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AKA How to get 4 fan actions in 24 turns

Starting Bonus[]

  • House unlock: Add Takeda family, Add Mouri family, Add Dokuganryuu family, Can kill Toukichirou = 90 points
  • Special Bonus Commander: All = 45 points
  • Item bonus 1: Def Textbook2, Speed Textbook2, Int Textbook2 = 6 points
  • Item bonus 2: Bunny Mask, Speed Bug, Japan's Field Battles Weekly, How to Seige Castles = 8 points
  • Item bonus 3: Popularity staff = 4 points
  • Item bonus 4: Kanzou Mask, Protection Paper, Head Gold Statue, Half Good Statue, Full Gold Statue, Black Tri-Star Doctors, Five Rangers, Takano Seven, Kewpie = 18
  • Misc Bonuses: All = 35 points

Total = 206

  • Spend any extra points on additional items as you see fit.
  • Conflicting Bonuses: Add Uesugi family, Add Houjou family, Additional Characters (Do not select any of these!)
  • Approximately 240 points will allow you to select most of the items you'll ever need.
  • The Takeda family, kill Toukichirou, Battle Permit set, and extra fan bonus is the absolute minimum requirement. Everything else is optional provided that you can raise enough funding to get Shibata to 1000 unit by turn 4 and also keep pace with the early blitz.
  • There is very little reason not to select the Mouri Bonus, so they're always useful to have around.
  • Selecting the Dokuganryuu House bonus will prevent you from defeating Masamune (+10 end-game point)
  • Selecting the Dokuganryuu House bonus will also expose you to the Masamune-less house after conquering Saitama or Kazusa 2000 from Houjou. However, you will have 3-4 Battle Permits at this point to contain them.
  • This guide might not work at lower difficulties due to troop size limitations
  • This guide will assume that you selected at least all the bonuses listed above
  • This guide is absolutly NOT recommenced if you want to run for points. In addition to the loss points for defeating Masamune you also won't get the six treasures by conquering Iga by force!
  • The use of this guide is questionable at best. As it is useless for accumulating points and there are quicker ways to finish Kill-The-Monkey route (e.g. using negotation).

Setting up[]

Turn 1[]

  • Increase Shibata Katsuie unit to 499 and equip him with popularity staff
  • Reduce size of kurosaki, Mitsuhide, and Masamune to 1 (The tactacians are still useful at 1 unit.)
  • Give the Speed and Int Textbook2 to Omachi
  • Give the Def Textbook2 to Nogiku or Teru
  • Equip Elina with Speed Bug
  • Equip other items as you see fit
  • Reserve the Castle/Field Manuals for Omachi
  1. Prison (Capture enemy commanders)
  2. Dango Princess
  3. Sill's purple event #1 (0->5 SAT)

NOTE! You will be playing with deficient Nation Power until turn 9, so you will receive a 50% income penalty each turn and cannot recruit anyone until then. (You should NOT fire any unit, until then. There is just no benefit...)

The Hara-Ashikaga Campaign[]

Turn 2[]

NOTE! Use Mouri Teru's loot once this turn
NOTE! Make sure Shibata Katsuie attack this turn

  1. Declare war on Hara
  2. Invade territory 1/4 of Ise
  3. Invade territory 2/4 of Ise

Hara: Defend Ise

Turn 3[]

NOTE! Use Teru's loot once this turn in step 1
NOTE! increase Shibata unit to 988 and have him attack in step 2

  • Remove popularity staff from Shibata
  1. Invade territory 3/4 of Ise
  2. Invade territory 4/4 of Ise, conquered. Hara House fallen (Hara Aki; 5->10 SAT)
  3. Call for reinforcements (Rizna)

Ashikaga: Make sure they declare war this turn

Turn 4[]

  • Equip Battle Permit (BP) on Shibata
  1. Invade territory 1/3 of Kyo
  2. Invade territory 2/3 of Kyo
  3. Invade territory 3/3 of Kyo, conquered (Nekohime; 10->13 SAT)

