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You insult me... A knight... So I'll fix you! I'll show you that knights are the best!

—Sanakia, after Rance prods and taunts her

This Character has reached their Level Cap
Sanakia Drelshkaf
Japanese サーナキア・ドレルシュカフ
Romanization sānakia dorerushukafu
Race Human
Age / Birth 242 / GI780 (Physically 22)
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 170cm / 53kg
Status Alive
Class Knight
World The Continent
Affiliation Dallas Kingdom, Rance Castle
Level limit 22
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Strategy Lv0 (?), Leadership Lv0 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance
Cameoed in Rance IX


Sanakia Drelshkaf was one of the finest warriors in the now-destroyed kingdom of Dallas and participated in the ill-fated Ylapu Expedition about 220 years ago. She was kept in suspended animation by a Tousho mad doctor and only brought out of it when Rance beat him and woke her up. She is a proud knight, and is always fighting to uphold the codes of chivalry and takes little heed of the odds facing her.

Though she has often been at odds with Rance due to his tendency to belittle her and her ideals in addition to his assaults, she has since started to appreciate his strength after their cooperation during the events in Zeth, and he in turn has tried to improve her power, as she is one of the very few people he tried to teach his Rance Attack. Eventually, though she had initially dismissed it, she started considering the idea of being his knight captain, and as such she is currently the Gatekeeper of Rance Castle.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sanakia captured in Rance IV.

Sanakia is a somewhat muscular woman of average height and with short brown hair. Her build is actually somewhat similar to Rance, giving her a similar appearance to Ranceko. She is usually seen in her old knight armor, which is the sole relic of her old life and kingdom still in her possession. In Rance X, she is wearing a red shoulder pad with an R on it.

Sanakia is a very prideful warrior, and can even be outright arrogant in her own abilities. Her entire purpose in life is to be a great knight, and for that purpose she has thrown all other considerations aside. As such, she does not give any importance to either leisure or sexuality, instead devoting all her efforts in honing her abilities as a knight. To her despair however, though her physical strength is quite above average, her level cap is much too low for her to ever become a warrior of note, causing her at least at first to be ridiculed, defeated and raped by Rance. For this reason, she despised him for a long time, despite him rescuing her from her century long sleep.

She hates to be treated like a woman or to be underestimated and in her effort to prove herself she can be reckless, always taking the more valorous or honorable route with little regard to her own safety. However she never fails to follow the codes of honor and chivalry, often proving herself as an inspiring ally. She will also ensure that those around her push their own limits and can be seen organizing brutal training regiments to her subordinates.

Since the kingdom of Dallas that she had pledged loyalty to has long since been destroyed, ever since her awakening she has been searching for a new purpose in life, and particularly a new cause or lord to pledge fealty to.


Sanakia is a very dedicated warrior and knight.

She was the leader of a party composed of the toughest fighters in the small kingdom of Dallas. As such, she is fairly strong, but pales in comparison to mighty swordsmen like Rance. Due to her own rigor and discipline, she is almost always training and always strives to improve her power.

Her level cap is at an average 22, and with her dedication she has unsurprisingly long reached it. As such, she is a prime example of the limitations of the Planner Scenario placed on The Continent's inhabitants: regardless of how hard she trains, she tragically will never get any stronger than she already is, and her constant training only ever serves to keep her at her cap, leaving her far behind warriors like Rance and Rick. However during the events of Rance VI, Rance can raise her cap to 56 thanks his ability to raise the caps of anyone he sleeps with, allowing her to keep up with her more skilled allies.

She has a sword combat Lv1 skill, making her fairly proficient in it, and as she constantly trains with it and has learned virtually all there is to know of it, she is on the higher end of Lv1 sword users. She usually uses some form of longsword much like Rance, though he eventually gives her the legendary Dalk sword after much teasing and an Arthurian test.

For defense, she relies in her heavy knight armor, which though quite old has held up fairly well and gives her adequate protection.

Surprisingly despite having no skill level in it, she has shown herself to be a fairly adept leader. Her courage and dedication can often serve to inspire those around her, and she has in recent years studied many works on strategy to better improve her martial capabilities.


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Rance IV[]

Sanakia first appeared in Rance IV. She was a knight from the ancient kingdom of Dallas. When exploring the floating city of Ylapu, she was captured and frozen for a long time by a mad doctor trying to recreate the Magic Sect's achievements and create new Toushin Toshis. When she was about to be transformed by the doctor, Rance slays the mad scientist and starts fondling her while she's unconscious. She quickly wakes up, and after putting on her armor, displays an haughty and dismissive attitude towards Rance for prodding her and not treating her like a knight. Rance quickly grows infuriated, and battles her before violently raping her. Sanakia then swears revenge on him, and later challenges him to a rematch, though she is defeated and assaulted once more. When the floating city of Ylapu falls to the ground at the end of Rance 4, Sanakia escapes from the crash, and having lost track of Rance strives off on her own, as her kingdom and friends are long gone.

Kichikuou Rance[]

After the events of Rance IV, Sanakia settles on the ruins of the fallen city of Ylapu now known as Toushin City and became its military leader. When Rance's army attacks the city, she recklessly grabs her few men and leads a doomed attack on on him, which promptly fails. She is then defeated and assaulted by Rance once more.

Rance VI[]

After the events of Rance IV, Sanakia traveled to Zeth. When she saw the destitute conditions of second-class citizens in Zeth, she decided to dedicate her sword to the oppressed 2nd class citizens and soon joined the Ice Flame Resistance.

When Rance first joins Ice Flame, she is horrified and constantly strives to convince Urza and Daniel to dismiss him as soon as possible. She even tries to duel him, on the condition that if she wins he would leave the resistance and if he wins she would sleep with him, though Rance's strength bests her every time she tries. Eventually, after Rance's squad saves her from Papaya's curse, she joins the Green Squad as sub-captain to Rance. As time goes on, she starts admiring Rance's strength, and despite her pride she even starts asking for his help in becoming stronger, asking him to teach her the Rance attack and giving her the Dalk sword.

During one of their training sessions, he mentions that when he becomes king Sanakia could be the captain of his own knights. Though she at first comments that she would never serve a dishonorable man like him, as time goes on and she grows to be impressed by his many feats of valor (despite his occasionally treacherous approach), she admits that she now seriously considers the idea, and they even start talking of combat scenarios.

However, when Rance gets the opportunity to become the king of Zeth, he instead flees and runs off to his next adventure, leaving an enraged Sanakia behind...

Sengoku Rance[]

In Sengoku Rance, there is an event in which Sanakia yells at Rance for forgetting about their promise. However, she is not actually playable in-game and has no CG art; it's an all-text event.

Rance Quest[]

Sanakia is shown to be a castle guard of Rance Castle upon construction. She can be recruited into your party if Magnum expansion pack is installed.

Rance X[]

She is first seen at Rance Castle and joins the party. She gains a second-in-command, Krutche Muffin.


  • She's one of the few humans known to reach their cap, although it's not that much of a feat since it's a pretty low cap to begin with.
  • Due to being frozen for over 2 centuries she is one of the eldest non-immortal humans alive.