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Seed Cashima
Japanese シード・カシマ
Romanization shīdo kashima
Race Human, Angel Eater
Age / Birth 17 (later 18) (Toushin Toshi II)
19 (Toushin Toshi - Soshite sorekara)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 173cm / 67kg (Toushin Toshi II)
175cm / 70kg (Toushin Toshi - Soshite sorekara)
Measurements B98 / W72 / H82
Status Alive
Class Spell-Blader, Haniwa Crusader
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Mizuhara Dojo, Haniwa Temple, Toushin City, Apros
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi II - Soshite sorekara, Toshin Toshi: Girls Gift


Seed Cashima is the protagonist of Toushin Toshi II. While his first name is listed as "Seed" by default, the player is given the option to change it when beginning a new game.

Starting off as a weak swordsman who never managed to get past level 4, Seed risks the Toushin Tournament as part of an arrangement with his master, Instructor Mizuhara, in hopes of marrying his longtime girlfriend, and Mizuhara's daughter, Hazuki. Seed's pseudo-sister, Serena Phraze, joins him in the endeavour as his tournament partner.  In addition to the regular dangers of the tournament, Seed's ultimate rival would be none other than a fellow student of the Mizuhara dojo, Billnas, who had also been promised Hazuki's hand in marriage if he can win, whether or not she agrees.

After victory in the tournament, Seed's life was dramatically changed when he was forcefully converted into an Angel Eater by Apros, mayor of Toushin City. With Serena held hostage, and now bound by the lethal restrictions of his status as an Angel Eater, Seed is coerced into a quest to recover Dellas Gaeta from the depths of hell itself, a jailbreak that would have dire consequences for the rest of the world if successful.

In the end, Seed was able to rescue Dellas, but was rescued by none other than Hazuki, who had won her way through the next year's tournament all on her own, with assistance from Serena, who had resisted Apros' attempts to break her. Together, and with the help of Toushin Kurzweil, Seed and Hazuki were able to defeat Apros and Dellas, and were granted a means to restore Seed's humanity by the Oni King. Unfortunately, this process reverted Seed to level 4, and he was forced to resume his training before the young couple could set out on new adventures.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Cute Seed
Despite his infamously low level both prior to and after the Toushin Touranment, Seed is an incredibly well-built young man, extremely muscular. Seed wears his red hair with a mid-length cut that frequently obscures his face.

Despite his long life at a dojo and with his adventurer father, Reshi, Seed has no deep, personal interest in fighting. It is only when Instructor Kashima forces the role of Toushin Tournament contestant on him that Seed begins to seriously address his faults as a warrior. Seed begins his career as naive and only somewhat earnest young man, and it is only through the efforts of Hazuki, Serena, new friends like Border Galois or Diana, as well as his unpleasant rivalry with Billnas, that he begins to come into his own in his unwitting career.

During his time as an Angel Eater, Seed used a drug, R334D, which caused him to descend into a ferocious, sexually-aggressive state regardless of his regular personality. Apros' agents would stem by sacrificing young women to his bedroom for the evening. Seed's dependence on the drug was thankfully erased by his reversion to a standard human being.

Like his predecessor in the Toushin Toshi series (whom he loosely resembles), Seed's personality can be dramatically influenced by player input and the accumulation of "Sin," ranging his personality from a kind and heroic young man to a murderer, rapist and slaver, menace to humans, Gal Monsters, and angels alike. Even at his most extreme, Seed holds to his love for Hazuki and retains a general sense of morality that prevents him from joining with greater threats like Apros and Dellas.


Left to his own devices, Seed was a lax warrior, only reaching level 4 despite a lifetime of training, though he seems to have attracted the attention of a personal Level Goddess, Agasa Kaguya. Thrown into the lethal environment of the Toushin Touranment, Seed quickly came into his own, showing his strength and ingenuity. He eventually gained the powers of a warrior-mage, either through his alliance with the Haniwa Sect, or his tragic friendship with Craia. This would give him access to a wide range of magical abilities (including, if allied with the Haniwa Sect, the power to use the mysterious Hanny Flash technique), though Seed's aptitude for support magic proved low, despite its crucial role in his battle against Milio Patanetta.

Through the help of his allies, Seed gradually accumulated the three key skills of the Mizuhara dojo: Mizuhara Wind Sword, Mizuhara Fierce Sword, and Mizuhara Heaven Sword, three remarkable sword techniques that exist in a delicate triangle. He was also able to acquire several other skills with the help of Skill Angel Lilia, such as Mercy Attack, the ability to disarm traps of various complexities, and to more reliably flee from battle if necessary.

After being forcefully converted to an Angel Eater, Seed gained the ability to "absorb" angels into his body, seemingly killing them through the act of rape. If Seed indulges in this ability, he would steal the abilities from the angels, such as immunity to flame, the ability to regenerate his wounds, to double his stamina, and other such remarkable powers. These abilities were lost when the angels were able to escape his body when he reverted back to humanity.


  • Seed's face is never shown in CGs in either Toushin Toshi II or its sequel, either because scenes are shot from first person perspective, or because it is obscured by his hair (especially true in the sequel, where you play as Hazuki). His face can only be seen in his chibi-styled sprites, his cards from the Harem Master card game, or in the Toushin Toshi II OVA.
  • Seed's birthday seems to take place during his final rescue of Dellas. Should the player die in battle against the Oni who are torturing Dellas, or at any point after that (but prior to the final boss), the Game Over screen will specify that he died at the age of 18. At any earlier point, he will die at the age of 17.
  • According to interviews with the development staff, Seed's personality was inspired by that of TADA, the director of the Toushin Toshi Series, in his youth. Seed was also designed to come off as "kind of a loser" in order to make him contrast with Custom, the protagonist of the previous game in the series.
  • Seed is voiced by Akira Ishida (石田 彰) in the Tournament of the Gods OVA series.

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