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Mamushi Oil Field
Ashikaga: Defend Mamushi Oil Field

Turn 5[]

  1. Invade territory 2/3 of Mamushi Oil Field
  2. Invade territory 3/3 of Mamushi Oil Field, Ashikaga fallen (Marihime & Momohime; 13->18 SAT)
  3. Hear Yamatai's pink rumour from 3G

Battle Permits: 1/4 of Shinano
Takeda: Defend all locations
Imagawa: Leave them alone

The Takeda Campaign[]

Turn 6[]

Auto-event: Suzume H-scene (18->23 SAT)

  1. Invade territory 2/4 of Shinano
  2. Invade territory 3/4 of Shinano
  3. Invade territory 4/4 of Shinano, Conquered (Nonohime; 23->26 SAT)

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Kai
Takeda: Defend all locations

Turn 7[]

Auto-event: Suzume join

  1. kill toukichirou
  2. Check up on Shisengumi
  3. Declare war on Tokugawa

Battle Permits: 3/7 of Kai/Mikawa
Takeda: Defend Kai
Tokugawa: Defend all location

Turn 8[]

Auto-event: Cherry Blossom Viewing (main plot event #6 - final plot auto-event in Monkey kill route!)
NOTE! If you haven't done so already, dismiss one member of the Dokuganryuu family
NOTE! Quite possibly (untested), you can keep your Dokuganryuu family intact if you leave the Dungeon on turn 22 without saving Souun (Your auto-events will be out of order until then, but you'll get the good medicine item)

  1. Invade territory 2/3 of Kai or 1/4 of Mikawa
  2. Invade territory 3/3 of Kai, Takeda fallen
  3. Have sex with miko (Kuma; 26->31 SAT)

Battle Permits: 2/4 of Mikawa
Tokugawa: Defend Mikawa


Turn 9[]

Auto-event: Sill's affection (colourless?) event #1 (+1 affection)
NOTE! Try to capture one of the warrior racoon dogs (Ii Naomasa or Honda Tadakatsu) in step 2 if you haven't captured one yet (both should come with >1000 units)
NOTE! A cost 2 warrior with ~800 unit would also be a good substitute if you can afford it
NOTE! Be sure not to use commanders that you would like to dismiss this turn (unless they are equiped with Akashita Dog)

  1. Invade territory 3/4 of Mikawa
  2. Invade territory 4/4 of Mikawa, Tokugawa fallen  (Senhime; 31->36 SAT)
  3. Have Sex with Miko (Kuma; 36->37 SAT)
  • Dismiss your least favourite commanders
  • recruit Ii Naomasa, Honda Tadakatsu, or designate
  • End your turn with at least 2 spare NP

Battle Permits: No activities

Turn 10[]

Auto-event: Rizna joins

  • Equip your foot soldier and warrior with Battle Permits
  1. Call for reinforcements (Kanami)
  2. Declare war on Miko Institute
  3. Rizna's purple event #1

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Yamatai, 2/3 of Yamatai
Miko Institute: Defend Yamatai

Turn 11[]

Auto-event: Sill's affection event #2 (+1 affection)

  1. Invade territory 3/3 of Yamatai, Miko Institute fallen (Natori; 37->42 SAT)
  2. Declare war on Iga
  3. Rizna' purple event #2

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Yamato, 2/3 of Yamato
Iga: Defend Yamato
Houjou: Houjou Declare war!

