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Hmph, Satella will come back to take your head Rance. You'd better not get killed by someone else until then or Satella will get really mad.

—Satella, vowing to take Rance's life.

Japanese サテラ
Romanization Satera
Demon Satella.png
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 162~171
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 153cm / 43kg
Measurements B79 / W57 / H81
Status Alive
World The Continent
Affiliation Hornet Faction
Level limit 105
Skill levels Guardian Craft Lv2 (?), Magic Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X



Satella is a formerly human Dark Lord noted for being the close childhood friend of the Supreme Dark Lord and Leader of the Hornet Faction, Hornet, the daughter of the now deceased Demon King Gi. In the year GI0859, Gi brought Satella specifically to be his daughter's playmate and the two would grow together as friends until they were both turned into Dark Lords.

Due to her close friendship with Hornet, she's a loyal member of the Hornet Faction and made her goal to try to convince Miki Kurusu to become the next Demon King. In LP0003 she, along with La Hawzel, was sent to serve as Miki's bodyguards, traveling with her for a while, and forming a casual friendship with her, although she still simply acts as a faithful subordinate. Apparently, Miki feels comfortable with Satella, as Hornet offered to send her as back-up when Miki was in JAPAN, though she rejected the offer.

During the events of Rance 03, Satella took part in the invasion over Leazas, where she was assigned with the search of the Holy Items that Rance carried in order to get Chaos, which are required to break the seal where it remains hidden. She, along with Dark Lords Noce and Ithere, allied with Prince Patton of Helman with the intention of getting their hands into Chaos, believing that it would allow them to get an upperhand in the war with the Kayblis Faction, secretly leaving Hornet's side. After Leazas fell, through torturing the captured princess of the fallen country Lia Parapara Leazas, they managed to get a hint about the Holy Items' whereabouts after the princess revealed that "she gave the Holy Items to a cool and handsome man from Ice". With this vague information, Satella took the responsibility to herself and ventured into the town to get the Items. Once there however, she mistook the "cool and handsome man" for Lark Pikespeak, and ignored the adventurer Rance, who was the one that was actually carrying them, thinking that he couldn't be the "cool guy the princess was talking about".

Satella's carelessness resulted in her falling into the enemy's trap.

Over the course of the game, Satella continuously chases after Rance and his party, taking extensive and even excessive acts of brutality while trying to kill him, like burning down the Rapu village entirely, or using Sill Plain as a bait to get to him. Eventually, she was forced to retreat when she was almost sealed by a powerful spell performed by Sel Catchgolf with the use of the Holy Items, where she was saved by her Golem Guardian Isis, who sacrificed his life in the process. Rance then attempted to have sex with the weakened Satella, but he's surprised when he realizes how extremely sensitive her body is, to the point she orgasms immediately over the slightest sexual fondling, which Rance finds incredibly amusing. Unfortunately for him, she's immediately rescued by her Golem Guardian Caesar, and retreats before he could take her virginity.

After her first encounter with Rance, she came to grudge him a lot and vowed revenge on him, deeming him as her rival since. However, over time, she came to develop powerful romantic feelings for him that she doesn't admit herself, openly stating that taking his life is her goal in life despite the clear signs of affection she shows, which are made more evident in her other appearances in Rance Quest, where she finally had her virginity taken by Rance. Despite her hostile stance, Rance doesn't really take her seriously and enjoys teasing her for her sensitive body. He doesn't really see her as a threat and finds her mostly cute, which only makes her mad.

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In Rance X, she becomes trapped in a cryocapsule with Rance and wakes up 5 month later. She is distraught to learn Hornet has been defeated and captured by Kayblis. She decides to teamup with the humans to save Hornet. To her joy, Rance promises to become her Apostle after the war, unaware he has no intention of keeping his promise.

Kichikuou Rance[]

In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, Satella and Meglass joined force with Rance in order to protect Miki, who stayed with Rance at that time. After challenging Rance to a 1 v 1 duel and being defeated, Satella finally professes her love to Rance and sleeps with him, developing an intimate relationship. One possible ending of the game was for Satella to persuade Rance to kill Miki in the absence of Sill and become the Demon King, with Satella accompanying him during his reign. Her unhappy ending would be to be forced to serve under Kaybilis after Hornet was captured and used as a hostage against her.

