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This article gives the initial stats that a commander has when first encountered or first recruited. That is, the following reflects initial character data.
  • For information on how to recruit a commander, see Walkthrough.
  • For how to clear the commander when recruited (if possible), see Character Clears.
  • For tips on using the commander, see Commander Tips.
  • Note that enemy commanders in conquered houses might find a new house.

Separate tables for each troop type can be found here:

Warrior Foot Soldier Monk Archer Cannon
Ninja Tactician Diviner Miko Knight
Musketeer Cavalry Animal Mage All

The formatting conventions are as follows:

  • Stats that can be increased through SAT Bonuses or progressing through character clears are marked with asterisks (*).
  • Stats that are particularly high for a given unit's type are marked in bold.
  • If a commander has a skill that cannot be obtained by most other commanders of that unit type, it is written in bold. If the commander does not have this skill by default, it is also surrounded by parentheses. If such a skill is also an upgrade of an earlier such skill, it is placed next to the original skill in parentheses, without a comma, and in bold italics.
  • Skills that can only be used in dungeon battles are written in italics.
  • Skills that can be lost through unusual means (e.g. plot progression) are labelled: (losable).
  • Wikipedia links to the real version of the commander are marked with daggers ().
  • All NP costs (CST) are measured at troop sizes smaller than 500. NP cost will increase by 1 for every multiple of 500 troops that the unit exceeds.
  • Default skills are not mentioned. That is, the following are skipped:
    • Troop Battles: Cavalry Charge
    • Dungeon Battles: S Cavalry Charge, S Strong Cavalry Charge
Name ACT ATK DEF INT SPD SRC NEG CON CST LVL CAP Special Skills Affiliation
Baba Shouen
5 6 6 6 6 2 1 6 3 50 68 Battle Rating Up 1, Commander Charge, Fuurinkazan Takeda
Yamagata Masakage
4 8 8 8 8 4 3 1 3 25 34 Battle Rating Up 2, Onrush, Fuurinkazan Takeda
Sanada Yuki
3 6 4 6 4 1 1 5 1 18 23 Takeda
Takeda Ruri
4 4 6 6 4 3 3 2 2 23 28 Takeda
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