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ME has two joys, OK? ONE: you guys, living things, KILL. TWO: POWER UP ME’s body. When ME KILL you, it MEans ME got stronger. ME's wishes come DOUBLE true. That MAKEs ME HAPPY. Keke! Kekekekeke!! ME HAPPY! ME HAPPY! MAKE DRAMA! MAAA-AAAKE DRAMA!!

—RedEye, showcasing its simplistic and destructive worldview.

Japanese レッドアイ
Romanization Reddo Ai
Race Dark Lord, Artificial Lifeform (former)
Age / Birth 2025~ / NC????
Sex Genderless
Ht. / Wt. 20cm / 100g
50cm / 100g (Kichikuou Rance)
Status Demonic Blood Soul
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction, Monster Realm
Level limit 160
Skill levels Magic Lv3 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Kaeru nyo Panyon


RedEye is a parasitic Dark Lord affiliated with the Kayblis Faction and a major antagonist in Rance X.

Prior to becoming a Dark Lord, RedEye was an Enchanted gemstone created at an unknown point in the NC Era by a talented enchanter named Gaugau Kestina. Desiring to find a power great enough to defeat the Demon King, Gaugau gave RedEye the ability to attach itself to other creatures and objects and seize total control over them, amplifying their strength with its own incredible Magic. To assist with accomplishing this task, Gaugau bestowed the gem with a will of its own and programmed into it a basic directive to seek out whatever means it could to increase its magical power. There was no limit to the variety of things RedEye could place under its control: from Humans, to Monsters, to weapons, and even Dragons.

RedEye was largely docile in the earliest days of its existence, and obediently followed Gaugau's orders with the loyalty of a simple Wanwan. As it continued to attach itself to stronger things and improve its own power, however, a darkness began to awaken in its heart. While it did not harm its creator, RedEye began to ruthlessly attack other living things as a means of testing its growing strength, taking great pleasure in killing as proof of its superior ability. Fearing this instability, Gaugau modified RedEye's directive with the command that it would die as soon as he did, ensuring that it would not run rampant without his supervision.

Some years later, Gaugau became bedridden after contracting a fatal illness. On the verge of death, he revealed to RedEye, who had stayed at his bedside throughout, that the two of them would pass on to the afterlife together. To his surprise, RedEye challenged this assertion, stating that, as his son Baubau had inherited his blood, it would not have to die along with him. This logic ultimately proved correct, and RedEye remained alive and active even after Gaugau had passed on. No longer required to take orders from anyone, RedEye began to gleefully rampage across The Continent in search of ways to further augment its power. The creature created for the sake of liberating humanity became one of its greatest disasters.

After decades of spreading chaos and destruction across the world uncontested, RedEye was eventually subdued by one of Gaugau's descendants, a heroic woman named Tsuranitsura Kestina. Cooperating with the AL Church, the largest religion on the Continent, Tsuranitsura was able to deactivate RedEye's enchantment and revert it to a non-sentient state. It was then placed under a magical seal, for a time freeing humanity from its presence.

Years after its defeat, word of RedEye's destructiveness eventually reached the ears of Demon King Nighcisa, who, intrigued by its existence, chose to personally break into the AL Church's headquarters and release it from its confinement. Desiring its power for himself, Nighcisa coated the inactive RedEye in his blood, reawakening it as a Dark Lord. The blood of the Demon King caused RedEye to become even more powerful and vicious, as well as increasingly more fixated on killing living things to prove itself as the strongest. RedEye's loss against Tsuranitsura made it fearful of the power the Kestina family held over it, compelling it to abduct and enslave its descendants to place them under careful supervision to make sure that they would never again rise against it. Remaining conscious of the connection between its own life and those of Gaugau's descendants, RedEye forced the captured members of the lineage to copulate immediately upon reaching sexual maturity to produce offspring, killing them soon after to begin the process anew with their child. Under RedEye's oppressive control, the Kestina family became broken in both mind and spirit, fully resigned to its role in sustaining the crazed Dark Lord.

RedEye harnesses the destructive power of Toushin Gamma for its own wicked purposes.

