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General commands[]

  • The number of War-Fans is the number of actions you can take per turn. The 3rd Fan can be gotten as early as 50 satisfaction bonus (or a 10point option of New Game+) and the 4th Fan as early as 160, or wait until 260 Sat. 50-59, 160-69 and 260-269 is three specific bonus period. If you let sat get to 70, or 170, you will have to wait until next specific period.
Type Event
Cost Name Description
合戦 Red *War-Fan -1 if cancel by mistake xxx と合戦(攻め込む) Invade xxx's territory
合戦 Red *War-Fan -1 if cancel by mistake xxx と合戦(奪い返す) Chase out xxx from your territory
探索 Green 10 + 5n xxx に破壊工作 Sabotage xxx. Possibility includes "political confusion" (enemy does not attack this turn), "assassination" (enemy loses one generic commander(one contributer had an important character get "injured" instead)), and something that decreases enemy troop size (leaving the units in the area you attack next quite weakened). n is the number of times you have performed sabotage on that particular house.
建設 Blue 3n xxx の開発(国力UP) Develop xxx's nation power, where n is the current nation power of that province
建設 Blue 5 次の合戦の準備(n%) Your troops gain n% effect boost for the next battle. n goes up by 3 every time, unless you have used satisfaction bonuses to increase the rate of preparation.

Character commands[]

  • 俺様の奴隷 シィル Sill, available in all provinces
    •  ??? (initial) - H, 5 satisfication points
  • 尾張の鬼武者 乱丸 Ranmaru - available in Owari only
    •  ??? (initial) - Rance trying to guess who she likes.
  • 記憶喪失の巫女 玉籤風華 Fuuka - available in Owari and Yamatai
    •  ??? (initial) - Making a deal to let him H her after conquering 3 provinces.
  • 天才くのいち 鈴女 Suzume - available in all provinces
  • 川之江美禰 Mine - available in all Takuga and Mouri provinces.
    •  ??? (initial) - Rance learns how Mine lost the left arm.
  • 北条早雲 - Souun - available in all Houjo provinces.
    •  ??? (When you get Sounn, Ryouma and Yuzuru togeter in your army) - Takuga teach something to Souun.

Commands in 全国版 (Free For All)[]

See Sengoku Rance:Free for All.

Story commands[]

These are colorless events that are available when you get some character or some combination of characters. They dont provide anything more than a scene.

  • Thinking about the continent. Sanada Tourin in Shinano or Kai.
  • Stop the killer dango!: Kikawa Kikku and Kouhime in Owari.
  • Edges: Yuzumi and Shigehiko in Tamba.
  • I'm a Pro: Shibata Katsuie, Ranmaru, and Yamanaka Kojika in Owari.
  • Soun with Ryouma and Yuzuru: a purple +1 affection event in Houjou territory with Souun at Trust.
  • Souun is peeping!?: Houjo Souun, Sakamoto Ryouma and Kawanoe Yuzuru in Saitma, Edo or Kazusa 2000. Req: the purple event with Soun, Ryouma and Yuzuru.
  • Souun and Natori: Extra purple event involving sake, teasing, and a serious discussion regarding Orochi. Raises both Souun and Natori's affection by 1.
  • Isoroku and Ashikaga: Extra purple event, Isoroku avenging Tooru Take 1. Raises her affection by 1.
  • Isoroku and Ikkyuu: Extra purple event, Isoroku avenging Tooru Take 2. Raises her affection by 1.
  • That Attractive Person: Masamune and Ashikaga Choushin in Kio or Mamushi Oil Field.
  • You do something about it: Rance talking to Masamune about Soul Binder
  • Genri frightened: Genri and Okita Nozomi in Yamato, Ise, Mikan or Naniwa. Only Genri must be cleared.
  • Genri playing chess with Shibata: +1 affection purple event for Genri.
  • Genri hitting on Kou: (Trust) Genri with Kou, and Rance in Yamato, Ise, Mikan or Naniwa.
  • Seigan teaches Kou: +1 affection for Seigan.
  • Golden bath scene: 7 Normal Souun, with the presence of Shibata, Kentaro, and Rance. lacking those 2 will invalidate the second part of the scene. This is a purple event of Souun upgrade to Trust, not colorless. Ikkyu also participates in the bath scene at the end if you have him.
  • Gekkou and Shinobu pay their respects to Nobunaga: Gekkou purple event (no affection bonus) after Nobunaga is revealed as a demon and perishes the first time. [Note: viewed on Ran and True route with Gekkou character cleared; not sure if either of those are required.]
  • Talking with Yuzumi about Human-faced dog: A preturn event, no affection, and no sign of it in the land. Whether you got akashita dog is irrevelant, but if you have not, it reduces the search cost for it by 20. Low priority. An usual scene about Yuzumi and her obsession with cute fluffy.
  • Talking with Akihime about Human-faced dog: Like Yuzumi's, a no-affection-raised, preturn event about the akashita dog. Reduces the search cost for the akashita dog by 20. Low priority.
  • Magic, Naoe Ai and Yamanaka: Preturn event involving the huge forehead trio.
  • Suzume, Kousaka, and Inukai: 3 colorless events about Suzume trying to win in Rock, Paper, Scissors which somehow leads to learning about a man's heart.
  • Maria and Kaguya's UFO: a purple event with no affection change.
  • I'm becoming a wife: Mine, male Ryouma, and Gon in former Mouri territory, after you character clear Mine.
  • Sending Rance and character-cleared Kazemaru into battle together will trigger a pre-battle event where Rance sees Kazemaru and Hibachi being intimate in the forest (no affection boost). After this is seen, the regular affection-raising pre-battle event will be available if you deploy them at the same time.
  • Rance's worst nightmare: Preturn event, requires discovery of the sex-change temple in Morocco, visit it once and chose the "nobody" option. Rance dreams of becoming female which in turn causes every hot-blooded male, human and youkai alike, to instantly fall in love with "her".
  • Jealous Hibachi: Akashi Kazemaru needs to be cleared in Himeji.
  • Gentle nursing: Rance and character cleared Mouri Motonari in Akaheru. Unknown requirement.

Special commands[]

  • Travelling Carnival
    • Province: Purple Event in Omari, appears randomly
    • Reward: +3 to base score
    • Occurs multiple times, as long as there are available candidates. The candidates are the heroine of the current path (Isoroku, Kenshin, Ran), Sill, Suzume, Baba Shouen, 3G, Kouhime. Each candidate can only see this event once.