Saulnia Benz
Japanese ソルニア・ベンツ
Romanization sorunia bentsu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Soldier
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Level limit 12
Skill levels - (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance


Saulnia Benz is a soldier of the Helman 5th Army that appeared exclusively in Kichikuou Rance. She was never confirmed to exist in the canonical timeline.

Saulnia lacks any combat ability or military skills and hates to fight or get hurt, instead using others to fight in her place. She served under General Rolex Gadras and despite her shortcomings seemed to have been made into an officer, as she lead her own unit. She and Katyusha Bosch secretly became Rolex's mistresses, preying upon the General's dissatisfaction with Helman and his own insecurities. Through their sexual and social manipulation of Rolex, the 5th Army (and its funds) was in effect operated by the two of them, usually in service of their own personal and financial gains.

Hiding behind the mask of a sweet, kindhearted girl, Saulnia is actually a cruel and manipulative woman that uses others for her own whims. She is well aware of her innocent appearance and utilizes it whenever possible to gain favor. She prefers sweet and caring sex, but enjoys rough sex as well so long as she's the dominant one. She also seems to be particularly fond of tea. She shares a friendship with Katyusha and the two often work in concert achieve their goals.

During Rance's invasion of Helman if her unit is defeated before Rolex's unit, she will be captured and forcefully put into Rance's Harem. If Rolex's unit is defeated before hers, Saulnia will disparage Rolex and sneak away with much of the remaining funds from the 5th Army.

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While her companion Katyusha does make her first canon appearrance in Rance X (and has been aged from a teen to a mature woman in her 30s), Saulnia seems to have been retconned out of existence. However, her design and aspects of her character seem to have been incorporated into what Katyusha was like as a young girl. Should the player have to opportunity to de-age Katyusha, they will be left with a Katyusha that looks and acts more like Saulnia. Essentially, in canon these two designs have become the same person.


  • If she and Katyusha are placed into Rance's Harem, the two may suggest a threesome with Rance. They will attempt to sexually control Rance, much as they did with Rolex. If Sill is present she will prevent it. If not then Rance will have continuous sex with the pair, to the point that he will literally copulate to death, resulting in a Game Over.
  • If the two are in Rance's harem, she and Katyusha can be traded to a mafia organization's prostitution ring in exchange for a set of nice clothes for Sill.
  • Contrary to her innocent looks, she is actually the older of the duo of herself and Katyusha, being 18 while Katyusha is 17.