In the year GI0420, the Demon King Gi, at the pressuring of his subordinates, declared war on the Holy Magic Sect, the most powerful and prominent human civilization in existence at the time. Harnessing powerful magic, the Holy Magic Sect constructed Toushin, mechanical warriors of unbelievable power, to fight against the forces of the Monster Realm. During the conflict, known as the Dark Lord War, RedEye encountered one such warrior, Toushin Gamma, who impressed it with its formidable strength. Gamma was eventually deactivated after having its Toushin Toshi sunk, which finally enabled RedEye to capture it for itself, enhancing the machine's already astounding power with its own magical abilities to become an extraordinarily potent destructive force. Though the conflict eventually ended in the year GI0452 following the collapse of the Holy Magic Sect, RedEye maintained control over Gamma, asserting itself as the most powerful magic user on the Continent with its power.

Hundreds of years after the end of the Dark Lord War, RedEye instigated a duel with Hornet, Gi's daughter and intended successor as Demon King. As the child of the Demon King, Hornet possessed naturally outstanding magical abilities that threatened RedEye's perceived position as the Continent's most powerful mage, which prompted the parasite to challenge her as a means of proving its strength. After an intense battle that lasted for several days, neither side was ultimately able to land a decisive victory over the other, forcing the duel to end in a draw. RedEye was left livid by this outcome, unable to accept the existence of someone with magic rivaling its own, and developed a severe grudge against Hornet from then on. The clash of the two mighty mages also proved to have tremendous effects on the surrounding area, steeping it in a permanent cloud of hazardous "death ashes" that rendered it uninhabitable even for a Dark Lord. The ruined region became known as the Land of Death, and was quickly recognized as among the most dangerous territories in all of the Monster Realm.

In the year GI0912, RedEye became aware of the construction of the Maazel Line, a magically-automated security system constructed by the Magic Kingdom of Zeth at its border with the Monster Realm. Intrigued by the magical power of such a creation, RedEye went against Gi's human noninterference policy to invade Zeth and investigate the Maazel Line. After reaching the Maazel Line, RedEye was able to attach itself to the defense system and seize total control over its functions. RedEye turned its newfound power against its creators and used the Maazel Line's weaponry to lay waste to Zeth and its people, allowing an army of monsters to enter into the country to assist in spreading chaos. RedEye's rampage lasted for nearly thirty years before finally ending in GI0940, when the period's Guardian Hero of the World led an operation to bomb the Maazel Line that resulted in its total destruction. No longer able to operate the ruined Maazel Line, RedEye retreated back to Gamma and fled Zeth, with its monster followers being driven out soon afterward.

Even following its escape, RedEye's attack left several major sociopolitical impacts on Zeth that lingered for the remainder of the country's existence. Along with causing the death of Queen Artesia, who sacrificed her life to the Devil Xacalite in an effort to protect her people, it also sparked the first documented instance of conflict between magic and non-magic users since the nation's foundation over the government's perceived incompetence at combating the invasion. The incident became known as "RedEye Dark", and went down in history as one of the greatest tragedies to occur in the modern age of humans.

In the year GI1015, Gi unexpectedly named Kurusu Miki, a human girl from an Alternate Dimension, as his successor as Demon King, kidnapping her from her home to pass on his blood to her. Before Miki was able to fully awaken to the power of the Demon King, however, she was rescued by her boyfriend Ogawa Kentarou, who was able to temporarily stop her transformation through the use of Hirami Lemons. With Gi having allowed himself to be killed by Kentarou, and Miki refusing to accept the position of Demon King, the Monster Realm was left without a leader and thrown into a state of civil war. The war was fought between Hornet, who desired to follow through with her father’s wishes and embrace Miki as the new leader of monsterkind, and the Elite Dark Lord Kayblis, who desired to become the Demon King himself and wage war against humanity. Still seething from its grudge against Hornet and eager to sow further destruction across the Human Realm, RedEye chose to ally itself Kayblis. Despite the considerable asset that its tremendous magical power lent to the Kayblis Faction's war effort, RedEye's single-minded and manic personality made it near impossible to give directions to, causing it to randomly fight against the opposing army without any particular goal in mind.

