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Legend Edit

Number coloring Edit

  • Red - Special things for collection purposes. You have most of them by default.
  • Blue - Expendable items: effects upon use include troop healing and stat-boosting.
  • Green - Personal equipment: Affects the character equipping it.
  • Yellow - Global equipment: Affects everyone, but needs to be equipped by somebody to take effect.
  • Purple - Battle permits: Allows equipped units to attack and capture an enemy territory at the beginning of every end-turn phase.
NOTE: Some items cannot be unequipped once worn.

Acquisition Edit

  • B - Obtained randomly from troop Battles. Some of these items drop deterministically:
    • After the start of any turn which has a turn number ending in 6 the next battle that you win while attacking an enemy-owned province will be guaranteed to give you exactly one of the Atk/Def/Int/Spd textbooks which give +1 to a stat, each with an equal probability of being obtained. These occurrences stack, but only one book will be given out per won battle. Battle permits are capable of triggering these.
    • Every time that the player wins an army battle without a post-battle event playing* a counter (with an initial value of 0) will be increased by one. Every time that this counter reaches a multiple of 4 the player will be given one of the four affection increasing items, each with equal probability of being obtained.
      • *There are 5 post-battle events where the counter still appears to increase. Namely: The event where Kenshin gains one point in the Emperor Race, the event where Infected troops are burned, the event where Teru is told that she'd make a good husband for Rance, the event where 3G is told about Lelia being captured, and the event where Ogawa Kentarou's unit are surprised that he is alive.
      • "Event battles", such as the Tenshi Sect riots or the all-out battle with the Mouri House, appear not to count.
  • D - Obtained from winning a battle on a Dungeon floor. You should only get one such drop per win and the lowest priority drop, Ogre Bones, will always drop unless something takes priority over them. All dungeon events will take priority over this type of drop, but this will not harm your future chances of these drops.
    • At the start of the game, every dungeon in the game is assigned two random items from the following ten (with replacement): Draft Paper, Unit Magnifier, Construction Bar, Eloquent Miso, Satomi Lunch, Attack Textbook, Def Textbook, Int Textbook, Speed Textbook, Action Textbook. After the battle on the third floor is won, there is a 1 in 3 chance that the first of the assigned items will drop at the end of any individual floor that follows and this will continue in that dungeon until the item has been dropped. In addition to this, the second of these items will drop in exactly the same way after the battle on the sixth floor is won, although it will still be the case that only one such item can drop per floor and therefore the item which is unlocked earliest will drop first.
      • Leaving the dungeon will not make any changes to this mechanic; once the item is dropped, it is gone from the dungeon forever.
      • This may be the only way that some of these items drop in dungeons.
    • The following items all individually have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping (e.g. you may get unlucky and miss the Coil but get the Iron Pipe), unless you are in the Umeda Underground City dungeon found in Naniwa, where the chance increases to 1 in 2. The priority for these drops is ordered the same as they are listed here, with the highest priority first. Only one of these items can drop at a time and with the sole exception of the Hallucination of Death Medicine, they will only drop once per playthrough.
      • Coil, Iron Pipe, and Tape (in that order). All of these items are for Kaguyahime's side quest and will not drop unless you have talked to her once before. See the bottom of Tokugawa's section in the Walkthrough for details.
      • Ero Candle. This will not drop unless you have completed the second step of Okita Nozomi's character clear; the event where Nozomi and Rance are playing Shougi.
      • Hallucination of Death Medicine. This will not drop unless you do not currently have one in your inventory and have completed the second step of Mouri Teru's character clear, the event where Rance learns that Teru is a virgin. After clearing her, it will be able to drop until you have one in your inventory.
      • Sex Medicine. This will not drop unless you have completed the third step of Rizna's character clear, H-ing Rizna in Rance's room.
      • NB: The items described above that have a 1 in 3 chance of dropping will take priority over these drops.
  • DB - Bonus loot from a dungeon. All occurrences of this link to the part of Dungeons that describes how the individual item drops. These items can only be obtained once per playthrough and will only drop under specific conditions. Not all dungeons have bonus loot and not all bonus loot is an item, see Dungeons.
  • DD - Obtained randomly from fully clearing a Dungeon.
    • The DD drops for the dungeons in the following locations are randomised at the start of the game: Sado, MAZO, Kazusa 2000, Edo, Shell/Kai, Mikawa, Owari, Mamushi Oil Field, Kyo, Yamato, Ise, Naniwa, Tanba, Himeji, Izumo, Mid Earth, Red Helmet, Senkan Nagato, Mikan.
      • Notice that Mid Earth does not have a dungeon. This means that, in each playthrough, one of the 19 items in the bullet point below will be unobtainable by DD drops.
    • The 19 items that can be placed in these 19 dungeons are as follows and are selected without replacement: Kewpie, Bunny Mask, Attack Textbook 2, Def Textbook 2, Int Textbook 2, Speed Textbook 2, Action Textbook 2, Demon-only Chisel, World's Tactics, Strange Quick Bug, Ooe Senrigan, Negoshi Eita, Takumi Takurou, Exclusive Nurse, Popularity Staff, Oiuchi Fang, Guts Armor, Underworld Clock, All-gold Statue.
    • The other three dungeons, Orochi's Cave, the Study Dungeon, and Sekimei's Tomb, do not drop any DD items.
    • If you have already obtained the item that should have been the DD drop (e.g. by 2nd Game Bonuses), then it will make the DD drop either an Attack Textbook 2, Def Textbook 2, Int Textbook 2, or Good Medicine. These items should drop in sequence. That is, the first such drop should always be the Attack Textbook 2 and the second should always be the Def Textbook 2, and so on until the list loops back to the Attack Textbook 2.
  • DE - Obtained from Exiting a dungeon. The mechanics of these drops are as follows.
    • If you either choose to leave a dungeon before completing it or if you have previously cleared the dungeon and are forced to choose to leave when you beat the final floor, then you will obtain exactly one of the following items, each with equal probability (1 in 7):
      • JAWS Screen
      • Expert's Drum
      • Kanou Scroll
      • SenriQ's Cup
      • Seirogan
      • Medicine Sake
      • Motivation Paper
    • Note that you must leave the dungeon by choice. If you are kicked out of the dungeon by any of the following means, you will not get any of the above seven item and you should not receive an Ogre Bone.
      • You lost a dungeon battle.
      • You either chose to fight Orochi and won or chose to not fight Orochi.
      • You beat the final floor of a dungeon for the first time.
      • Any of the events in the Oil Dungeon that feature Ran and Souun caused you to leave.
      • The game in Kyo's dungeon caused you to leave (regardless of if you won or lost). The dungeon will behave normally if you revisit it after beating its game.
    • With the exception of the Orochi cases and beating the final floor of a dungeon for the first time, if you leave a dungeon by any of the above methods, then you will obtain a Seirogan if you have beaten more than two floors of the dungeon during that one visit to the dungeon. If you have beaten more than four floors during that one visit, then you will instead obtain a Medicine Sake.
  • L - Obtained from imposing a Levy
    • Imposing a levy will net Gold and a textbook. The books rotate starting with Attack, then Def, then Int. As for the Gold, whenever a province is conquered by the Oda House for the first time, an event will be made available which will allow the player to impose a levy. If this is done immediately after the conquer, it will gain the Oda House 2,000 Gold. However, for each turn that passes with the province in question still under the control of the Oda House, the amount which can be levied will increase by 100 Gold, to a maximum of 5,000.
  • P - Obtained from Purupet shop
  • S - Obtained from Satisfaction Bonus (might not be available if too many other bonus options take precedence)
  • Location name - Obtained by an exploration event at the location.
  • 2nd - Can be obtained as Second Game bonus if unlocked.


