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This guide is NOT recommended for new player since it requires knowledge of the game's mechanics and therefor might spoil the fun of a first playthrough

Use it at your own discretion

This is a guide on how to get the third command flag by turn 13 on a First Game.

  • General rule: Always try to capture at least one captive per turn when you fight. Capture more if possible and be sure to recruit them ASAP as they will be vital in taking over and defending territories. Captives who are Warriors or Footsoldiers with high levels are preferred. They will be especially important in the assault on カチカチ洞窟 dungeon in turn 11.
  • General rule 2: Affection-Boosting items are important. You need them to boost Suzume by 6 affection points in turn 9. Save often, when you get an affection item from battle and it's less than 3, reload and fight the battle again until you get a good one (3 or 4).
  • Note: While this guide can also be used to get a third command flag on Second Games by turn 13, players interested in getting Princess Aki's character clear (not possible on a First Game) need to take some extra turns by following a different guide.

Turn 1[]

  1. Construct prison
  2. Botan hunt

Turn 2[]

  1. Declare war on Hara House
  2. Invade territory 1 of Ise - make sure you capture at least ONE enemy Foot Soldier.

Turn 3[]

Auto H Sill, Satisfaction = 0+5 = 5
Recruit captive footsoldier.
  1. Invade territory 2 of Ise.
  2. Invade territory 3 of Ise, try to capture at least one footsoldier between the two fights.
Make sure the Ashikaga House declares war on you during their phase.

Turn 4[]

Recruit a captive
  1. Invade territory 1 of Mamushi Oil Field.
  2. Invade territory 2 of Mamushi Oil Field.

Turn 5[]

Recruit a captive
  1. Invade territory 3 of Mamushi Oil Field, conquered. Satisfaction = 5+3 = 8
  2. Hear Miko rumors in Yamatai (purple event)

Turn 6[]

Auto H Suzume, Satisfaction = 8+5 = 13
Recruit a captive
  1. Invade territory 1 of Kyo without Rance. Attacking or defending against Ashikaga with Rance from this point on will result in instant defeat, unless you capture Yamamoto Isoroku.
  2. Visit Yamatai to H at miko. Satisfaction = 13 + 5 = 18

Turn 7[]

Suzume joins
  1. Invade territory 2 of Kyo
  2. Suzume purple event

Turn 8[]

  1. Invade territory 3 of Kyo, conquered. Ashikaga House fallen. Satisfaction = 18+5 = 23
  2. Suzume purple event (H). Satisfaction = 23 + 5 = 28

Turn 9[]

Recruit Yamamoto Isoroku - not required, but very handy for the upcoming dungeon - you need all the men and women you can get.
Use affection items to boost Suzume to 7 affection.
  1. Talk to Suzume, learn "Dungeon Scout(english patched 1.04)" passive skill (迷宮偵察)
  2. Unlock Kachikachi Dungeon in Kyo
Try to let Hara House attack you, for captives and troop increase

Turn 10[]

  1. Suzume purple event (H). Satisfaction = 28+5 = 33
  2. Visit Yamatai to H a miko again OR Visit Rance's Room. Visiting the miko again will fulfill the 3 event requirement for declaration of war against the Miko Institute. Satisfaction = 33+1 = 34
Try to let Hara House attack you, for captives and troop increase

Turn 11[]

  1. Get to the bottom of dungeon カチカチ洞窟 (Kachikachi) in Kyo. Satisfaction = 34+1 = 35
  2. Purple event with Sill (enabled through dungeon floor event. If it doesn't appear, reload and redo dungeon). Satisfaction = 35+5 = 40.
Try to let Hara House attack you, for captives and troop increase.

Turn 12[]

  1. Special purple event with Suzume "Plan for Dragon Palace game with Suzume" ← this event appears after Suzume's "連続射精" event
  2. Revisit Kachikachi Dungeon in Kyo. Satisfaction = 40+5 = 45
Try to let Hara House attack you, for captives and troop increase

Turn 13[]

  1. Invade territory 4 of Ise, conquered. Hara House fallen. Satisfaction = 45+5 = 50!
  2. Satisfaction bonus: Command Fan +1