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In the year LP0007, the Kayblis Faction was finally able to land a decisive victory over the Hornet Faction, causing Kayblis to be recognized as ruler of all of monsterkind. Immediately after becoming the ruler of the Monster Realm, Kayblis ordered an invasion into the Human Realm using the entirety of the Monster Army’s forces, sparking the beginning of the 2nd Dark Lord War. Unlike its fellows, RedEye was not assigned to lead an attack on any single territory, instead being given free reign to lead its soldiers to attack where it pleased.

During the initial invasion, RedEye attempted to launch an attack on Pencilcow, the home village of the Kalar race, intending to slaughter all of its inhabitants to prevent the possibility of someone harnessing the magic-enhancing properties of their forehead crystals to surpass its own magical power. On its way to Crystal Forest, RedEye and its army stormed across the outskirts of Zeth, slaughtering all that it came in contact with. During one such attack, RedEye skirmished with a division of the Zeth Army that included Anise Sawatari, a mage in possession of destructive power that rivaled the Dark Lord's own, who managed to destroy one of Toushin Gamma's arms. While its soldiers quickly overtook the defending human army and pushed forward into Crystal Forest, RedEye was left outraged by Gamma's poor showing in the battle and haphazardly abandoned the damaged Toushin along its warpath, deeming it too weak to continue using.

During the events of Rance X, one month after the beginning of the war, the forces of the Human Realm were, through various circumstances, formally united under the warrior Rance to create the United Human Army. Due to possessing the Dark Sword Chaos, one of the only weapons capable of penetrating the Invincibility Field that protects Dark Lords from all forms of damage, Rance was able to form a specialized squad made up of humanity’s finest warriors designed to fight against and defeat each of the Dark Lords invading human territories. Titled the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, this group allowed humanity to begin to mount a more effective resistance against the Monster Army, providing hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. Worried for the safety of his daughter and the kalar's princess Reset Kalar, Rance's first action upon establishing the Dark Lord Extermination Squad was to lead it into Pencilcow and protect the endangered race from the invading monsters.

RedEye gains control over humanity's strongest mage Anise Sawatari.

As Rance and his allies began their trek toward Pencilcow, RedEye and its army succeeded in surrounding the area near the kalar village, but were unable to pinpoint its exact location because of the illusionary barrier that had been erected around it. Forced to bide its time until the village was found, RedEye set up a temporary base camp and used the spare moment to attempt to make Rona Kestina, the latest inheritor of the Kestina bloodline, mate with Ian Ruston, a young man who the Dark Lord had chosen to abduct rather than kill for the sake of breeding. It was met with resistance from both parties, with Rona recognizing that reproducing would swiftly lead to her death and Ian being paralyzed by a combination of fear and confusion. As it waited, RedEye was also presented with the unconscious bodies of two powerful individuals from the defeated Zeth Army by its soldiers to use as a new vessel in the place of Gamma. Though the Dark Lord brusquely rejected the first potential host, a woman named Rizna Lanfbitt who possessed the same absolute magic resistance as a Haniwa, due to believing her ability to be redundant relative to the protective powers of its own Invincibility Field, it gleefully accepted the second, who was none other than Anise, the very mage that had damaged its previous body and proven herself in the parasite's eyes as the stronger creature.

Soon after seizing control over Anise's body, RedEye received a report that smoke had been seen emanating from a cave that was believed to be a hidden entrance to Pencilcow. Eager to test out its new power, RedEye immediately entered the cave, where it used the combination of Anise's obscene magical energy and its own to continuously cast White and black destruction beams, two of the highest level magical spells, in rapid succession and obliterate all that stood in its way. The paths of the destruction beams stymied the movements of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad, which had been attempting to lead the surviving kalar in an evacuation through the cave, forcing it to take sudden and drastic action to defend against them. After barely surviving the initial barrage of attacks through the defensive magic of Queen Pastel Kalar, Magic the Gandhi, and Sill Plain, Rance ordered his allies to take shelter in the crannies along the sides of the cave. Exploiting the narrow shape of the passage, the group was able to both safely avoid RedEye's attacks and ambush it from either side as it approached their location.

