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The Five Star Kill Monkey opening is an "extreme game" attempting to get a high amount of score, following some general strategies:

  • Getting 4th action fan as early as possible
  • Drop commanders who already have some passive skill (and cannot get the +2 score skill)
  • Drop commanders who are too hard (too many steps) to clear for points
  • Ruthlessly reloading for optimal battle conditions

Starting bonus[]

  • House unlocks: Takeda House, Mouri House, Kill Monkey option = 70 points
  • Special Bonus Commanders: All = 45 points
  • Item page 1: Book of Attack 2, Book of Defense 2, Book of Speed 2, Rance's Love = 8 points
  • Item page 2: Strange Beetle = 2 points
  • Item page 3: Popularity Staff, Dragonfly Cutter = 6 points
  • Item page 4: Guardian Paper, Head Gold Statue, Half Gold Statue, Full Gold Statue, Battlefield Scout, Black Doctor Triple Star, The 5 Rangers, The Takano 7, The 9 Pii = 18 points
  • Misc bonuses: All = 35 points
  • Total points needed: 184

If you have don't have enough points, you can remove items from page 4, or remove any of the Special Bonus Commanders except for Elina (エリナ) and Morita Ai (森田愛).

If you have extra points, feel free to get more items, especially from Item page 2.

Turn 1 - Setup[]

For the following commanders, reduce their troop size to 1, then fire them (they are here just for you to make money).
Initial Oda House commanders: Ranmaru (乱丸), Maeda Toshiie (前田利家), Akechi Mitsuhide (明智光秀)
Special bonus characters: Ouka Toki (凰火朱鷺), Natsumi Papa (なつみパパ), Turban (ターバン), Kurosaki (黒崎壱哉), Makutsudou (魔窟堂野武彦), Kanae (M間香苗),  Takakura Kana (高倉仮名 )
Mouri bonus: Mouri Motonari (毛利元就)
After you have fired all the people, you should be at exactly 24/24 Cost/Nation-Power.
Put Book of Attack 2, Book of Defense 2, Book of Speed 2, and Staff of Charisma on Yamagata Masakage (山県昌景)
Put Strange Beetle on Kobayakawa Chinu (小早川ちぬ), Guardian Paper on Shibata Katsuie (柴田勝家), and Dragonfly Slasher on Mouri Teru (毛利てる)
Put the three Gold Statue items on any three commanders, and outfit the other commanders with items of your preference (but do NOT use Rance's Love on anybody).
  1. Construct Prison
  2. Talk to Kouhime
  3. Hunt wild boars

The Hara-Ashikaga Campaign[]

Turn 2[]

  1. Declare war on Hara House
  2. Invade territory 1 of Ise
  3. Invade territory 2 of Ise
Make sure Hara House does not take back their territory

Turn 3[]

  1. Invade territory 3 of Ise
  2. Invade territory 4 of Ise, conquered. Hara House fallen.
  3. Satisfaction Bonus -> Foreign Reinforcement -> Zeth (Rizna)

NOTE! Make sure to reject when Ashikaga House demands tribute from you during their phase in order for them to declare war on you.

Turn 4[]

  1. Invade territory 1 of Kyo
  2. Invade territory 2 of Kyo
  3. Invade territory 3 of Kyo, conquered.

NOTE! If Ashikaga House attacks you, don't bother defending.

Turn 5[]

  1. Invade territory 1 of Mamushi Oil Field
  2. Invade territory 2 of Mamushi Oil Field
  3. Invade territory 3 of Mamushi Oil Field, conquered. Ashikaga House fallen.

NOTE! If Takeda House attacks you, don't bother defending.

The Takeda Campaign[]

  • You should try to capture at least 10 enemy commanders during the Takeda House campaign, including a female foot soldier commander with 1000 troops.
  • Try to focus capture on any female cavalry commanders, have at least one with 4 movements.

