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Japanese サティ
Romanization Sati
Funny Bee Sati
Race Human
Age / Birth 17
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 163cm / 49kg
Status Alive
World Funny Bee
Affiliation Funny Bee
Appeared in Space Thief Funny Bee


Sati is a member of the thieving team Funny Bee. She is a good pilot and fighter, but does not like to think much. Her full name is actually Felicia Saistina (フェリシア サイスティーナ) and she was born Colony D1125.

She is brash, stubborn and preferring not to overcomplicate or dwell on things. She does not look after herself or surroundings properly, has a black hole for a stomach and is a rampaging drunk if she gets her hands on alcohol. She likes Japanese food and fighting manga. Her biggest fear is an angry Shiori.

She fights with a pair of Tonfas and has tiny telekinetic powers. While quite a good fighter, she isn't capable of going toe-to-toe with actual combat experts (this doesn't deter her from trying). She was generally terrible at school, but got top marks in piloting and general thievery. This means she is quite accomplished in both and can pull off some impressive manoeuvres.

She actually got the name Funny Bee from her grandma who was an accomplished thief known all over the universe. The new Funny Bee does not boast such a status as Sati and Shiori only steal whatever they are interested. These things tend to just be weird trinkets.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

Both her and Shiori can use the Bunnytector, a protector (power armour) from the same alien race that created Lambda. It is quite powerful, but they are only capable of using it in the limiter mode as it might go wild if they don't.
Her weapons are her laser tonfas which can be transformed into a swords and her booster kicks.

In the game she sets out to steal the Rabbit Pillow, Cup Ramen and Dream stone. All for selfish reasons (sleeping, eating, dreaming).

This works out for her most of the time, except during the cooking competition where she is abused as a body sushi platter and the duo still loses. Stealing worked out far better and she was against competing anyway.

She clearly places great trust (or disregard?) in Shiori's as she assumes she can handle herself when she is taken away to Daimonji. She goes to steal the Dream Stone first, before breaking her out. She did not know what was happening to her at the time, though her intuition kept gnawing at her.

Sati and Shiori manage to beat Albina Weiss with the full power of the Bunnytector and manage to escape just in time from the self-destructing ship.
They are showered in attention for their role in the destruction of the space pirates much to her dismay. She decides to use Juno's capabilities to travel to the Andromeda galaxy, far away from humanity. Maybe they can steal things from aliens there.

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