While RedEye was caught off guard by Rance's surprise attack and ability to penetrate its invincibility field using Chaos, it nonetheless managed to overwhelm the warrior and his allies with its magic, pressuring Rance to call for a tactical treat. Returning to the margins of the cave, Rance encountered a small group of monster soldiers from RedEye's own army, who had hidden themselves to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of the Dark Lord's attacks. Fearing for their lives, the soldiers pleaded for a temporary truce and offered the box containing Rizna's body to him in exchange for their survival. Recognizing Rizna from the numerous adventures they had shared together, Rance immediately accepted the proposal and had her resuscitated. Wasting no time, Rance asked Rizna to use her magic-neutralizing body to shield his party from RedEye's attacks, allowing them to strike back at it without fear of its retaliation.

After sustaining significant damage, RedEye detached itself from Anise's body to possess a nearby magic monster soldier and prepare a white destruction beams as a counterattack. Rance attempted to charge at the creature and deliver a finishing strike before it could fire off the spell, but was forced to take cover when the no longer controlled Anise fired a white destruction beam of her own toward RedEye. The two top-level spells collided midair, causing tremors and a blinding white flash to envelop the cave. RedEye took advantage of the confusion to flee from the scene, but promised the Dark Lord Extermination Squad before exiting that it would soon return in an even stronger body. Despite its survival, RedEye's disappearance threw its soldiers into a state of disarray, allowing the surviving kalar to safely evacuate from Crystal Forest to the United Human Army's headquarters in the Free City of CITY.

In December of LP0007, two months after its attack on Pencilcow, RedEye reappeared with a force of 50,000 monsters to launch an assault on Kawanakajima, the island headquarters of the AL Church. The suddenness of the raid prevented the Dark Lord Extermination Squad from deploying in time to counter it, forcing the presiding church affiliates to abandon the sacred island for safety. RedEye left the scene just as abruptly as it entered it, however, which allowed Bishop Mi Lordring to lead a group of the church's most devout followers in an operation to retake the island's Holy City of Kaiz within the same month as the evacuation.

Possessing the body of the legendary Toppos, RedEye rampages toward Rance Castle.

Sometime later, RedEye gained dominion over Toppos, a legendary monster in possession of strength, speed and stamina surpassing that of even Dark Lords. Created for the purpose of regulating population levels of the Antagonist Race, Toppos was seen as more of a natural disaster within the Monster Realm than a denizen, and had no prior allegiance to the Monster Army, making RedEye's capturing of its power a major asset in the Monster Realm's favor.

At the dawn of LP0008, Stroganoff, the Great Monster General entrusted with leading the invasion of the Human Realm, received a report that confirmed CITY as the location of the United Human Army's headquarters. Intending to seize victory in a final decisive attack, Stroganoff compiled an enormous army of 300,000 monsters together and ordered it to charge at Rance Castle, the United Human Army's base of operations. RedEye acted alongside this unit, eager to have its revenge against the humans and reinstate itself as the strongest creature. Despite this enthusiasm, the Dark Lord did not show itself throughout the early stages of the siege, intending to make its eventual appearance all the more dramatic to the forces of humanity. With the majority of their soldiers preoccupied with defending the major nations of the world, the commanding officers at Rance Castle were placed in dire straits and forced to rely on careful and conservative tactics to hold their ground against the monsters.

Chaos is destroyed by RedEye's tremendous strength.

After several hours of nonstop fighting, RedEye finally showed itself to the Human Army by suddenly charging toward the front gates of Rance Castle, effortlessly breaking through the unit commanded by Houjou Souun, the most powerful Diviner in JAPAN. Rance and the rest of the Dark Lord Extermination Squad rushed to confront it, but proved to be unable to stand against the incomparable strength of Toppos and were quickly pummeled into submission. Refusing to admit defeat, Rance mustered the last of his energy and leapt toward RedEye to deliver a final strike, only to have his attack intercepted by the Dark Lord grabbing Chaos' blade out of the air and snapping the sword in half. RedEye then used the blade of the broken Chaos to stab the still struggling Rance through the clavicle, hitting his body with enough force to launch it ten meters away and send it tumbling down the surrounding mountain range.

