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Province data Edit

  • Territory key:
    • F = Field
    • T = Town
    • C = Castle
  • This list excludes the huge areas that the Demon Army can conquer in the True route.
Name (Ja) Name (En) Controlled by Territories National Power Dungeon
エゾ Ezo One Eyed House FFTFC 3 -N/A-
奥州 Oshu One Eyed House FTFFFFTC 3 -N/A-
佐渡 Sado Uesugi House/Takeda House TFC 6 Sado Gold Mountain 佐渡金山
さいたま Saitama Houjou House/Takeda House FFTT 4 Tomb of Sekimei セキメイの墓
上総2000 Kazusa 2000 Houjou House/Takeda House FFC 3 Satomi Empire 里見帝国
MAZO MAZO Uesugi House//Takeda House FFC 4 SM Dungeon (SM迷宮)
邪馬台 Yamatai Miko Institute FFT 1 Orochi's Cave 大蛇の穴
信濃 Shinano Takeda House FFFT 4 -N/A-
Kai (Shell) Takeda House FFT 6 Shell Tomb 貝塚
江戸 Edo Houjou House/Takeda House CCC 6 Hellish City 魔界都市
テキサス Texas Asai Asakura House FFC 5 Studying Cave お勉強穴
まむし油田 Mamushi Oil Field Ashikaga House FFC 4 Oil Cave 石油穴
三河 Mikawa Tokugawa House/One Eyed House CFFT 4 Tokugawa Cache 徳川埋蔵金
東海道 Tokaido Imagawa House/Takeda House/Tokugawa House FTC 5 -N/A-
Kyo Ashikaga House TFC 3 Kachikachi Cave カチカチ洞窟
尾張 Owari Oda House FFTC 5 Miso Katsu Dungeon 味噌カツ迷宮
丹波 Tamba Tanegashima House/Mouri House FFFT 4 Tamba Mine Mountain 丹波鉱山
なにわ Naniwa Tenshiism CCC 4 Umeda Underground City 梅田地下街
大和 Yamato Iga House FFC 3 Heizei Kyo 平城京
伊勢 Ise Hara House FFFC 3 Pearl Dungeon (真珠迷宮)
蜜柑 Mikan Tenshiism FF 4 Underground Mikan Farm (地下蜜柑農園)
出雲 Izumo Mouri House FFC 4 Yomotsu Hirasaka 黄泉平坂
姫路 Himeji Akashi House/Mouri House TFC 4 Tiger Cave (虎の穴)
中っ国 Mid Earth Mouri House / Takuga CF 5 -N/A-
戦艦長門 Battleship Nagato Mouri House / Demon Army TFF 4 Bikini Watching (ビキニ鑑賞)
赤ヘル Red Helmet Mouri House TFC 7 Red Wall Dungeon 赤壁迷宮
死国 Death Country Houjou House / Takuga FFF 2 -N/A-
カイロ Cairo Shimazu House / Demon Army FFTC 3 -N/A-
モロッコ Morocco Shimazu House / Demon Army FFFC 3 -N/A-
アマゾン Amazon Shimazu House / Demon Army FFC 3 -N/A-
南アフリカ South Africa Shimazu House / Demon Army FC 2 -N/A-
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