように変更(他の技能を先に付けていた場合も)
    • 蘭ルートで地獄の穴が開く数を最大10に変更
    • 2周目以降、店の交換で手に入るアイテムを持っていると交換しても何も手に入らず鬼の骨だけ取られる事があったのを修正
    • 財テク所持武将が戦場で討死した次の戦略ターンで財テク収入があったのを修正
    • タクガ建国前にゴンが信長に殺される場合があったのを修正
    • 五十六ルートの時、戯骸を倒した後、また蘭の中から戯骸が出てくるのを修正
    • 鈴谷無双のレベルが33で無かったのを修正
    • 元就の呪いが解けたのに呪い退治の僧がやってきたのを修正
    • 一部の騎馬武将の戦果アップ等の技能がおかしな場所に登録されていたのを修正
    • ボーナスで作戦許可証を取っていると、3Gに没収された後、再び手に入る場合があったのを修正
    • ランス屋敷で島津に連れていかれたはずの五十六が出る場合があったのを修正
    • 島津に寝取られたキャラがアイテムを装備したまんまなのを修正
    • 金地蔵が誰も装備していなくても効果が発揮していたのを修正
    • ターントップのイベントで死んでいるはずの武将のイベントが起きる場合があったのを修正
    • 砲兵は反撃をする事があったのを修正
    • プルーペット商会の価格がおかしい時があったのを修正
    • 蘭ルート、島津が滅んでいるのに黒姫ゲット計画が出来たのを修正
    • とんちで逆転が使用不能になった時のメッセージをもう少し説明的な物に変更
    • オロチ戦の後、風華が残っていた場合(風華が戦闘に参加していた時)があったのを修正
    • ゴンのキャラクリが表示されたのにその後消えた場合(ゴンがその時戦闘に参加していた時)があったのを修正
    • 蘭が死ぬ前に戯骸が現れるて蘭が死んだあとまた現れるのを修正

Patch file version 1.01 Edit

There were no major issues fixed with 1.01. Thus if none of the changes matter to you (if the bugs don't show up for you or don't bother you, or if you don't care about the additions), then there's no necessity to install the 1.01 patch.

You may continue to use the previous save game.

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where during Takeda House's blitz attack, the game freezes if you don't have any territory adjacent to the Takeda for them to attack.
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to remove equipped item from a unit that has acted already.
    • Fixed a bug where the "skip read messages" function behaves oddly.
    • Fixed a bug where Asai Asakura House's troops might not decrease after the earthquack in Texas.
    • Fixed a bug where even when the conditions for an important event for Akashi Kazemaru hasn't been met, the importaint flag gets raised.
    • Fixed a bug where occasionally there are some Haniwa who are vulnerable to magic. They've been changed to be invulnerable to magic.
    • Fixed a bug where when you select a commander to disrupt the enemy's declaration of war on you, the message displays as selecting a commander to declare war on teh enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where the mini-CGs for selecting commanders have the wrong type.
    • Fixed a bug where even after closing the System Information screen, the "Defeat Orochi" line still remains.
    • Fixed a bug where after there are no more Shinsengumi events, the System Information screen still mentions them.
  • Others:
    • Added 28 conversation events (they don't affect the story). They are marked with the # pound sign in the command list, and sometimes occur at the beginning of the turn.
    • Added a "unused script corner" in Alice's Cottage, for scenarios and dialogues that didn't make it into the game.
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