Sachiko Centers
Japanese サチコ・センターズ
Romanization sachiko sentāzu
Race Human
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 152cm / ???kg
Status Alive
Class Guard
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, AL Church
Level limit 49
Skill levels Guard Lv1 (?), Bread Baking Lv1 (?), Parenting Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X


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Sachiko Centers is a student of Ikera 2nd Technical School, whose future dream is to become a beautiful bride. When she was being attacked by monsters, Rance saved her and made her into one of his slaves. However, he really took advantage of her to replace Sill, who was frozen at the time. She is a very faithful member of the AL Church, with her father being the head of the Templars. She is one of the main heroines in Rance Quest.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sachiko is a fairly cute and petite girl. She has short, grey hair that is in a hime cut, and green eyes. Sachiko also has fangs, similar to Satella, but the reason why is unknown. She wears a school uniform, which has a green collar, beige shirt, and a short green skirt. She also carries around her shield which she has called Mr. Hiroshi (Hiroshi-Kun) and a sword when in combat.

Personality wise, Sachiko has very little self-esteem, but she’s still nice to almost everyone. Sachiko is also fairly innocent, and questions many of the perverted things Rance talks about. This may be due to her upbringing as a member of the AL Church.

She is especially respectful of Crook, due to the fact that she is one of the Bishops (and eventually the Pope) of the AL Church.

She becomes close to Cordoba after Rance introduces them. He intended for Cordoba to improve her guard skills but, due to a misunderstanding, he instructed her in music instead. They have a lot of respect for each other.


Sachiko has a very high Level Cap of 49, meaning that she has great potential for combat. Her main role in combat is to be a Guard, due to her Guard Lv. 1 Skill. She also recovers HP due to a spell her father placed on her for protection.

Along with being great in combat, Sachiko is also a great mother and housewife. She has a Bread Baking Lv. 1 Skill and a Parenting Lv. 1 Skill. Her great skill is shown mostly in her interactions with Rance's daughter, Reset.


  • Much like how Tilde's name is sometimes written as "Tillday Shape" on merchandise, Sachiko's last name is sometimes written as Sainters, which may be a pun due to her status as a member of the AL Church.