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Japanese セキメイ / 堰命
Romanization sekimei
Race Oni
Sex Male
World The Continent
Appeared in Sengoku Rance

Sekimei is an Oni that was sealed by the first Houjou Souun. He was released by Keikoku in the events of the Ran Route in Sengoku Rance, and serves as the final boss.


The strongest of the Oni that served the Houjou Souun of the first generation. As Souun recognized his power, he himself made sure that after his death Sekimei was sealed with his remains. So far, the only person who could control that power is said to be the first Houjou Souun.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sekimei is an Oni with a strong presence, as the sight of him managed to surprise even Rance.

Like regular Oni, he is humanoid in appearance. His skin's color is dark black. His size is gigantic, easily dwarfing most of the Oni seen in the series, who already happen to be quite large. He is very muscular but somewhat lean. His hands have big claws on them. His upper body and crotch are protected by plates that might be made of gold. The plates on his back have large spikes on them. Like other Oni, he has a long strong tail.

His head is adorned with two straight long horns that point ahead of him.

Sekimei is faceless, with no visible nose or mouth but he has a pair of completely white eyes that almost seem to glow. He has two small pointy ears and before each of them grows a flab of skin dropping all the way below his head.

Not a lot can be said about his personality, as he stays completely silent. He seems to be very violent, as it is assumed that following his release he would rampage through JAPAN indiscriminately, bringing forth even greater destruction and chaos than hordes of his lesser brethren that were released by Keikoku and mind-controlled Souun earlier during Ran's Route. His violent temper can be observed when Keikoku lightly taps him but is immediately cut in half by his tail in retaliation, though he doesn't follow it in any way even when Keikoku simply reattaches her body halves and attacks Rance and the party only when they get ready to fight him.


Sekimei is the strongest Oni seen in the Rance series, if the Oni turned Dark Lords like Babolat and Lexington don't count. So great is his power that the only Yin Yang Master said to be able to control him was the First Houjou Souun, the only known Yin Yang Level 3 Master in history.

His fighting style looks quite simple and utilises fast strikes with his clawed hands and strong tail to deliver fast, powerful blows and slashes to one of his opponents. Whether it's due to his speed, his size or the combination of both, during the fight against Rance's party he could attack any person from the front or the back row with ease.

He is also quite sturdy and resilient, capable of taking a lot of damage before finally going down.

In the fight with Rance and the party he is assisted by a host of weaker Oni, but it is unknown whether he commands them or they fight for him regardless of his desires, though he tolerates them either way.


  • Sekimei is the only final boss in Sengoku Rance that isn't Xavier.