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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) Edit

  • Q: How do I attack an enemy commander in battle?
  • A:
    • Just move your cursor over to the enemy commander and click "Attack".
    • If you still don't understand, SEE Sengoku Rance:Game mechanics. Check the Battle System part.

  • Q: How do I capture enemy commanders?
  • A:
    • NOTE!! Before attempting to capture a specific commander, make sure to save as insurance for yourself!
    • Let any commander learn the passive skill "Defeated Warrior Hunt" (落ち武者狩り) or get one of your Warrior commanders to learn "Light Attack" (手加減攻撃). Then, when in battle, attack the enemy commander you want to capture with the commander that has Light Attack and then finish him/her. For "Defeated Warrior Hunt", just have the commander participate in the battle.
    • Free up your prison by letting go of unwanted commanders; an emptier prison may increase the chance that you will capture commanders in battle.

  • Q: How do I attack other Houses?
  • A:
    • You need to declare war on said target before attacking (SEE Sengoku Rance:Game mechanics). Story events will make other countries declare war on you (saving you Action Fans).

  • Q: One of my commanders disappeared after his/her unit was annihilated in battle!
  • A:
    • When the battle ends, check their unit window; if a red "Killed" icon is overlapping it, then you lose the commanders and his/her troops from your general roster. If he/she was equipping an item at the time of death, it gets puts back into your inventory. You might want to prevent this from happening by saving before going to battle, or equipping him/her with the item "Charm of the Immortal Fox Deity".

  • Q: Ogawa Kentarou keeps losing in the duel! What should I do?
  • A:
    • Ogawa Kentarou simply can't deal enough damage to the enemy in four attacks (even after using his special attack as the last attack). The trick is Ogawa Kentarou's support skill, a full-recovery food which will recover all his health AND actions; this allows you to deal a total of seven hits against the enemy, which should be enough. You can also use an Action Textbook 2 to increase his actions though, that will allow Kentarou to kill Shikibu and save his special recovery skill for later. At most levels, the random buff from him having Attack Luck can also let you win without using up the recovery item.

  • Q: I got Game Over because Miki turned into the Demon King!
  • A:
    • There are two points in the story where Miki will turn into the Demon King. The first time, you need to find a dungeon located in Mikan (only available when you see an event that she's going to turn into Demon King), enter it, and reach the 6th floor (you might as well complete the dungeon to level up/get the treasure while you're at it).
    • Another event which Miki will turn into the Demon King is when she runs away from Kentarou after the end of his duel and you need to search for her (green event) three times within a certain period of time.

NOTE!! The three searches will take 20, 25, and 30 points of Search!

  • Q: A certain command requires too many points!
  • A:
    • If the command fails because you have insufficient points, the points you already put in will be deducted for next time, so even if something requires 99 points, it can still be done - just over many turns. You can equip/use items to increase your unit's non-combat points. (SEE Sengoku Rance:Items)

  • Q: An army that looks like mine but with different color suddenly appeared and attacked me many times per turn. They are too strong!
  • A:
    • Don't worry about it. The multiple attacks per turn from that army only happens once.

  • Q: How do I get Battle Permits?
  • A:
    • Battle Permits are acquired after Turn 60 when you have at least one commander who can utilize it (a Foot Soldier/Warrior/Ninja/Tactician/Diviner unit with at least 1000 soldiers).
    • NOTE!! People with permits will take over all but the last territory of a province!
    • NOTE!! You will lose the Battle permits if commanders with Battle Permits attempt to attack Senkan Nagato (or deeper into Shimazu/Demon Army territory) in the True route.

  • Q: How do I get another Omachi?
  • A:
    • On a second game prior to the 1.01 patch, if you chose the One Eyed Masamune bonus, you can get one more Omachi after getting Masamune to trust. This is fixed in 1.01 patch (hence, you can't character clear Masamune if you take their bonus).

  • Q: Is there any other way to take over Takuga territory?
  • A:
    • There is. If you are at war with Takuga and have encountered the Shinsengumi (two white-clothed orange Hannies), you can get an event where you can donate money to them so that you can steal their territories (similar to battle permits). Choose the most expensive option (3,000 G), and they will seize a territory of Takuga's every Turn (although it has been reported that the amount you give them does not matter). Note that they will never take the final terriorty of a province.

  • Q: How do I use the Protection Paper (守り紙様) item?
  • A:
    • A commander equipping the Protection Paper item will start the battle with a Guard Shikigami barrier already cast on him/her. This is very useful for Warrior commanders to damage the opposition without facing counterattack damage. It can also be used on weaker units to let them survive one more turn or even a Foot Soldier commander with Ally/All Guard so that he/she can defend allies even more. [SEE Sengoku Rance:Items Item No.70 (Green)]
    • Another good use for the Protection Paper is by giving it to a Diviner. This way, when they are summoning shikigamis and a ninja attacks them (as they are prioritized by ninjas as a target), the barrier will cancel the attack and the summoning won't be stopped.

  • Q: Everything I want to do requires an 'Action Fan' and often they are not available. What is an 'Action Fan', where do they come from and how do I get more?
  • A:
    • Action Fans are a measurement of the amount of actions a player can perform in a single turn without ending the turn, in which all Action Fans are replenished for the next turn. Almost all actions, with exception a few (recruiting prisoners, using funds to heals troops, etc.), require the use of 1 'Action Fan', and other actions will use up all Action Fans (for example, finding Kouhime when she goes missing). You can get more Action Fans from Satisfaction Bonuses (only available on Satisfaction 50, 160, and 260), and can also gain an Action Fan from the 'Action fan +1 10P' after completing the game once and starting a New Game (this replaces the one at SAT 50).

  • Q: Will the points that I get from the game after finishing it be lost after I use them?
  • A:
    • The points you get after finishing the game won't be lost if you use them in the New Game Bonus Shop.
    • Ex: If you have 20 points, those points are permanent from now on until you manage to get more points or clear more routes.

  • Q: Will this game work on a MAC OS or Linux?
  • A:
    • Yes, you need to use WINE.
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