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Roule Enron
Japanese ローレ・エンロン
Romanization roore enron
Race Human
Age / Birth 166
Sex Male
Class Bishop
World The Continent
Affiliation AL Church
Appeared in Rance Quest


Roule Enron was one of the 4 prominent candidates for the next Pope of the AL Church. He's been in active duty for well over 100 years, since he himself is 166 years old.

Due to his old age, he has severe health problems. He can't step out of a wheelchair and has a rare type of Gal Monster taking care of him constantly. He can summon various monsters to fight for him, which are quite powerful and high level creatures.

His biggest goal is to become the pope, since he's become obsessed with it after failing three times now. He recognizes Oz Tortoise as his biggest rival for the title. He sees Mi Lordring as immature and an unprepared youngster that is not ready for the title, and he looks down on Crook because he thinks a woman should never become a Pope.

He is allied Stessel in trade for the box containing M.M Rune's soul.

He was eventually revealed to have a soul 100% polluted and was sealed away during the events of Rance Quest.

Personality and Appearance[]

Roule is very wrinkled due to his old age.

Roule is very corrupt, selling an important item to the villain Stessel and raping Crook.


  • Aside from immortals like Freak Paraffin or The Legendary Five, Roule is the oldest living human being (second oldest if you count Sanakia, who was frozen for 200 years).