Saika S. Farnese
Japanese 斎香・S・ファルネーゼ
Romanization Saika S. Farunēze
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Warrior
World World of Pastel Chime
Affiliation Kōryō Academy
Saika S. Farnese

(c)アリスソフト Illustration of Saika S. Farnese

Profile Edit

Daughter of Farnese, a first grade meister, whose name is the most famous weapon maker in the Rubens continent. Like Yūki, she was a student of Falneze AS, and Yūki idolized her in secret. She is also transferred to Kōryō Academy although the reasons for her transfer are unknown. She is a top student and is experienced in the use of swords but has no common sense when it comes to the social aspect of the world. This causes various comical situations.


  • Saika is voiced by Minami Hokuto in PC and Rina Sato in PSP.
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