Turn 6[]

  1. Invade territory 1 of Shinano
  2. Invade territory 2 of Shinano
  3. Build Foot Soldier Academy at Mamushi Oil Field

NOTE! Save at this point.
NOTE! If Takeda House tries to reclaim Shinano, just defend. If Takeda House attacks Mamushi Oil Field, don't bother defending.

Turn 7[]

  1. Invade territory 3 of Shinano
  2. Invade territory 4 of Shinano, conquered.
  3. Kill The Monkey

Turn 8[]

  1. Invade territory 1 of Shell
  2. Invade territory 2 of Shell
  3. Invade territory 3 of Shell, conquered. Takeda House fallen.

Turn 9[]

  • Recruit a female foot soldier commander and a female cavalry commander.
  1. Pick up Foreign reinforcement (Rizna)
  2. Satisfaction Bonus -> Zeth (Uruza)
  3. Purple event with Rizna (0 Love -> 1)

Turn 10[]

  1. Purple event with Rizna (1 Love -> 2)
  2. Purple event with Suzume
  3. Explore for dungeon in Shell

Turn 11[]

  1. Purple event with Rizna (4 Love -> 5)
  2. Explore for dungeon in Ise
  3. Explore for dungeon in Kyo

NOTE! Houjou House declares war

The Houjou Campaign[]

  • During one of the beginning of turn auto-events, Suzume's second purple event should be triggered.
  • Capture at least 1 female Warrior commander with 1000 troops.
  • Try to capture 10 enemy commanders.

Turn 12[]

  • Put the Foot Soldier Battle Permit item on one of your female foot soldier commanders.
  1. Invade territory 1 of Edo
  2. Purple event with Rizna (Satisfaction +5)
  3. Visit Rance's house (Suzume, Sat +1)

NOTE! Save at this point.
NOTE! Battle Permit attacks Saitama (territory 1) or Edo (territory 2)
NOTE! Defend against Houjou House attack. If Houjou House attacks again, defend again.

Turn 13[]

  1. Visit Rance's house (Rizna, Sat +1)
  2. Check out purple event in Yamatai
  3. Check out purple event again in Yamatai Miko H-scene (Sat +5)

NOTE! Battle Permit attacks Edo (territory 2) or Saitama (territory 1)

Turn 14[]

  1. Attack Edo territory 3, conquered. (Sat +3)
  2. Hot spring in Edo (Sat +5), If Hot spring not in Edo then Tebasaki Ranch in Shell instead.
  3. Check out purple event again in Yamatai Miko H-scene (Sat +1)

NOTE! Battle Permit attacks Saitama (territory 2).
NOTE! During Houjou House's turn, A event of Nanjo Ran summoning Suzaku.

Turn 15[]

NOTE! You need to divide your commanders into three fighting groups for this turn CAREFULLY, making it much more harder to fight so be sure to plan ahead.

  1. Foreign Reinforcement -> Leazas (Kanami)
  2. Invade territory 3 of Saitama. After battle, A event of Houjou Souun warning Nanjo Ran about Suzaku.
  3. Invade territory 4 of Saitama, conquered. After battle, A event of Nanjo Ran summoning Suzaku again.

NOTE! Battle permit attacks Kazusa 2000 (territory 1). After battle, A event of Houjou Souun convincing Nanjo Ran about Suzaku.
NOTE! Capture Nanjo Ran when Houjou House attacks.

Turn 16[]

  1. Invade territory 2 of Kazusa 2000. A event of Houjou Souun becomes M.I.A (Missing In Action) after battle.
  2. Invade territory 3 of Kazusa 2000, conquered, Houjou House fallen
  3. Purple event in Kyo

NOTE! Recruit another female Warrior commander with 1000 troops and Nanjo Ran.

The Northern Campaign[]

  • Try to capture at least one female Tactician commander with 1000 units if possible.
  • If Princess Sen joins you, fire her if you need space or nation power.