  • Items usually work in both commander and troop battles. For example, the Mysterious Murasame increases damage by 20% in both cases.
  • The Orochi Fang and Ryuuguu Sword only affect physical damage.
  • Dungeon Walker does not work if the commander is switched in and it does not work in commander battles outside of a dungeon.
  • Town battles do not count for either Field Battles Weekly or How to Siege Castles.

Items 1~30 (Red/Blue) Edit

1 2 3 4 5
Rance's ero diary

Keeps track of who and how many girls Rance has H-ed in JAPAN

Storage box

For random items

Storage box (blue)

For perishables

Storage box (red)

For equipment-ish things

Ogre Bone

Trade with Purupet for items.

6 7 8 9 10
Happy Pokkuru

Increases commander's level by 1
Obtained by releasing 5 prisoners at once

All-knowing God

All units heal by 100%.
P, 2nd


One unit healed by 50%

Medicine Sake

One unit fully healed

Good Medicine

All units heal by 30%

11 12 13 14 15

Motivation Paper

Allows a commander to be used again (drag over the commander listing, then pick the commander's name).

SenriQ's Cup

Increases character affection by 4 points.

Kanou Scroll

Increases character affection by 3 points.

Expert's Drum

Increases character affection by 2 points.

JAWSな屏風 JAWS Screen

Increases character affection by 1 point.

