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Samar Happiness
Japanese サマール・ハッピネス
Romanization samāru happinesu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Murderer
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 25
Skill levels Murder Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI



She's usually known as the "Bloody Angel", but her real name is Samar Happiness. She's an individual from the Kingdom of Zeth that is usually deemed as a monster for her cruelty and insane obsession over killing. She has an incomparable and insatiable lust for murder, one that rivals or probably even surpasses that of a Demon King.

In appearance, she looks like a cute and naive young girl, but this is nothing but a mask hiding a hideous monster. In the year GI1011, eight years ago, she disguised herself as a nurse and ventured into the Hospital Nata de Coco, where it is said that she brutally slaughtered a total of 255 people in a single night. She was captured and sentenced to be imprisoned for 142 years.

During the events of Rance VI, Rance carelessly released her from her cell and, soon after, 2nd Class Citizens from the city of Italia were found dead in a bloody mess. The number of victims quickly increased to 187, including the security cops in charge of capturing her. She was eventually defeated and captured but was not given the death penalty, since it was concluded that her crimes were too horrible and was sealed instead, which is considered a more severe punishment.


Samar is an odd case in that she has a Murder Lv1 skill, a very strange and unusual skill level. She has a level cap of 25, with it being her current level, and fights by wielding scalpels. These instruments were not made for combat but for surgery, yet it is an extremely efficient tool for killing and, as a result, for fighting due to its extreme sharpness carefully designed for anatomical dissection.


  • She's the only person known with a Murder skill.
  • She's one of the few people to reach her Level Cap.
  • Samar shares the same surname in English with Doharas Happiness, but it is very unlikely that they are related in any way. In Japanese their surnames are slightly different: hers is ハッピネス Happinesu and his is ハピネス Hapinesu.
  • Her nickname, "Bloody Angel", is shared by a notably very powerful generic member of the Ippatsu Corps in Daiakuji.