Turn 17[]

NOTE! Equip Battle Permits on Warrior commander with 1000 units and Nanjo Ran

  1. Declare war on Asai Asakura House
  2. Declare war on Uesugi House
  3. Recruit Tamagushi Fuuka

NOTE! Battle permit attacks Texas, Don't defend against Panda monsters. Battle permits attack Texas again twice.
NOTE! Use Rance to defend against Uesugi House.
NOTE! Defend against Asai Asakura's counter attack.

Turn 18[]

  1. Conquer Texas, Asai Asakura House fallen (Sat +5 = 57)
  2. Visit the Tebasaki Ranch in Shell
  3. Declare war on Tokugawa House

NOTE! Recruit Asakura Yoshikage
NOTE! Battle permit MAZO twice, a third Battle permit on Mikawa would be nice.
NOTE! Use Rance to defend against Uesugi House.

  • In some runs, Uesugi Kenshin will not join in the attack so they cannot be repelled by Rance, so make sure to have some remaining commanders if possible to help defend

Turn 19[]

NOTE! Purple Event with Sill in sailor uniform (Sat +5 = 62)

  1. Conquer MAZO via Rance alone.
  2. Purple event in Kyo
  3. Tebasaki Ranch in Shell (Sat +1 = 63), If Hot spring was not in Edo, do it now (Sat +5), if not in any currently conquered country, hot spring is in Iga so do Fuuka Purple event instead. (Sat +5)

NOTE! Battle Permit Mikawa until territory 3
NOTE! Defend against Tokugawa House, Ignore Uesugi House if undermanned.

Turn 20[]

Okita Nozomi joins at beginning of turn

  1. Conquer Mikawa, make sure to capture Sakai Tadatsugu. Tokugawa House fallen.
  2. Check out the purple event in Mikawa.
  3. Okita Nozomi Purple Event (Normal 0 -> Normal 1)

NOTE!' Battle Permit Sado, top choice. Battle permit Sado again.
NOTE! Imagawa House declares war!

Turn 21[]

NOTE! Kanami arrives, should be around 900+ troops

  1. Conquer Sado, Uesugi House has fallen. (Sat +5 = 78)
  2. Foreign Reinforcement -> Leazas (Maria)
  3. Check out purple event in Tokaido

NOTE! Battle Permit Tokaido twice.
NOTE! Tanegashima House may declare war this turn or next turn, either is ok

Turn 22[]

Uesugi Kenshin auto-joins

  1. Secret Meeting with Imagawa Yoshimoto in Tokaido. Top choice.
  2. Conquer Tokaido, Imagawa House fallen. (Sat +5 = 83).
  3. Declare war on Miko Institute

NOTE! Battle Permit Yamatai twice
NOTE! Defend lands gained in Yamatai (might attack more than once). It's ok to let Tanegashima House to regain Tamba.

Turn 23[]

  1. Conquer Yamatai, Miko Institute fallen. Recruit Natori. (Sat +5 = 88)
  2. Pearl Cave in Ise. Trigger the purple event(for Sill), get H drug (for Rizna), get Pipe, Coil, Tape. (Sat +1) (Reload if you are missing any of these)
  3. Rizna Purple event (Sat +1 = 93, cleared). Fire her and put Rance's Heart item on Mouri Teru.

NOTE! Battle Permit Tamba three times, defend any land gained

The Road to 160[]

  • Have Mouri Teru's affection boost by one point during battle, between turns 26~29

Turn 24[]

  1. Conquer Tamba, Tanegashima House fallen. Recruit Tanegashima Shigehiko and Yuzuhara Yuzumi.
  2. Check out Sill purple event in Yamatai (Sat +5 = 98)
  3. Nanjo Ran Purple event 1

Turn 25[]

