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Retia Adolf
Japanese レーティア・アドルフ
Romanization rētia adorufu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Commander
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Dokutsu Third Reich
Appeared in Daiteikoku
Luck? Are you kidding me? War never depends on something like that.



Fuhrer and Idol of the Dokutsu Third Reich.

The Greatest Genius in the Universe — she dramatically revolutionized the Third Reich's politics, economics, inventions, and military. While a tactical and economic genius, she pays no attention to her self-maintenance, which makes Göbbels an important figure in polishing her current status as an Idol.


Recruitment - In any route where Dokutsu is nearly taken over by The Empire of Aeris, Retia Adolf should be available. You need to have accepted the Triple Alliance proposed by Ugaki Sakura and have Ermi Dönitz within your army. Must complete all available Ermi Dönitz events as soon as you can, that is before Retia dies. (Giving Dokutsu three thousand resources delays her death a bit). Eventually when Dokutsu is certainly going to lose to the Empire of Aeris, Ermi Doenitz will request to go back home. You allow her to do this, and Tougou Tsuyoshi will go with her. Retia Adolf, Ermi Dönitz and Grecia Göbbels will all return to Japan with you. Speak to Retia several times in the events phase, and she will be recruited as an admiral.

Retia Adolf has no ability.

Command Points - 540 (570)

Stats +4%
Attack +4%
Radar +4%
HP +4%


  • The sparkles that surround Retia Adolf dim and have less of a presence when she is upset. These sparkles are also present in nearly all of her images within Daiteikoku.
  • Ranked first, with 7902 votes, in Alicesoft's female popularity poll. (Mikado ranked second with 4896 votes.)