Saya Friday
Japanese サヤ・フライディ
Romanization saya furaidi
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Noble
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas
Appeared in Rance 03


Saya Friday is a young noble lady from Leazas, belonging to the Friday family and also Patty's sister. Along with other Leazas nobles, she has an intense dislike over the queen Lia Parapara Leazas, and directly acted against her even before she was crowned as the queen.

She was also involved in the Noble's Rebellion that took place in the north of leazas in Rance 03. In these events, she was allied with Helman and the Dark Lords during the invasions the later performed onto the country. She was the one in charge of torturing Lia and Maris in order to get information over the Holy Items. Due to her personal dislike over Lia, Saya was shown ruthless and cruel during the interrogation. She proved to be quite a profficient torturer, using whips, chains and even electrocuting her. While Lia was very stubborn, she did manage to get some hints from her, albeit they didn't prove useful in the end due to the subjectivity of the information given by the princess.

She was later defeated by Rance, who freed Lia in the process. The latter was mad at Saya and they decide to "punish" Saya severely, restricting her and raping her both at the same time (Lia using a dildo panty). After that she was later imprisoned, but her ultimate fate and what are Lia's plans for her remain unknown.


  • In the original Rance III , the character that tortured Lia and Maris was a helman officer who was also called Saya.