  1. Declare war on Tenshiism
  2. Nanjo Ran Purple event 2 (Sat +5 = 103). She can now be fired if you have a Diviner/Yin Yang commander to replace it with a Diviner/Yin Yang Battle Permit.
  3. Complete purple event in Mikawa (Sat +5 = 108)
Battle permit into Tenshiism territory, hold on to the territories gained in Naniwa

Turn 26[]

Beginning of turn: Sill H (Sat +5 = 113)

  1. Conquer Naniwa
  2. Mouri Teru Purple event: Hate 7 -> Normal 0 (if she's not at Hate 7 yet, use items)
  3. Do Shell Dungeon. See Sill H-event. (Sat +5 +5 +5 = 128)

Turn 27[]

Beginning of the turn: Maria joins

  1. Foreign Reinforcement -> Leazas (Leila)
  2. Conquer Mikan. Tenshiism fallen. (Sat +5 = 133)
  3. Maria Purple event 1

Turn 28[]

Beginning of turn: Sill H (Sat +5 = 138)

  1. Maria Purple event 2 (Sat +5 = 143)
  2. Use items to greatly boost Okita Nozomi to Normal 7, the purple event -> Trust 0. (Sat +1 = 144)
  3. Fuuka Purple event. (Sat +5 = 149), if already done on Turn 19, then talk to Kanami to use the sex ticket (colorless event) for (Sat +5)

Turn 29[]

  1. Mouri Teru Purple event: Normal 7 -> Trust 0 (use items to boost to 7)
  2. Do Kachikachi Cave dungeon in Kyo. Keep reloading to obtain Ero-Candle (for Okita Nozomi) and Hallucination Drug of Death (for Mouri Teru) (Sat +1 = 150)
  3. Okita Nozomi Purple event (Sat +5 = 155)

Turn 30[]

  1. Use items to boost Kikkawa Kiku to 7 Normal. Purple event -> Trust.
  2. Kikkawa Kiku Purple H event (Sat +5 = 160)
  3. Satisfaction Bonus—Get the 4th Command Fan

Wrap up[]

Things to do later in the game:

  • Get your last Foreign reinforcements.
  • Capture a female Diviner/Yin Yang commander with 1000 units to replace Nanjo Ran (not clearable).
  • Let your cavalry commanders learn Passive skill Battle Result Up 2 , and then fire the Takeda House generals (the Takedas already have passive skills so you miss out on two points for each of them).
  • Use Gon to replace Mouri Teru (she has passive skill) as your second fighting Foot Soldier commander.
  • Hire Yamamoto Isoroku when you have at least 10 spare Nation Power. Then she will bring in two easy-to-clear female Archer commanders in her second purple event. Fire Isoroku after you H her for Satisfaction, as she is not clearable.

Side comments[]

295 score run notes[]

A few notes of things to watch out for if you're incorporating this into a run for the most ideal score possible:

