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Created by Roven-Pan, The Round Ones were the first Protagonist Race, they were prototype dragons.

The exact time period of their creation is unknown, but it was at least 9000 years ago. They varied in size, color and distinquishing features, but they all floated in the air. The reason they floated was because they were an experimental form of life, less made of physical matter and more raw soul matter.

They hunted a type of monster known as Shellfish, and the Shellfish in turn hunted them. This cycle was made to entertain Ludo-Rathowm. The Shellfish eventually went extinct, and the Round Ones had no enemies to fight. Ludo soon became bored of them. As living organisms, they were deemed failures, not much more physically powerful than insects or fish.

As surreal as it may seem, the Round Ones lived just as humans live now, they had families, jobs, languages, conflicts and friends. They were once a prosperous species that made settlements, fell in love, had their own customs, religions and nations.

The first Demon King, Kkulf Kkulf, was a Round One and the chief of their species.

Although they're extinct, they live on in some forms, the most powerful Dark Lord, Kayblis was a Round One.
After they were purged, Roven-Pan gave their data to Planner, who recycled them into monsters such as Magballs, Lis' and Circles.

List of Round OnesEdit

Kkulf KkulfEdit

King of the Round Ones. The first, and most powerful, Demon King.


A simple flesh-colored floating sphere. 30cm, 2kg. Was once the protagonist race of the world.


One of the final Round Ones types to be created. Naturally small creatures, they are blue-eyed and coated in shaggy white hairs, they have intelligence comparable to human beings.

The body of a Lis mutates and grows with age, the longer a Lisu lives the more wild and varied the mutation can become. The Lis have a degree of control over their mutation, and can change certain aspects of their body at will.

Some Lis can even become humanoid if they put their mind to it.  Dark Lord Kayblis started life as a simple Lis. The Lis Wuu in Rance 03 is another example.

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