Sarah Britain
Japanese セーラ・ブリテン
Romanization Sēra Buriten
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Aeris

38th Queen of Aeris Empire.

She inherited the throne, but chooses to remain in the frontline to command her fleets. Noble and Honest she values duty an ideals.

Voice Actor : Miru



First Method:

1. Capture Eliza by taking over Suez within 3 turns after taking over Arabia.

3. Occupy every territories Aeris owns except London.

2. Initiate Eliza's event called 「静かな拒絶」 (it may be okay to trigger this before step 2 too)

4. Initiate important event called 「先代王エリザの申し出」 (won't appear if 「静かな拒絶」 hasn't been triggered - QUESTIONABLE (has gotten this without getting 「静かな拒絶」event, I got to Paris around round 120 and it was avaiable, with exception of letting Doetsu 3rd Kingdom die)

5. Capture London. Eliza will persuade Sarah to surrender (you have to beat her senseless before that though)

6. Do an event called 「悩める元女王」and she will join you.

Second Method: Warp hell beware

1. After taking over Aribia, wait for 3 turns, or just attack Madagascar. If you attack Madagascar, then Suez, you'll enter First Method.

2. Attack any territory adjacent to Paris.

3. Eliza will tell Sarah about the hidden warp gates. They will then randomly attack two of your territories ANYWHERE on the map (much like rebel events) until Aeris falls.

4. There should be an event where Sarah's Queen Elizabeth ship collides with Togo's Nagato warship at a warp gate.

5. After 1 turn, Sarah and Eliza will join you.

Command Points: 480 (510)

Skill: None

Stats +20%
Laser +20%
No bonus
No bonus

Note: Her main 210 Command Point ship has 600 laser damage reduction and cannot be removed.