16 17 18 19 20
Attack Textbook

Increases unit's Atk by 1 (max 6).
B, D, L

Def Textbook

Increases unit's Def by 1 (max 6).
B, D, L

Int Textbook

Increases unit's Int by 1 (max 6).
B, D, L

Speed Textbook

Increases unit's Spd by 1 (max 6).
B, D

Action Textbook

Increases unit's number of actions in battle by 1 (not usable on Musketeers, Warriors, or Ninjas).
B(?), D

21 22 23 24 25

Attack Textbook2
Increases unit's Atk by 1.
P, B(?), DB, DD, Amazon, 2nd


Def Textbook2
Increase unit's Def by 1.
P, B(?), DD, Ezo, 2nd


Int Textbook2
Increases unit's Int by 1.
B(?), P, DD, 2nd


Speed Textbook2
Increase unit's Spd by 1.
B(?), P, DD, Ezo, 2nd


Action Textbook2
Increases unit's number of actions in battle by 1.
B(?), DD, Ezo

26 27 28 29 30
Draft Paper

Increase unit's troop size by 100
D, Kazusa 2000 (unlimited)

Unit Magnifier

Increase all unit's max troop size by 100

Construction Bar

Increase character Const skill by 1

Eloquent Miso

Increase character Neg skill by 1

Satomi Lunch

Increases character Search skill by 1

Items 31~75 (Green) Edit

31 32 33 34 35
Demonic Sword Chaos

Damage +20%, cannot be removed. (Rance)

Holy Sword Nikkou

Damage +20%, cannot be removed. (Kentarou)

When you enter the Demon King Route, Nikkou is automatically removed from Kentarou.

Emperor Headband

Increases all stats by 1. Cannot be removed.
Obtained by winning the Emperor Race in the Kenshin route.

Emperor Sword

Increases all stats by 1. Cannot be removed.
Obtained when entering the Kenshin route, DB in other routes.

Emperor Ring

Increases all stats by 1. Cannot be removed.
Obtained from Ashikaga Choushin after entering a non-Kenshin route, or by winning the Emperor Race in the Kenshin route.

36 37 38 39 40
Power Golden Bear

Attack +2.
"Golden Bear" fight event in Edo, 2nd.

Bunny Mask

Defense +2.
P, DD, "妖怪の宝" event in Oshu (requires Kenshin), 2nd

World's Tactics

Intelligence +2.
P, DD, 2nd

Strange Quick Bug

Speed +2.
P, DD, 2nd

Working Bee

Increases action points by 2. When equipping, unit loses half of total troops and does not regain them when item is removed.
Texas, 2nd

41 42 43 44 45

'Kawanokuchi Hironosuke
Increases exploration by 2.



Ooe Senrigan
Increases exploration by 4.


Nimajita Saburou
Increases negotiation by 2.


Negoshi Eita
Increases negotiation by 4.
DD, 2nd


Takumi Takurou
Increases construction by 4.
DD, 2nd

46 47 48 49 50
Dungeon Walker

Gives four +40% buffs in dungeons. Does not apply to commander battles outside of dungeons or if the commander is switched in.
Red Helmet, 2nd

How to Siege Castles

Gives four +50% buffs in castles. Does not apply to town battles.
Death Country, 2nd

Japan's Field Battles Weekly

Gives four +50% buffs in fields. Does not apply to town battles.
Oshu, 2nd

Charm of the Immortal Fox Deity

When unit is annihilated in battle, ensures the commander will survive.
MAZO (requires Okita Nozomi), 2nd


Akashita Dog
Commander can act twice each turn, cannot be removed. Does not restore a unit's ability to act until an action that costs an action fan is taken by the player (e.g. it does not allow a unit to defend twice at the end of a turn, and a unit used to recruit a prisoner will not be reactivated until a fan is spent).
Shinano, 2nd

51 52 53 54 55
Brute Photo

Increases relationship by 1 each turn. Cannot be removed.

Rance's Love

Increases relationship by 2 each turn. Cannot be removed.
Obtain from Magic's character clear, 2nd

Exclusive Nurse

Heals 50 troops of the equipped unit each turn.
P, DD, 2nd

Popularity Staff

Unit gains 20 troops each turn.
DD, low-priority start-of-turn event which can only happen after turn 19 and the breaking of the first gourd. For the event to trigger the player must not have conquered any provinces (vassaling is fine) or entered Kill the Monkey route, 2nd.

