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The Reincarnation Cycle, sometimes also called Cycle of Life, is the series of events that allows the very concept of Life to take place, starting from the creation, the life itself, the death and its evaporation into nothingness.

All life starts in Ludo-Rathowm and is called a Cycle because it returns to him upon the end of it.

Origin[edit | edit source]


Souls originate from Ludo-Rathowm. They are literally a portion of his body mass that is removed in the process of the Reincarnation Cycle when a new life is born in The Continent. Gods are in charge of overseeing this procedure, which mostly takes part as paper-work and it's a very laborious job.

The raw Soul begins in a blank state and, upon birth, certain data is generated randomly, such as a Level Cap and Skill Levels, which are generated by the System created by Supreme God Planner called the Planner Scenario. Certain basic traits of one's personality are also generated, but they also develop and change wildly depending on the events that occur in the mortal's life. 

Life[edit | edit source]


From the moment a mortal is born, he starts changing and developing in his own unique way based on the infinite amount of possibilites made possible but the countless events that take place in the individual's life, conciously and subconciously.

Over life, the Soul is filled with all sorts of information. The personality changes, grows and evolves over time, and it's filled with memories along with many other things. 

Negative feelings however pollute a Soul. Everyone experiences negative feelings in life, ussually the typical Soul is polluted from 30% to 50% in one's life. Due to excess of negative emotions, humans tend to commit suicide more or less when they hit 80% pollution.

Death[edit | edit source]


Everyone's bound to die sooner or later. When this happens, the conciousness of the mortal dissappears and only the body remain, which becomes nothing but an empty shell. When this happens, most of the time an Angel takes the Soul to Hell, although in some rare cases a Devil might catch it first to take it back with him/her instead. Sometimes, humans that performed pacts with Devils, or those that performed ritual of Tenshiism, will have their souls taken automatically by Devils. Having a Soul taken by a Devil is something that brings no negative consequences to the mortal in question, since conciousness dissappears and what is done with his/her Soul doesn't affect the individual in any way.

There are extremely rare cases in which the Souls might turn into Ghosts before being taken by an Angel or Devil. In this cases, the Ghost will eventually fade away when they are able to move on, and they will be taken to Hell just the same.

Return[edit | edit source]


When a Soul is taken to Hell, Oni are in charge of cleaning the Soul. All the information and data gained from life must be erased and leave the Soul in the same blank state it was before the birth of the mortal. The pollution of the Soul must be cleansed as well, the bigger the pollution the harder and longer the work of the Onis cleaning the Soul is. Souls that are 100% polluted can't be cleaned and they must be thrown away.

Once the Soul has no raw data anymore and is perfectly cleaned from Pollution, it is sent back to Ludo-Rathowm's body, and the Soul merges back to the Creator God's body mass. This way, Ludo-Rathowm's body is constantly losing portions of his body to generate new life, while regaining it from the process of death. It is for this reason that Souls that reached 100% pollution are such a problem, since that body mass won't be recovered.

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