Thrown into a panic by Rance's defeat and Chaos' destruction, the commanders of the Rance Castle defense force were at a loss for a means of subduing RedEye. After a moment's contemplation, Souun resolved to die defending Rance Castle, and commanded his remaining troops to hold off the Dark Lord with the last of their breaths. Seconds before its complete collapse, Souun's unit was approached by the tycoon Copandon Dott, who had been acting as the representative for the Free Cities Alliance in its totality throughout the war. Betting everything on fate, Copandon drew from the Ultimate Fortune Lot, a legendary divination item that provided its user with miraculous luck that could overcome any enemy if the "Great Luck" fortune was drawn but instantly took their life if it was not. Copandon succeeded in drawing a "Great Luck" fortune from the device, causing an avalanche to suddenly occur and exclusively hit the surrounding monsters. RedEye managed to ward off the falling rocks using Toppos’ massive body, only to be swept up by a sudden massive gust of wind and blown away. The wind carried RedEye far from Rance Castle, temporarily delaying its rampage and buying the Human Army the precious time needed to regroup and search for the missing Rance.

Chaos is restored stronger than ever with the assistance of Café.

After a search throughout the area around Rance Castle, Rance’s unconscious body and the shattered Chaos were eventually found by Kentarou, who had been cooperating with the Dark Lord Extermination Squad in exchange for Miki’s protection. Kentarou carried the two back to Rance Castle, where Rance eventually regained consciousness after intensive physical treatment. To repair Chaos, who drew energy from erotic activity, Rance begrudgingly allowed the sword to choose between any of the Rance Castle knights or the sheltered kalar to sleep with. While Chaos deliberated between the various women, he was unexpectedly picked up by his old comrade from his time as a member of the Legendary Five Café Artful, who appointed herself as his partner and carried him off to her room without giving him a chance to say otherwise. Thousands of years of sexual tension between the two were at last put to an end, causing Chaos' body to be restored with even greater cutting power and durability than before. Having regained their strength, Rance and Chaos prepared for the approaching rematch with RedEye, determined to avenge their previous loss.

RedEye eventually returned hours later barrelling toward Rance Castle, where it was confronted by Rance once again. Recognizing the threat that Toppos' monstrous strength posed, Rance attempted to exploit RedEye's parasitic behavior by falsely claiming his follower Rocky Bank to be the strongest man in the world with a staggering Level Cap of 10,000, intending to trick the Dark Lord into possessing him and then kill them both with little difficulty. The plan instead had the opposite effect, with RedEye deciding that killing Rocky would prove itself as the strongest creature, causing it to remain attached to Toppos and attack them. The combined power of Toppos and RedEye still proved to be too much even for the newly-tempered Chaos, once again pushing Rance and his allies to the brink of defeat.

Patton and Hunty arrive with the aid needed to finally subdue RedEye.

As the Dark Lord Extermination Squad struggled against RedEye, the battle was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a mechanical giant falling from the sky near it. As the dust around it settled, the figure was identified as none other than Toushin Zeta, one of the few preserved Toushin that had until recently remained dormant on display in the Zeth Royal Museum. Immediately afterward, the dragon Cantel appeared carrying Patton Helman, the former emperor of the Helman Republic, and the legendary black-haired kalar Hunty Kalar on its back, who declared that they had arrived with the remnants of the Holy Magic Sect to assist humanity in its time of need. Using his massive body, Zeta restrained Toppos, allowing Rance, Patton, and their allies to strike at RedEye without risk of being struck back. RedEye eventually wrestled free from Zeta's grasp, but had been so thoroughly pulverized that it was unable to regain its previous lead in the battle and soon collapsed from the unceasing onslaught of enemy attacks.

