Japanese レガシオ
Romanization regashio
Race Devil
Sex Male
Class Three Devil Princes
World Devil Realm
Affiliation Devils

About Edit

The youngest child of Rathowm and Tero Ettienno. Composed and ruthless, Regaccio has a firm layer of rock-hard skin coating his body and the innate ability to craft blades with enchanted effects, he creates many of these and sometimes leaves them on the Continent. He is in charge of the treasury of the Devil Realm.

Being the third child meant that he didn't have as many duties as his older brother, and Prokione was more than happy to take on whatever duties Regaccio did have.

With nothing to do he decided to practice sword smithing and swordplay.

Whenever Regaccio forges a blade, it has a random abnormal property, a magical enchantment. So he became a well known blacksmith and generally kept to himself, other "Magic Blades" found on the continent are a result of his handywork, though few know the origin of these magical blades.


He's a man of honor and integrity, if you break an agreement with him, he will kill you without hesitation or remorse.
He sometimes dabbles in the mortal realm, managing treasure hunts for humans and, if they make it to the end and seem like good people, he'll award them with one of his enchanted blades.

He's very fascinated with Dark Rance, and believes that the boy will have a great and interesting future. He said the boy "has good eyes", and comments that he deserves the respect of a Devil Prince. Upon saying this, he granted Dark Rance with one of his blades, "Gram", a weapon that grows in size and power based on the grief inside a person's heart.


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