Turn 12[]

Auto-event: Susume's purple event #1
NOTE! Try to capture one of the Goninja (comes with ~1000 unit)
NOTE! Increasing one of your own ninja to 1000 will also do if you fail to capture one or lack spare commanders with negotiation skills
NOTE! There's usually atleast one Goninja during the final castle battle

  1. Invade territory 3/3 of Yamato, Iga fallen (Mejiro; 42->47 SAT)
  2. Shining God, Kaguyahime
  3. Search for Dungeon in Kyo
  • Recruit Goninja or increase own ninja to 1000 unit

Battle Permits: 1/7 of Saitama/Edo, 2/7 of Saitama/Edo
Houjou: Defend all locations; If both territories of Edo have been taken by Battle Permits, you can defend Edo and forfeit 1 other territory
(Imagawa: If they declare war on you early and depending on what territories your Battle Permits take over next turn: you can conquer them early after doing both purple events in Toukaidou if you want. Be sure not to delay the dungeon events and remember that the Rizna/Suzume events are exclusive!)

The Houjou Campaign[]

NOTE! You need to capture Ran by turn 18 at the latest
NOTE! Ran series of event while at Houjou is advanced by the exchanges of attacks from both sides (including BPs). You can speed up the process by forfeiting a few territories (and retaking them with BPs), but there is enough flexiblity in this guide to avoid this.
NOTE! You can only capture Ran after she promised not to use Suzaku
NOTE! Ran is auto-captured with you defeat her unit in battle

Turn 13[]

Auto-event: Suzume's purple event #2 (47->52 SAT)
NOTE! Try to pick up 1 or 2 of Kaguyahime's requested items in step 1

  • Equip Battle Permit on Goninja or designate
  • Boost Suzume affection to 7 Normal
  1. Explore Dungeon in Kyo (Sill's purple event #2 unlocked | Otohime; 52->53 SAT)
  2. Search for Dungeon in Kai
  3. Suzume's purple event #3

Battle Permits: 3/7 of Saitama/Edo, 4/7 of Saitama/Edo, 5/7 of Saitama/Edo
Houjou: Defend Edo; may lose one territory this turn if you didn't lose any last turn

Turn 14[]

Auto-event: Sill's purple event #2 (53->58 SAT)

  • Boost Rizna's affection to 5 or 6 Love
  1. Invade territory 3/3 of Edo, Conquered (Iwashihime; 58->61 SAT)
  2. Rizna's purple event #3
  3. Rizna's purple event #4 (61->66 SAT)

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Kazusa 2000, 2/3 of Kazusa 2000
Houjou: May lose 1 territory this turn
Imagawa: Hanny Declare war!

Turn 15[]

Auto-event: Sill's purple event #3 (66->71 SAT)

  1. Tonight at Rance's place (Suzume; 71->72 SAT)
  2. Tonight at Rance's place (Rizna; 72->73 SAT)
  3. Collect hanny's information

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Toukaidou, 2/3 of Toukaidou
Imagawa: Defend Toukaidou
Houjou: May lose up to 3 territories this turn

Turn 16[]

Auto-event: Kanami join (requires 2-3 NP)

  1. Request Call for reinforcements (Maria)
  2. Meet Imagawa Yoshimoto secretly (Keep secret)
  3. Invade territory 3/3 of Toukaidou, Imagawa fallen (Imagawa Anko; 73->78 SAT)

Houjou: Defend all locations

Turn 17[]

Auto-event: Suzume's purple event #4 (78->83 SAT)

  • Recruit Natori
  1. A) If Ran is still using Suzaku: Invade territory 4/4 of Saitama, Conquered || B) If Ran already promised not to use Suzaku: Invade territory 3/3 of Kazusa 2000 and capture her, Conquered
  2. Take Sill to miko mansion (83->88 SAT)
  3. Plan for Dragon Place game with Suzume

Battle Permits: 1/8 of Oshu, 2/8 of Oshu, 3/8 of Oshu
Houjou: Defend final location (Saitama or Kazusa 2000)
Dokuganryuu: May lose a few territories from them, but keep them in check by turn 20

Turn 18[]

Auto-event: Sill's affection event #3 (+1 affection)
Hint: you can conquer Houjou's final location as soon as Souun leaves (ie. when recruit is enabled for Ran)
Hint: you can recruit Ran and use her as a Battle Permit holder if you are losing too many territories to Dokuganryuu (she comes with 1000 unit)

  1. Eat at a popular restaurant in Kyo
  2. Explore dungeon in Kyo (Otohime; 88->93 SAT)
  3. Recruit Fuuka

Battle Permits: 4/8 of Oshu, 5/8 of Oshu, 6/8 of Oshu
Houjou: Defend final location (Saitama or Kazusa 2000)
NOTE! You must capture Ran before the end of this turn!