Delivering a final decisive blow, Rance successfully ripped RedEye from Toppos' body, launching the Dark Lord several meters away behind a pile of rocks. With Toppos soon regaining control over its mind and leaving the area, the Dark Lord Extermination Squad began celebrating a hard-fought victory, unaware that RedEye had not perished in the attack. Initially simmering in self pity over its weakness, RedEye realized that its loss simply confirmed Rance as the strongest creature, causing it to declare that it would capture his body for itself. Rising from its rocky resting place, RedEye charged at high speeds toward Rance, who was too exhausted to mount any kind of resistance against it. At the last second, RedEye's body was struck down and pinned to the ground by Biscuitta Burns, the head maid of Rance Castle, who proceeded to tie its legs together to prevent it from taking hold over her master. Unable to move, RedEye despaired over its inability to continue bringing suffering to living things before finally getting stabbed through by Rance, reducing it to a Demonic Blood Soul and ending its reign of terror at last.

The combined efforts of Sheila and Zeta allow Rance Castle to take to the skies as a Toushin Toshi.

Though RedEye's defeat rid Rance Castle of its most pressing threat, the victory proved only momentary as the remaining forces of the Monster Army continued to march toward it. Giving a sly wink amid his panicking comrades, Patton revealed that he had planned for the situation accordingly, and asked Rance to command everyone present to retreat inside of Rance Castle. Rance was greeted inside the crowded castle by Sheila Helman, president of the Helman Republic and the younger sister Patton, who had been absent throughout the conflict at her brother's request. Working in conjunction with Zeta, Sheila, the last-living descendant of the Holy Magic Sect, was able to utilize the nearby Tower of Babel as a makeshift buoyancy wand and convert Rance Castle into a Toushin Toshi, elevating it 100 kilometers into the air and lifting it safely away from the attacking monsters, completely turning around the state of the war in the process. In addition, Biscuitta was able to safely capture both Rona and Ian, who had accompanied RedEye during the attack, freeing them from the Dark Lord's control and allowing them to reclaim ownership over their lives as employees at Rance Castle.

If Rance succeeds in defeating the possessed Toppos during his first encounter with it, RedEye is forcefully unlatched from Toppos and promptly crushed under the fist of the Dark Lord Satella, who had been working alongside Rance throughout the war, reducing it to a demonic blood soul. The sequence otherwise plays identically to if RedEye were defeated with the assistance of the Patton Faction, with Patton and his allies arriving to transform Rance Castle into a Toushin Toshi before it is overtaken by the fast-approaching monsters.

If the Dark Lord Extermination Squad did not capture Shangri-La, the Monster Army's primary base of operations, prior to the attack on Rance Castle, Patton and Hunty will become too preoccupied with fending off the constant stream of monster reinforcements emerging from the desert nation to be able to come to its aid against RedEye, forcing the Human Army to sacrifice Rance Castle and retreat to elsewhere after the Dark Lord first defeats Rance. Compelled to defend her master’s castle until the bitter end, Biscuitta elects to stay behind as RedEye captures the location. Upon confronting her, RedEye, inspired by observing the Dark Lord Medusa's Butler Apostle Alefgard, chooses to imprison Biscuitta rather than kill her and attempts to persuade her to become its Apostle, recognizing the benefit of having someone around at all times to ensure that the descendants of the Kestina family do not die without first producing a successor. Biscuitta refuses to betray Rance, which prompts RedEye to begin eagerly thinking of ways to torture her into submission.

Biscuitta saves her master from RedEye through quick-thinking and guile.

Following his retreat, Rance immediately organizes an effort to storm Rance Castle to defeat RedEye and rescue Biscuitta. The Dark Lord Extermination Squad confronts RedEye in the castle’s ransacked throne room, where it engages the parasite-possessed Toppos in a battle to retake the lost headquarters. As the fight rages on, Rona approaches Biscuitta, who had been placed in the same cage as her, and offers to allow the head maid to kill her to defeat RedEye and save her comrades. After a moment of contemplation, Biscuitta calls out to RedEye while holding a shard of glass to Rona's neck, cutting with it to release a spray of blood as soon as she attracts the Dark Lord's attention. RedEye screams in horror as it witnesses the last survivor of the Kestina family get killed in front of it before detaching from Toppos, collapsing on the ground and ceasing all function. Wasting no time, Rance rushes toward the disabled RedEye and pierces through it with Chaos, reverting it to a demonic blood soul.

