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Rival History is a segment featured in the Only You - Re Cross - Official Guide. Hosted by Tiger Joe, it features profiles on notable male characters from various Alicesoft games along with an evaluation of whether each of them qualifies as a "True Man" by Tiger Joe's estimation.


Alicesoft games have featured a number of unique male characters. Here, we will introduce some of the most memorable men among them. Is each of them worthy of being called a True Man!? Steel yourself and give a hard-edged hello to each of these remarkable Men among men!

What does it mean to be a True Man!?

1: To live righteously and die righteously!

2: To always act in the name of love!

3: To protect the weak!

Rick Addison (Rance Series)[]

Rick Addison Portrait Kichikuou


The famed general of the Leazas Red Corps from the Rance Series. Also known as “The Red Reaper”. It is a tradition for the strongest knight in Leazas to be appointed general of the Red Corps. As such, he is the strongest warrior in the country in both reputation and reality. He is a kindhearted man who lives by the spirit of chivalry. Originally from a family of farmers, he caught the eye of the previous Red General at the 32nd Leazas Parapara Tournament. His one weakness is that he becomes timid whenever his helmet is removed. He has a surprisingly boyish face.

Special Move 1: By La Way[]

A technique that slashes at the enemy with a crimson sword. It is so fast that only the arc of the sword can be seen. It is a technique solely for one-on-one combat, and so is not suitable for large-scale battles.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

The spirit of chivalry is similar to the spirit of martial arts. For that reason, I would like to meet this Man at least once. His technique is also nothing short of superb. However, with his helmet removed he becomes pathetically weak! He should strive to improve himself. If he cannot overcome this weakness, he will never master true strength.

Man Rating: 👊👊👊👊

Strength: 👊👊👊

Weakness: 👊👊👊👊👊

Kaen Ou (DiaboLiQuE)[]



One of the Lord Diabolique, immortal beings who reign over the other Diabolique as the strongest and cruelest members of their race. He is the Diabolique of Fire. True to his name, he specializes in fire-based attacks. He possesses overwhelming power far beyond that of any human being. He has a boisterous and violent personality, but beneath it lies a strange warmth that is neither kindness nor affection. He is accompanied by two Magaki (servant-like creatures), Gekki and Ouki.

Special Move 1: Mace[]

An enormous mace. It would be difficult for an ordinary person to even lift it, but Kaen Ou swings it with ease and uses it to fight.

Special Move 2: Fireball[]

A technique in which a fireball is launched at the opponent, as is expected of the Diabolique of Fire. It is possible for multiple fireballs to be shot at once.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

I do not know if he truly is immortal, but the spirit I sense from this Man is extraordinary. Even I am not sure what would happen were I to act carelessly against him. That is how terrifyingly strong he is. Regardless of the victor, the match would likely be decided in an instant.

Man Rating: 👊👊👊

Strength: 👊👊👊👊👊

Inhumanity: 👊👊👊👊👊

Shura (AmbivalenZ)[]

Shura and Kusanagi Maru 1


The former fifth strongest member of the 17 Knights of Saeruuna (a country that perished long ago). While rescuing Shea, the princess of his country, he was cursed by the witch of destruction and slaughter Deirdre to become an albino with an immortal body. He is a skilled swordsman and a firm believer in chivalry. The Kusanagi he wields is one of the Three Sacred Treasures. It has the ability to excise spirits and, although somewhat lacking in attack power, can double in strength by summoning the spirit Kusanagimaru that resides in Shura’s body.

Special Move 1: Slashing Attack[]

A direct attack with the Sacred Treasure Kusanagi that combines its increased attack power with Shura’s swordsmanship. A powerful technique that can slay even monsters known as Duendy in a single blow.

Special Move 2: Wind Magic[]

In Saeruuna, where Shura once lived, magic and witchcraft thrived. It is assumed that he learned this magic during his time there. It is used whenever direct attacks are ineffective, but seems to primarily be viewed as a supplemental attack.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

This Man also seems to be one who values chivalry, willingly sacrificing his own life for the sake of his beloved princess. If possible, I would like to meet him at least once. In terms of ability, he seems to still be developing….. I am sure that with further dedication he will be able to reach even greater heights.

Man Rating: 👊👊👊👊

Strength: 👊👊

Whiteness: 👊👊👊👊👊

Akimitsu Yanagi (Daiakuji)[]

Yanagi Akimitsu


A man residing in the Shizuoka prefecture who is one of the strongest warriors in Nihon. After his younger sister was murdered, he threw himself into a world of bloodshed and struggle. His love for his sister is reminiscent of Yuuji’s own. He fights using a sword. Though his swordsmanship appears to be self-taught, it is a formidable style created for the purpose of slaughtering others in the name of revenge. He once actively involved himself in conflicts, but now lives as a mercenary and does not take part in them on his own initiative.

Special Move 1: Slashing Attack[]

Akimitsu’s special attack using his beloved sword. Possesses greater offensive power than an ordinary attack. He also seems to have mastered a technique known as “Gangster Killer”, which allows him to deal even greater damage when fighting against gang members.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

On the outside he appears to be a ruthless killer, but look into this Man’s eyes and you will see that he is not. He seems to have suffered through unimaginably deep grief in the past. Just like him…  He can only heal his sorrow through fighting… Truly, he is a pitiable Man…

Man Rating: 👊👊

Strength: 👊👊

Finances: 👊👊👊👊👊

Kakaro Alphoria (Mamatoto)[]



The king of the small nation of Mamatoto. Although he usually plays the part of a good king, he is guilty of committing many evil deeds, such as destroying neighboring countries and ravaging their women. He is a despicable person unworthy of the title of True Man.

Special Move 1: Bare-Handed Attack[]

Because he is more or less a martial artist, he fights primarily with his bare hands.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

A despicable wretch unworthy of being called a Man! Know your shame!

Hajin Messatsu!!

Man Rating: 👊👊👊👊👊

Strength: 👊👊👊👊

Depravity: 👊👊👊👊👊

Rance (Rance Series)[]

Rance - Kichikuou Rance


The brutal warrior Rance. Accompanied by his slave Sill, he travels the world performing all manner of heinous deeds. His strength is impossible to measure, but in a sense, he is the strongest of all.

Special Move 1: Rance Attack[]

A technique that slashes the enemy with his sword while simultaneously attacking them with a shockwave.

Tiger Joe’s Comment!![]

Muh! Another wretch!? Unforgivable!

Houou Tenbu!!

Man Rating: 👊👊👊👊

Strength: 👊👊👊

Brutality: 👊👊👊👊👊