Seal of Approval

Allows invasion into the One-Eyed House territory.
'Seiitai Shogun:Sakanoue no Tamuramaro' fight event in Saitama

56 57 58 59 60

Reduces cost by 2. Cannot be removed.
Mid Earth

Mr. 谷町4  Tanimachi Yonchoume-san

Reduces cost by 4. Cannot be removed.
Battleship Nagato (must have Tanimachi-san)


Mysterious Murasame

Increases damage dealt by 20%. Warrior unit only.
Mamushi Oil Field, 2nd

Dragonfly Cutter

Multiplies counterattack damage by 1.5. Foot Soldier unit only. Applied before Counterattack skills, but stacks with them multiplicatively.
Mikan, 2nd

Sousou Poison Dagger

Increases damage dealt by 20%. Ninja unit only.
Yamatai, 2nd

61 62 63 64 65
Oiuchi Fang

Increases non-magical attack damage by 50.
DD, 2nd

Demon-only Chisel

Non-magical damage against "monsters" with Hanny icons +50%, all others -30%. Cannot be removed. Doesn't apply to most enemies in dungeons.
DD, 2nd

Ryuuguu Sword Urashimaru

Increases non-magical attack damage dealt by 100. Works, without any division of damage, for attacks that hit more than one unit.
DB, 2nd

Blue Seal Case

Damage received -30%. Overriden by Foot Soldier guard. Works in all types of battle.
Vassal the Tokugawa House and do the 'Steal heirloom from Tokugawa Ieyasu' event, 2nd


Pain Point Removing Helm

Non-magical damage received -50. Overriden by Foot Soldier guard.
Naniwa, 2nd

66 67 68 69 70

Guts Armor

Non-magical damage received -100. Overriden by Foot Soldier guard.
DD, 2nd


Kanzou Mask
Damage received -50%. Ninja units only.
"猿狩り / Monkey Hunt" fight event in Himeji (requires Yuzuhara Yuzumi cleared), 2nd

Underworld Clock

Battle starts with 5 less turns.
DD, 2nd

Golden Mask

Damage received from "monsters" -50%.
Cairo, 2nd

Protection Paper

Sets up a guard shikigami at the beginning of battle.
Talk to the heroine after route is established (True History = Kouhime), 2nd

71 72 73 74 75
Youkai Stone / Sesshouseki

Event item for Omachi
Annihilate Omachi's unit in battle

Uesugi Charge Unit

Female Warrior unit gains 1000 troops, sold troops worth 0 gold. Cannot be removed.

Commander Guards

Unit gains 5000 troops, all stats -2, sold troops worth 0 gold. Cannot be removed.

Cavalry Assault Team

Cavalry unit gains 1000 troops, sold troops worth 0 gold. Cannot be removed.

Battle Miko Unit

Miko unit gains 1000 troops, sold troops worth 0 gold. Cannot be removed.

Items 76~90 (Yellow/Purple) Edit

76 77 78 79 80
Head-gold Statue

Increase income per turn by 10%.
P, 2nd
Half-gold Statue

Increase income per turn by 10%.
Tokaido, 2nd
All-gold Statue

Increase income per turn by 10%.
DD, 2nd

Recruit Discount Ticket

Decrease recruit cost of increasing troop size by 12 gold.

Battlefield Correspondent

Prevents difficulty needed for scouting from exceeding 3.
S, 2nd
81 82 83 84 85
Black Tri-Star Doctors

Heals every unit by 3 people per turn.
Complete Kaguyahime Event at Mikawa, 2nd
Five Rangers

Heals every unit by 5 people per turn.
Shinano, 2nd
Takano Seven

Heals every unit by 7 people per turn.
S, 2nd

Heals every unit by 9 people per turn.
DD, 2nd
Mannequin Cat

Increases troop size of all units by 1 per turn. Character is automatically marked as exhausted at the beginning of each turn (but can act normally in dungeon battles). Can only be removed by using Motivation Paper to refresh character, so equip with care.
86 87 88 89 90
Battle Permit (footsoldier)

Permits the unit to attack enemies autonomously. Can only be equipped on a footsoldier unit with 1000 or more troops.
Battle Permit (Warrior)

Permits the unit to attack enemies autonomously. Can only be equipped on a Warrior unit with 1000 or more troops.
Battle Permit (ninja)

Permits the unit to attack enemies autonomously. Can only be equipped on a ninja unit with 1000 or more troops.
Battle Permit (tactician)

Permits the unit to attack enemies autonomously. Can only be equipped on a tactician unit with 1000 or more troops.
Battle Permit (diviner)

Permits the unit to attack enemies autonomously. Can only be equipped on a diviner unit with 1000 or more troops.
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