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They say women with good intuition can never be happy, though. So I'll kill you instead! You don't have much happiness to look forward to anyway!
Japanese ラインコック
Romanization rainkokku
Race Apostle
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Class Crossdresser
World The Continent
Affiliation Camilla, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 50
Skill levels Magic Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI


Reincock is a former human that swore complete loyalty to Camilla, becoming her Apostle upon drinking her blood. Despite his girlish looks, he's actually a man dressed as a woman. He sometimes takes advantage of his feminine looks to seduce males he takes to Camilla.

He made his first canonical appearance during the events of Rance VI when the Demon Army commanded by Dark Lord Camilla managed to successfully invade the Kingdom of Zeth after the dismantling of the Maginot Line. As one of Camilla's closest servants, he remained at her side at all times providing support and company to the Dark Lord. During the operation set by the Zeth Escape Force to destroy the Alpha Fortress, Reincock showed up in the area and came across the Zeth Princess Magic The Gandhi and her fellow ally Wichita Skate, who were planning to complete the mission before Rance in order to damage his reputation with King Gandhi. He immediately attempted to kick them out of the fortress that had already been conquered by the Monster Army and attacked them, but the fight extended for a long period of time with neither party being able to achieve victory against the other, allowing Rance to earn enough time to complete the mission himself. Reincock managed to escape the explosion and survive the destruction of the fortress, though covered with smoke and dust, and immediately returned to Camilla's side to report about the incident.


Reincock beheaded by Abert

When news arrived of the death of Shichisei and disappearance of Abert, Camilla's other Apostles, Reincock expressed grief and attempted to comfort Camilla before she left in order to kill Rance and his party herself. However, perceiving Camilla's emotional side as a sign of weakness, Abert showed himself to Reincock and decided to put her under one of his wicked tests by destroying what she held dear, thus beheading Reincock, killing him instantly in order to see how Camilla would react. When Camilla noticed his death, she hugged his dismembered body tight to her chest and ordered her subordinates to give him a proper burial before heading once again to the battlefield with a wordless rage.

Personality and Appearance[]


Reincock is Camilla's most trusted and loyal servant.

A feminine and androgynous young boy, Reincock's dainty features allow him to easily pass for a young girl when dressed appropriately. His face is rounded and his body is small-boned and fragile. If one pays enough attention, he lacks specific feminine traits that would make him stand out as a real woman, like large hips or a voluptuous chest, which gives him a tomboy appearance, but his ladylike mannerisms and outfit coupled with his already light body make him still be frequently mistaken for a young girl. His outfit consists of a long white dress and has a long blue hair tied on a single ponytail. In Kichikuou Rance his appearance was even more effeminate, with his face being notably more womanish and wearing white gloves and heels.

Reincock's appearance is not just for show, as his usual attitude is close to a "innocent" young girl as well, the better to hide his capacity for violence. He presents himself as cheerful and playful, though by no means as innocent as he looks. Though he acts like a child, he dislikes being treated as such by his peers, but when dealing with humans he proves to be as ruthless and brutal as any other Apostle, seeing little issue in the murder of hundreds of innocents. He is extraordinary loyal and loving towards Camilla, being probably one of the most devoted Apostles in the Monster Realm. He absolutely adores and worships his master almost like a goddess and is willing to do anything for her sake. He's completely servile to her, following her every command and doing all her work. Working for Kamilla is not easy, due to how lazy she is, but Reincock performs his duties with an overwhelming joy. He shares a relationship similar to that of a younger brother with his fellow Apostles, who see him as some sort of pet of their master as she never has him leave her side. He greatly respects Shichisei and Abert, but he's slightly irritated by the fact that he's not allowed to act as much as they do due to their higher combat ability and competitive potential. He's not as arrogant as some other Apostles or Monsters, but he still looks down on humans and sees them as an inferior species.


A weak and delicate boy, Reincock was a frail and physically fragile human that resulted in him not reaching the level of strength of an average Apostle, which was the main reason why Camilla kept him outside of the battlefield on more mundane jobs or merely keeping her company as something close to a pet. When he's in a situation where he's forced to engage in combat, Reincock fights by wielding a large hammer. While the full extent of his abilities was not seen, he was able to fight against Magic the Gandhi and Wichita Skate to a stalemate even though the former was one of the Four Lords of Zeth and, as such, one of the strongest magicians on Zeth, suggesting that even if his capacity for combat is considerably smaller than that of regular Apostles, he's still superior to most humans.

In Kichikuou Rance Reincock had a Level Cap of 50, making his potential on par with that of the strongest humans in the continent, and had a Magic Lv1 skill.