Remedia Kalar
Japanese レメディア・カラー
Romanization remedia karā
Race Kalar
Sex Female
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 3



Remedia Kalar is a warrior Kalar who choses to live her life as a traveler instead of settling down in the Kalar Forest. She is the daughter of Lydia Kalar, the Queen of Kalar Forest.

She is a childhood friend to Nakuto and Hazumi, and an acquaintance of their fathers. She is the one who taught Nakuto his swordplay.

Remedia is on a journey to find someone. This journey eventually takes her to the Toushin Toshi tournament and to be reunited once again with Nakuto and Hazumi. Remedia wears a hood to conceal her status as Kalar.

In part 2, Remedia attempts to use her new position as Toushin to accomplish her goals, but is eventually mind-controlled through a magic stone on her sword and used as a puppet to fight. While under mind control, she comes into conflict with Nacht several times throughout the story.

In part 3, with the help of both Fiori Mirufiori and a technique taught to him by his father, Nacht manages to defeat the brainwashed Remedia by breaking the barrier on her sword and freeing her. Remedia then reveals her motivations.

In the past as a child, her father Shin seduced her mother Lydia away from the Kalar forest and through his cunning plan, turned her into a demon and enslaved her in his quest to create the most powerful sword. He then abandoned Remedia, leaving her only a sword to defend herself. Since then she decided to take revenge on her father and free her mother. Shin is also revealed to be Hazumi's uncle with the same bloodline and power, making Remedia her cousin. Finally, we learn that Shin's sword had already been tempered close to its limit, and was just waiting the final tempering material to become complete.

Remedia decides to use her crystal in her plan to help them escape and requests Nacht's "help" to power her crystal up. However, this will cause her to die, as Kalar normally do when their crystal is removed. The thought of losing Remedia causing Hazumi to finally resolve her conflict with Remedia.

However, Remedia is killed in a firefight between the main villians before the plan can take place, and her body is absorbed. However, the plan still goes on as her crystal is recovered and used to temper the Sword of Eternity past its limits, causing it to start breaking down and weakening it considerably.

Nakuto is granted a wish by Tero Ettienno, Queen of the Devils, for defeating the Sword of Eternity, which he uses to reincarnate Remedia's soul, as she is seen waiting in the forest at the end of the game as a child when Hazumi appears.


Toushin Toshi 3[]

One of the main heroines in the game.

Mamanyonyo and Widenyo[]

Summoned as a hero from parallel world by Nanas.