The Dark Lord Extermination Squad's sudden victory against RedEye throws the surrounding members of the Monster Army into a panic, allowing them to be driven out of Rance Castle with little difficulty. Afterward, Rance reunites with Biscuitta, who reveals that she had not in fact killed Rona, and had instead simply cut through her own hand to deceive RedEye into thinking she had done so. Biscuitta explains that she had rationalized that other blood descendants of the Kestina family must have existed on the Continent without RedEye's knowledge in the thousands of years it had been alive for, and that its dependence on the Kestinas to live had long since become entirely psychological as a result. Saved from RedEye's control, both Rona and Ian begin working as employees at Rance Castle while Toppos leaves for parts unknown. As it is impossible for the United Human Army to emerge victorious against the Monster Realm after it is forced to abandon Rance Castle, this encounter with RedEye is considered to be non-canon.

RedEye is not mentioned at any point throughout Rance X: Part 2, leaving the fate of its demonic blood soul following its demise unknown.

RedEye - Kichikuou.png

During the events of the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, RedEye, still possessing the body of Toushin Gamma, assists the rest of the Kayblis Faction in decisively defeating Hornet and seizing control of the Monster Realm. After declaring war on the humans, Kayblis orders RedEye, along with Babolat, to invade the Human Realm through Helman. RedEye has Rona accompany it throughout the invasion to keep her close at hand and ensure that its weakness is not exploited.

RedEye's background is considerably different in Kichikuou Rance than it is in canon. While it was still created by Rona's ancestor, the man, whose name is not given, is described as having been an evil and ambitious person who sought to use the gem's powers for his own selfish purposes. Similarly, RedEye's ability to outlive its master is said to be the result of it rewriting its own programming shortly before its creator's death, with the explanation for its continued dependence on the man's descendants being that it lacked enough time to remove the command completely. RedEye is also stated to have been created by the Demon King Gele rather than Nighcisa, but the given reasons for it becoming a Dark Lord are otherwise the same.

While at war with the monsters, Maris Amaryllis, the head maid and personal advisor of the royal family of the Kingdom of Leazas, is able to gain information pertaining to the ties between RedEye's life and the Kestina bloodline and suggests that Rance, the newly-crowned king of the nation and unifier of all of humanity, have Rona killed to defeat the Dark Lord. Hesitant to kill a girl, Rance orders one of Kentou Kanami, Wichita Skate, Kaoru Quincy Kagura, or Freya Idun to investigate Rona and determine whether she is cute or not to assist with making the decision. Following Rance's command, the chosen spy travels to the enemy encampment, locates Rona, and attempts to transport her back to Leazas, but is forced to retreat emptyhanded after getting spotted by RedEye, only managing to succeed at confirming that Rona was a cute girl.

If RedEye is able to pass through all of Helman to its border Leazas along the Barao Mountains after the investigation into Rona, Maris advises Rance to make use of the confined space of the mountain passage to send an assassin to kill the girl and end its life. If Rance obliges with her recommendation, he is given the option of sending one of Kanami, Kaoru, Wichita or Freya into the mountains to kill Rona with a poison-tipped blowdart, allowing her to die relatively painlessly. RedEye is thrown into a panic after discovering Rona's death before ceasing all function and collapsing all the spot, defeating it and causing its soldiers to disperse in a fear.

If Freak Paraffin, one of the founders of the Holy Magic Sect, is pitted in battle against RedEye, he will recognize Gamma's body and resolve to transfer his mind into that of Toushin Omega, the Toushin body constructed for him that he had until that point refused to use, to defeat it. After informing Rance of his intentions, Freak will depart for several weeks on a journey to the northern tundras of Siberia, where the chamber containing Omega is located, and merge with the Toushin.