  • Shibata Katsuie is NOT clearable in KTM - it is a good idea to plan ahead and grab a generic female footsoilder commander who has no passive along the way as Teru, Yoshihisa and Maeda each have some problem to make them unuseable for a high score run. I'd recommend saving your spare skillbooks to use for them too.
  • You probably shouldn't bother trying for the "H 300 women" objective - this is hard at the best of times but murderously difficult on 5 star, especially since closing the Shikoku gate to get an extra 20 denies you the use of Gon who will be your only non-generic footsoilder at the end. If somehow you pull it off - this will give you 16 (19?) points of leeway to play around with when combined with extra carnivals - either through not clearing somebody or taking extra turns etc. 16 if you got rid of Baba before turn 63 or 19 if you take him to the first carnival on turn 63.
    • This is not that difficult as you could just 'Impose Levi' territories before wrapping up (chances are you are 20-30 short before that last territory, which can easily be obtained in ~3 turns). Wait for that second scene on 'Impose Levy', reload if there is no second scene.
    • To the above comment: Either you need to do enough levys to get 300 women, likely taking too many turns in the process for it to be worth it, or you need to be dragging Rance around with you for any fights with female commanders / the final fight of various providences. Good luck with that, using Rance in 5 star is a huge liability and will need to be planned for from the very beginning.
  • The first traveling carnival happens on turn 63 - Unless you somehow manage to H 300 women, you MUST have done everything else (including 29 character clears / end game points), visit the carnival with somebody on turn 63 and then finish off the last house on the same turn so the game is beaten at the start of turn 64. This will give you exactly the magic 295 score number.
  • A note on the Orochi dungeon - on 5 star with the party you will have, clearing the dungeon will be incredibly difficult. Get dungeon scout on Kousaka Yoshikage and make sure to clear the dungeon before you fire him to have a somewhat easier time. Alternately, At the end of turn 18, consider the idea of capturing Sakakibara Yasumasa and use him to get Tokugawa Ieyasu through the Tempura event (before quickly firing him - he already has a passive skill). This loses you the +5 satisfaction for conquering Tokugawa normally but can be made up for by using the Kanami sex ticket. You will get the 4th action fan a turn late and it messes with events a little but in exchange you get an easily clearable character who will make your life a lot less difficult when it comes time to clear the Orochi dungeon and Orochi himself in one shot.
  • Don't chase after extra satisfaction bonuses unless absolutely required. You shouldn't need more than 180 to 200 satisfaction for the entire run as it is too difficult to get 260 for the 5th action fan in the limited time and is not worth it anyway, any sidequests to get extra satisfaction like H-ing Mokko for 3000 cavalry or fully completing the Dragon palace "minigame" and so forth are a waste of time as a result unless mandatory.

Firing Commanders[]

  • The author for this guide also seems to have forgotten that Mouri Motonari starts with 2 cost because he has exactly 500 troops. If you simply reduce him to 499 troops, his cost will drop back down to 1 (from 2). In which case you should sell Morita Ai as well since Mouri Teru is stronger (leaving Elina as your only remaining bonus character).
  • DO NOT fire Mouri Motonari as he is useful in dungeons and you can raise him up to be a dummy battle permitter along with Shibata Katsuie and give popularity staff to Shibata till turn 2 and send him into each battler for+unit when he reaches 500+ increase his number of units to 970-980 ish keep him with staff on sent to battle and next turn roughly after you conquer 1 Ashikaga territory you will have early Foot soldier battle permiter.
    • The choice of Ai over Motonari is actually over score considerations, as well as the fact that Kikkawa will NOT be H-able until after beating the Mouri house if you do this and will throw the guide off as a result.

  • Note: Instead of firing Rizna and getting three Leazus commanders afterwords it is better to send for Zeth 3x in a row since after Rizna's char clear Magic will give 15 satisfaction points after talking to her 2-3 x and 2x H event after that give her some boosters and she will again give + satisfaction bonus and char clear bonus. (DO NOT FIRE Rizna if you want Zeth reinforcement as she is required to receive those reinforcements.)
    • People reading this should note that this means you would get Kanami later than normal and she is needed for the ninja battle permit.

Comments for Turn 1[]

Note: For #3 it is probably better to just Develop Owari. This will increase your income and also allows you to keep one of the captians. This could come in handy latter. Anyways it is better to wait to hunt boars in Sado. Additionally, it might be worth it to not fire a few of the commanders for a while and take the 1/2 income hit. Ranmaru is required to open up a dungeon in Mikawa and Natsumi Papa would be a good one to keep as a scout, especially since he has the Merchant skill as well. Give the Akashita Dog to Natsumi Papa and you can use him as a scout twice per turn. Or you could keep Makutsudou instead because he is cheaper with similar non-combat stats. Mouri Motonari could be useful in the dungeons and he certainly could be useful in some of the combats.

Note: While talking with the Princess is required to recruit characters from the territories, it can be skipped and you can wait until you need to recruit them. Sex is all it needs.