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Come at me seriously. It'll be too late to have regrets after you die.

—Rick, self-assured that he can take on any opponent.

Rick Addison
Japanese リック・アディスン
Romanization rikku adisun
Race Human
Age / Birth 24
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 180cm / 68kg
Class Swordsman
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Widenyo


Rick Addison is a young master swordsman who is feared throughout the world for his peerless swordsmanship, earning him the nickname "The Red Reaper". He serves as one of Mamatoto's Generals and is a unit available from the beginning of the game.

Unbeknownst to most people, he's the son of a man named Alto, who was the leader of a legendary band of thieves feared for his unmatched skill with swordplay. However, he never actually met his father and was raised by a friend of his that taught him everything he knows about the art of the sword. At some point, when Rick was still a young boy, he was taken to Mamatoto, with his master telling him that he would grow up to serve under a great man. He continued to grow stronger while living in Mamatoto, even going through a rough training period with King Kakaro himself, and eventually became a famous figure notorious for his terrifying strength and skill with a sword.

He gains a particular amount of focus in Chapter 5 where, after learning that the Red Castle originally used by Alto's Bandits is in operation again, convinces Prince Nanas to assist him in destroying it to honor Alto's passing. The castle is revealed to be being operated by Zan, Alto's former attendant who was resurrected from the dead by Sienna Geliciam. After a massive frontline charge by Mamatoto's main forces, Rick storms the command room and easily defeats Sienna. Zan, overjoyed to see his master's son again, puts up no resistance and agrees to submerge the castle, sacrificing his own reanimated life in the process.

Following Kakaro's defeat at the end of the game, Rick continues to serve under the newly-united Mamatoto as one of its three generals alongside Murat Carson and Pitten Chao. If his relationship score with Nanas is the highest he will attempt to follow him on his journey, but is told to stay in Mamatoto and use his strength to inspire hope to humanity. While Rick is reluctant to do so, he respects Nanas' wishes and remains behind, vowing to someday reunite with his former General again.

Personality and Appearance[]


In appearance, Rick is described as the spitting image of his father. He wears light red clothing with some pieces of armor here and there. He's a handsome man with a short blonde hair and sharp red eyes. He's seen smiling most of the time and never has a bad mood.

Growing up among bandits affected Rick's personality considerable as, while still kind and affable, he is a laid-back and carefree man, fully capable of fighting on his own with total confidence for his skill in the battlefield. He carries a deep love for battle and determination to protect his loved ones. He spends most of his time training and his love for fighting is truly remarkable. He likes going all out when fighting but holds back against weaker opponents and enjoys sparring with Murat and Hero in the castle gym. 

Due to his incredible fighting prowess, many people in Mamatoto look up to him and admire his skills. His confident and naturally encouraging disposition makes others feel truly comfortable with him. He's not one to get alarmed with ease, often laughing over serious matters with little concern over danger. 

Like the rest of Mamatoto's commanders, he greatly respects Nanas as a leader. As the two grew up alongside each other, they have a somewhat brotherly relationship, as Rick occasionally pokes fun at Nanas when he gets flustered. He is also the second person in Mamatoto after Stourin to notice when Nanas has fallen in love, suggesting that he is quite attentive to him. 

He has a close friendship with Murat Carson, who he has known for his entire life since arriving at Mamatoto. The two regularly spar and go out drinking together, and are rarely seen apart. Despite this closeness, it seems to be largely platonic, as Murat mentions to Nanas that she doesn't view Rick in a romantic way. During her epilogue, however, she mentions Rick specifically as one of the amazing men in Mamatoto that she could fall for, suggesting that there is some amount of attraction between them. 

While Rick was unaware of Kakaro's true nature, he had firsthand experience with his incomparable strength, and feared him slightly as a result. Despite this, he also seemed to greatly respect him, and was heartbroken following the revelation of his villainous ambitions. 


Rick's special move.

Being the man that is known as the finest swordsman in Mamatoto's World, Rick is an extremely powerful fighter that fights by wielding a red glowing sword with incredible expertise. 

While his speed and defensive maneuvering are not particularly high, the damage output he possesses is absolutely terrifying, capable of defeating most of his opponents with one clean swing of his blade. His special move, By La Way, is incredibly lethal, being used to attack several opponents in a cross-shaped area while dealing immense damage.

Rick is notorious for being one of the strongest commanders in Mamatoto, and is believed to be one of the strongest people in the world. During his assault to the Red Fortress, he was capable of single-handedly defeating a platoon of undead soldiers led by Sienna Geliciam, a very powerful martial artist who reached her position for her sheer strength. When given the choice to duel him or surrender, Dikacis do Hook immediately chose the latter. While his strength is to be expected, due to being the son of the legendary swordsman Alto, his dedication and love for the sword is what allowed him to get where he is. Upon arriving to Mamatoto, he was personally trained by Kakaro Alphoria, an absurdly strong man that claimed that even as a child, Rick represented an interesting opponent, proof his immense talent.

Rick's greatest weakness, however, is his lack of commanding ability. While he is one of a select few people in the world capable of commanding Kids, he is only able to lead a small number of them at a time, with noticeably lower individual abilities than they would have under the command of someone else. He is aware of this flaw and mentions that he finds it hard to command troops while fighting when first given Kids by Nanas. Despite this, his own individual ability is so high that it generally more than makes up for his low commanding skill.


  • Rick is an alternate universe counterpart of Rick Addison from the Rance Series. When designing his character, Purin, Mamatoto's director, aimed to create "a Rick with no weaknesses", leading to the Rick of the Mamatoto universe having a much more confident personality than his Rance series counterpart. Another interesting difference between the two is that the Rick from the Mamatoto universe wields his sword one-handed, whereas his Rance series counterpart always wields his sword with both.
  • In Rance IX, Rick's role in combat as an early game warrior with absurdly high attack but middling defensive abilities is naturally fulfilled by his counterpart, who notably wears an outfit much different from his normal attire to better resemble him. However, while Rick is available immediately in Mamatoto, he joins after the first two battles of Rance IX.