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Japanese ローベン・パーン
Romanization Rōben Pān
Race Gods
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Three Supreme Gods
World The Continent
Affiliation Ludo-Rathowm

One of the Three Supreme Gods.

The third child of Ludo-Rathowm, Roven-Pan is the Supreme God with the least amount of information known about him.

Possibly the strangest of the Supreme Gods in appearance, he has 6 faces. One "Dummy" face resides at the top of his body, but this one cannot see, it is merely a decoy. His true face is a black mass filled hole near the base of his body, with 4 faces around it. The 4 yellow and orange faces on his body are often mistaken for decoration. It is unknown why he takes such an impractical form, but few have asked him about it.

Roven-Pan is responsible for the creation of Round Ones, Dragons, and Humans. Ludo was unimpressed by the Round Ones and enraged by the Dragons, so Roven-Pan was given a lot of grief. In light of his ill treatment, he worked hard on humanity, giving them maximum suffering potential.

Alter ego[]


Roven-Pan has a seperate form for when he wants to help destroy the world. He takes on the female persona of 1st Class God Ragnarok, commander of the Holy Army. As the creator of The Protagonists Races, she takes responsability for their failure when Ludo-Rathowm deems them as worthless. She's the one in charge of bringing Ragnarok and destroy the race to make space for the next one.

Obviously since she's a 1st Class God her strength is beyond anything in The Continent. Easily stronger than a Demon King

When in this form, he issues orders to La Vaswald, God of worldly destruction, and issues orders to her as to how the world will be purged when the time comes.