Turn 19[]

Auto-event: Okita Nozomi joins

  1. Explore dungeon in Kai (Suzume event #5 unlocked; 93->108 SAT)
  2. Fuuka's purple event #1
  3. Fuuka's purple event #2 (108->113 SAT)

Battle Permits: 7/8 of Oshu
Houjou: Defend final location (Saitama or Kazusa 2000)
NOTE! Souun should have dissappeared by this turn at the latest

Turn 20[]

Auto-event: Suzume's purple event #5 (113->118 SAT)

  • Recruit Ran
  1. Invade territory 4/4 of Saitama or 3/3 of Kazusa 2000, Houjou fallen (Diviner Triplets; 118->123 SAT)
  2. Ran's purple event #1
  3. Okita Nozomi's purple event #1

Battle Permits: No activities
Dokuganryuu: Defend all territories

Asai-Asakura Campaign[]

Turn 21[]

Auto-event: Sill's affection event #4

  • Boost Okita Nozomi's affection to 7 Normal
  1. Okita Nozomi's purple event #2 (123->124 SAT)
  2. Ran's purple event #2 (124->129 SAT)
  3. Declare war on Asai-Asakura

Battle Permits: 1/3 of Texas (lose to panda attack), 1/3 of Texas, 2/3 of Texas
Asai-Asakura: Defend Texas
Dokuganryuu: you no longer have to defend against them
NOTE! If you have found a Hot Spring (which is randomly generated each game) and you want to keep Shibata, you will need to delay Maria from joining until turn 25 (leave no free NP at end of this turn).

Turn 22[]

Auto-event: Maria joins
NOTE! Step 3a or 3b is needed to clear up the SAT bonus list
NOTE! You'll need to find the items for all three girls (Okita, Rizna, and kaguyahime) in step 2. The +5 SAT from a hot spring event may substitute for one of the girls, but you need to have Maria join this turn (conflicts with notes from previous turn)

  1. Invade territory 3/3 of Texas, Asai-Asakura fallen (Yukihime; 129->134 SAT)
  2. Explore dugeon in Mamushi Oil Field (Sill's purple event #5 unlocked)
  3. A) If you did NOT find a Hot Spring: Call for reinforcements (anyone) or choose Rance Attack || B) If you did find a Hot Spring AND delayed Maria from joining this turn: choose Rance Attack or Heal Shibata's injuries

Turn 23[]

Auto-event: Souun joins
NOTE! You cannot use step 1A if you didn't let Maria join you last turn
NOTE! You have to dismiss Kanami for step 1a to work.
NOTE! You cannot use step 1B if you need the +5 SAT from the hot spring event to subsitute for any of Rizna/Okita/Kaguyahime's events

  1. A: Maria's purple event #1 (129->134 SAT) || B: Go to hot spring ^o^ (129->134 SAT)
  2. Shining God, Kaguyahime (134->139 SAT)
  3. Rizna's purple event #5 (CharaClear +1; 144->149 SAT)

Turn 24[]

Auto-event: Sill's purple event #5 (149->154 SAT)

  • Dismiss Shibata if you didn't do step 3B on turn 22
  • Dismiss Maeda Toshii (There's no way to keep him)
  1. Okita Nozomi's purple event #3 (154->159 SAT)
  2. Have fun with Miko (159->160 SAT)
  3. Increase command fans by 1