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Replica Misly
Japanese レプリカ・ミスリー
Romanization repurika misurī
Race Tousho
Sex Female
Class Guardian
World The Continent
Affiliation Freak Paraffin
Skill levels Unarmed Combat Lv1
Appeared in Rance IV



Replica Misly was an old Tousho from a long forgotten age who lived deep within the floating island of Ylapu. Her mission was to guard the dormant Toushin Upsilon and prevent him from ever being activated. She carried out this mission for over 500 years.

During the events of Rance IV she was killed by the Tousho Dio Calmis, who was aiding a Helman group to retrieve Upsilon as a weapon.

She enjoyed reading and before becoming a Tousho was a proficient Ballroom Dancer. She also had a Lv1 skill in Unarmed Combat.

Personal History Edit

In the era of the Holy Magic Sect during the Dark Lord War, M.M Rune entered into a genocidal fury after a group of non-magic users revolted against the sect. He ordered Toushin Toshi, Tousho, and Toushin weapon systems to be used against humans and Dark Lords alike.

Following this decision, Toushin Upsilon devastated a human kingdom, reducing it to a nothing but ashes and rubble.  Misly was the princess of this kingdom and died during its downfall. However, Freak Paraffin was able to save her soul in time with the use of Death Magic and remodeled her, turning her into a Tousho in the process. It was then that she received the name of "Replica."

CG 0068

Before her transformation, Replica was a beautiful, gentle girl.

The destruction of Misly's kingdom convinced Freak to betray his most trusted friend Rune. Replica Misly was not a conventional Tousho. Her body was made from a rare metal called Mithril that repels and nullifies magic. This was not a preferred material to use to create an immortal Tousho, since without preservation magic the Tousho could eventually rust or break down entirely, resulting in the death of the original human. Her Tousho body was designed with this metal for the sole purpose of killing M.M Rune.

Aided by Hunty Kalar, Freak Paraffin and Replica Misly were able to assasinate M.M Rune in the Holy Capital of Detna Luca. Rune's magic power was unparalleled, but meaningless due to the magical immunity of Replica's body. She was able to quickly thrust a dagger through the magician's head.

Replica Misly

Replica Misly's body is made of a rare metal resistant to magic.

For unknown reasons, Replica Misly was completely forgotten to history, unlike Freak and Hunty who became infamous legends for Rune's assassination. This may be due to most of the information relating to the Holy Magic Sect being destroyed by the AL Church after Rune's death. Information about Toushos like Misly were mostly lost during this period. It may also be because Freak and Hunty became known figures around Helman, being there even before its foundation, whereas Misly spent the following centuries confined in the Toushin Toshi guarding Toushin Upsilon.

Appearances Edit

Rance IVEdit

CG 0135

Replica struggles fighting Dio.

By the events of Rance IV she managed to keep her body in a decent state and is 577 years old.

She guarded the entrance to the Holy Casket where Toushin Upsilon could be reawakened. Her speech was formal and polite and she preferred to avoid fighting unless necessary, simply asking intruders to leave instead. She spent most of her time reading and patiently waiting for Freak's return.

When Rance found her blocking his way while exploring, he mocked her at first, saying he didn't care and would pass anyway but. Upon sensing her power, however, he reconsidered and asked when she would allow others to pass. She responded that she's waiting for Freak and will end her guard when Freak comes back.

Replica Misly's death

Replica Misly in her last moments with Freak.

Later, when the Helman group that was looking for the Toushin found their way to Misly, she tried to convince them to retreat as well. They refused and used the newly awakened Tousho Dio Calmis to attack Misly. The two fought briefly, but Dio was considered one of the strongest Tousho and he dispatched her easily. Replica Misly's body was left broken and dying. Shortly after, Freak found Misly and comforted her. He told her he sensed someone had entered the Toushin Toshi and apologized for not arriving sooner. She thanked Freak for coming to see her again and died quietly in his arms.

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