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Sengoku Rance
Sengoku Ransu
Sengoku Rance - package
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date December 15, 2006
Genre / Rating SLG / 18+
Base price ¥8500
Voice None
 Sengoku Rance 
Sengoku Rance - banner
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Sengoku Rance, also known as "Rance VII", is the tenth release of the Rance Series launched by Alicesoft. The story takes place during the 4th sengoku (warring states) era of JAPAN, an area of the The Continent which parodies medieval real-world Japan. The game features alternative reality versions of many japanese historical figures of the Sengoku Era, turned into characters within the universe of the series, including some of the most famous warlords of the time like Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

It is highly acclaimed as one of the best titles of the series due to its unique and addictive gameplay mechanics as a strategy conquest game, and the gameplay has been praised to such an extent that its popularity has extended beyond the horizons of eroge players, reaching even those largely uninterested in any form of erotic media, resulting in it being one of the most popular games Alicesoft has ever produced, both in Japan and even more so in the west.

The game originally received a fan translation by Yandere Translations, and sparked the popularity that originated interest in the Rance series and in Alicesoft as a whole in the west. However, the original translator, an user going by the name of Takajun, had minimal knowledge of the series and had a relatively unpolished english, resulting in his translation being quite inaccurate in some aspects and poorly phrased. An official translation by MangaGamer[1] was announced in August 11th 2017, along with Rance Quest, featuring a completely fresh retranslation. It was released in September 19th 2019.

The game's soundtrack was released as Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 10.


In the far east nation of JAPAN, a plethora of feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in the 4th Sengoku Era. After doing immeasurable damage on the Continent, the brute known as Rance traveled with his slave, Sill, to the island country.

For a hot spring vacation, you ask? Wrong. While they'll go to some hot springs, Rance's goal is to H all of JAPAN's beautiful princesses, samurai, miko, ninjas, village girls, and more. In particular, he wants Kouhime of the prominent Oda Clan.

When Rance becomes the ruler of one of the feudal states, he charges head first toward uniting JAPAN!


Main Characters[]

Oda House[]

Hara House[]

Ashikaga House[]

Iga House[]

Tokugawa House[]

Tenshi Sect[]

Imagawa House[]

Asai Asakura House[]

Miko Institute[]

Uesugi House[]

Takeda House[]

Houjou House[]

Dokuganryuu House[]

Tanegashima House[]

Akashi House[]

Mouri House[]


Shimazu House[]

Kingdom of Leazas[]

Kingdom of Zeth[]


Demon Army[]

Setting & Lore[]

  • The Continent - General overview of the world for the entire Rance series
  • JAPAN - The country where Sengoku Rance takes place.
  • Leazas - The safest country in the world, with a strong economy and a powerful military.
  • Zeth - The country most advanced in the Magic Arts. They suffered a heavy crisis during the events of Rance VI and are recovering from the destruction.
  • Dark Lords - fearsome beings that oppose humanity.
    • Apostles - servants of Dark Lords that obtained enhanced strength in exhange of their loyalty.
  • Devils - Servants of the Devil King who oppose the Gods that created the world.
  • Hanny - Silly creatures made out of clay.



  • A lot of Japanese fans commented that the logo of 戦国ランス looked like 戦国テニス (which means Sengoku Tennis) when they first saw it.

Rance Series[]

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