She was supportive of her friends in the Hornet faction such as Silky and Hornet.

Personality and Appearance[]

Just a small physical interaction is enough for Satella to get sexually aroused.

Being a Dark Lord, Satella boasts a never aging body and is an attractive woman with a long red hair. She wears a tight leather bodysuit, which is usually either purple or black, and wears a long black cape, combined with thigh high boots with heels. Her eyes are pink and has notoriously long canine teeth, showcasing the vampiric traits inherited from the Demon King. She's not as imposing as other Dark Lords are, being a rather petite woman that stands 153 cm tall. She's one of the youngest Dark Lords as well, being only around 170 years old, and is noted for being a bit immature and precocious as well.

She has quite the short temper and is noticeably impatient, but she's said to be quite inspiring amongst the Dark Lord community. Even though she's in Hornet's Faction, she's only in it because of her personal friendship with Hornet. She doesn't like humans and thinks of them as lower creatures that should be oppressed. While she doesn't actively act against them, she sees them as little more than insects and doesn't care about killing them in huge numbers to accomplish her goals. Her apathetic nature is probably born from the fact that, despite the fact that she was once a human, she was taken by Demon King Gi at a very young age and was raised among the Dark Lords as a result, without socializing at all with humans during her whole life. The only human she cares about is Rance, who she considers her nemesis and aims to kill one day. She shows clear traits of "Tsunderes" towards Rance, being in love with him regardless what she claims, and is fond of the idea of turning him into her Apostle, more than she wants to admit infact.

Satella holds very little value over human life.

Unlike most of the members of the Hornet Faction, Satella is a brutal and merciless person, capable of extensive acts of brutality in order to accomplishing her objectives. She's completely willing to have an innocent woman brutally raped in order to get information, or burn down an entire village hunting down her enemies. She's ruthless and cruel but she's not sadistic, as she doesn't particularly enjoy or get any pleasure from murder or torture, simply seeing such things as useful tools. Despite her lack of empathy, Satella doesn't like to be the one subjugated to pain at all and is somewhat similar to Lia in this aspect, but a lot more delicate. Her body is extremely sensitive, is aroused with ease, and is susceptible to pain, to the point she goes as far as fainting when she experiences sexual activity of any kind. Fortunately for her, this is a secret that is known only by those close to her, Rance being one of the few aware of it.

Despite the fact that Satella is cruel towards those she lacks interest in, she's actually a very caring and supportive friend, being very concerned for the well-being of her companions and actively doing everything in her power to assist her allies as much as possible. It was due to her positive intentions to help Hornet that she was tricked by Noce into getting Chaos in Rance 03. Contrary to how she usually is, Satella is a nice and helpful friend to the other members of the Hornet Faction. However, as much as she values her friend, she's been seen to prioritize her feelings of love in a few instances, shown at its best in an alternate ending in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance where Satella admits her romantic feelings for Rance and agrees to kill Miki so that he can become the Demon King instead, ruling the world together with her beloved partner instead of how Hornet wished.


As a Dark Lord, Satella is one of the world's most powerful entities, far surpassing the average human with ease. She has Magic and Guardian Craft Level 2 Skills, the latter granting her the unique ability to create Guardians, large stone creatures that can be used for defense and offense. Her guardians are Lesser Apostles that loyally serve her with no objections. They are extremely protective over her and will dedicate their entire existences to keep from danger, and their tenacity is strong enough to make them fight for Satella even while their bodies are crumbling. They have their own personalities but lack Levels and a Level Cap, since they lack a Soul. She can make smaller and weaker Guardians regularly but, since the crafting of Guardians takes up a lot of time and resources, making more advanced and complex guardians like Caesar and Isis takes her up to 10 years.

Satella's guardian Isis.

Her first Guardian was Isis (G2ICS), a stone being that specialized in speed and tactical maneuvering. He sadly sacrificed himself to save Satella from being sealed after she carelessly fell into her enemy's trap during the events of Rance 03. Isis was a fast and tough opponent. His strength was proved when he defeated Rick Addison in 1 on 1 fight, who by himself is one of the strongest humans in the world.

