Rindou Rina
Japanese 竜胆 リナ
Romanization Rindō Rina
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Mage
World World of Pastel Chime
Affiliation Kōryō Academy

(c)アリスソフト Illustration of Rindou Rina

Profile Edit

Yūki's childhood friend, whom Yūki parts from to enter the Private Falneze AS, and met again as he is transferred to Kōryō Academy. As a novice magician, she yearns to become a world-renowned "Teen idol Magician". She is warmhearted, popular among friends but picky only to Yūki.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, her sister Rindou Saya is a renowned adventurer.
  • Her family owns a soba shop.
  • Rina is voiced by Haruka Shiranami in PC and Eri Kitamura in PSP.
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