Caesar, Satella's strongest guardian.

Her favorite Guardian is Caesar (G1 THE-C). It is an incredibly intelligent Guardian, with a unique ego and a subservient personality. It weighs 2500kg, wields a 240cm sword and his strength is even greater than Isis's. He's her strongest guardian and she heavily relies in his strength.

Her guardians are very powerful combatants. Caesar was capable of taking the Tulip #3 head on, absorbing a powerful frontal attack from it, which resulted in their mutual destruction, yet Caesar managed to survive and was capable of running into Satella's location again on sheer force of will alone despite being almost dead, a good example of how far he pushes himself in order to serve and protect Satella.

Satella failing at capturing Bugs.

In the previous setting, she had a Level Cap of 105, with her current Level being a clean 100. When she enters the fray, her primary weapon is a whip, which she is quite proficient at handling. She claimed to be equal to Caesar in strength, and her own power has been indirectly portrayed on a few occasions. When she attempted to capture Bugs in Rance Quest, high-level monsters that would give adventurers a very tough fight, she was incapable of capturing them because she would crush them and kill them instantly with her net instead. As a Dark Lord, Satella also carries the Invincibility Field bestowed upon her by the blood of the Demon King. The field grants her absolute immunity to almost any attack, being the swords Chaos and Nikkou, and other Dark Lords the only ones capable of inflicting damage to her. Due to this, Rance usually makes use of her sensitive body to subdue her, which greatly irritates her. While she usually comes off as a laugh for Rance, she's stronger than almost any human in the world and would be perfectly capable of killing him in an encounter if she really tried.

While her strength is undeniable, she's not particularly strong for Dark Lord's standards. She doesn't make much use of her Magic Skill and her Cap was the second lowest of Dark Lords in the old setting. She's also noted for being quite inexperienced due to her young age as a Dark Lord, and is usually considered among the low tiers. Her biggest strength is her Guardian Crafting ability, since it allows her to make powerful and reliable allies, and being capable of creating a Golem Guardian like Caesar that is on par in strength with a Dark Lord is not something that anyone can proclaim.


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  • She's the first Dark Lord to appear in the Rance Series.
  • Satella has the second lowest Level Cap of all Dark Lords, beating only Babolat and by 5 levels.
  • She's one of the few Dark Lords known to have fallen in love with a human, the others being Ithere and Lei.
  • In the popularity polls she got: 6th (Kichikuou Rance) >>> 9th (Rance Quest) >>> 4th (Rance 03) >>> 4th (Rance X), making her the most popular Dark Lord in the series. Though her ranking was surpassed by Ithere in Rance 03 and Hornet in Rance X.
  • While in the canonical timeline her status as a Dark Lord makes her one of the most powerful entities in the world, in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance she's portrayed as being very weak and little more than a joke, as Rance could defeat her in a 1v1 scenario and even laughing over how weak she was. (However, it has to be said that Rance with Chaos is already very strong on his own, even bettering Rick Addison, so this doesn't exactly mean Satella is a "joke"). Like stated earlier, this isn't the case anymore, and Satella hold more power than any human including people like Rick Addison or Uesugi Kenshin.
  • Satella is an interesting counterpart to Sill Plain, both being completely different characters that have fallen in love with Rance. While Sill openly acknowledges her love for him, Satella chooses to act like she hates him instead and opposes him directly. In addition, Sill is a character with a firm morality that more often than not pushes Rance to do what's right, whereas Satella is a selfish and cruel character that cares little for those unrelated to her and pushes Rance to do more twisted and morally wrong things.
    • The prime example of this is seen in the two alternate endings in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance. Sill's ending with Rance results in a peaceful world where the continent was saved and humanity was unified, with the two continuing adventuring together. (However, the continent being saved and humanity being unified is not exactly dependent upon Sill. Rance could also have achieved it together with Lia.) Satella's ending with Rance results in him becoming an extremely cruel Demon King that fills the world with chaos and destruction, unleashing his true inner "brutal king Rance".
  • She is one of the few characters in the series to speak in 3rd person. However, this trait was absent in Kichikuou Rance and it seems to go off and on. 



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