After becoming one with Omega, Freak appears to intercept an attack by RedEye on one of Leazas' territories and engages the Dark Lord in battle. Gamma's body is unable to stand against that of the superior Omega, causing the panicked RedEye to motion to kill Rona so as to end its life on its own terms. To save the endangered girl, Freak move between RedEye and Rona, in the process forcing him to expose his back to the enemy. RedEye exploits this opening to bombard Omega with several devastating attacks, fatally damaging it in the process. Using the last of his energy, Freak calmly asks a nearby Leazas soldier to transport Rona to safety before finally succumbing to one of RedEye's attacks. After destroying Omega, RedEye, heavily wounded from the battle, is forced to retreat rather than search for the captured Rona, allowing her to be taken to Leazas Castle.

Following Omega's defeat, Rona is brought before Rance. Rance attempts to offer Rona shelter within his castle, only for the girl to instead beg him to end her life and put a stop RedEye's carnage, forcing him to choose between the two options.

If Rance decides to kill Rona, he will momentarily hesitate in discomfort at the situation only for a knight of the Leazas Green Corps who had been present in the throne room to rush toward the girl and kill her himself. Though Rance is outraged by the knight's actions and sentences him to execution, the man's actions result in RedEye exploding suddenly, allowing the Leazas Army an uneasy victory against the Dark Lord.

If Rance follows through with his plans of protecting Rona, she will be given a room in Leazas Castle along with a bath and clean clothes. Just as she begins to feel at ease for the first time in her life, however, RedEye appears suddenly before her in her window and abducts her once again.

If several weeks pass after Rona's return to RedEye's side, she will draw a dagger and slice her own throat in a final effort to destroy the Dark Lord and avenge all of the people who died for her sake. While RedEye begs her to abstain from doing so, its pleas are ignored, causing its body to erupt in an explosion and ending its existence once and for all.

If RedEye is defeated in battle after recapturing Rona but prior to Rona sacrificing her own life, Gamma's body will be destroyed and collapse into a massive heap. Shocked by its defeat, Rona moves toward the broken Gamma to pensively check whether her master had truly been vanquished, only for the still-living RedEye to call out to her from within the wreckage and demand her to transport it elsewhere to safety. Before Rona is able to exit with RedEye, she is stopped by Rance, who, recognizing the object she is carrying as the Dark Lord's true body, throws it from her hands onto the and ground and stomps on it repeatedly, killing it in an instant. With RedEye defeated, Rance asks Rona to return to his castle with him, finally allowing her to live her life free of the Dark Lord's influence.

If RedEye is killed before a certain amount of time passes after humanity enters into war with the Monster Realm, its blood soul will be collected and absorbed by the Elite Dark Lord Silky Littleraisin to increase her power in preparation for her approaching battle against Kayblis.

If RedEye is defeated in battle before Freak challenges it as Omega, Gamma's body will be destroyed and collapse into a massive heap. Shocked by its defeat, Rona moves toward the broken Gamma to pensively check whether her master had truly been vanquished, only for the still-living RedEye to call out to her from within the wreckage and demand her to transport it elsewhere to safety. Escaping suspicion, Rona flees to parts unknown with RedEye and the two are never seen again.

Personality and Appearance[]

Completely inhuman in both body and mind, RedEye is an unstable and unpredictable force of destruction.

RedEye is a small, spherical gemstone in the shape of an eyeball with a red-colored iris encrusted in a rough, dark purple substance. 14 tentacle-like appendages protrude from every side of its body, causing it to somewhat resemble a cephalopod. When possessing the body of another organism, RedEye wraps these appendages around the other creature and embeds itself onto a part of their body, most often the chest. Living things under RedEye’s control gain a purple discoloration to their skin, bulging veins, and a violet glow in their eyes, overall giving them an unsettling, zombie-like appearance.

Redeye's appearance is mostly identical in Kichikuou Rance, but it is significantly larger in size at 50 centimeters rather than 20. It is only ever seen while controlling the massive Toushin Gamma, where it is implanted into the exposed skeleton of the construct's neck and chest.

A manic, incomprehensible being, RedEye is most strongly characterized by the warped perception of reality it maintains as a result of its origins as an artificial lifeform. While sentient, it is incapable of thought that strays away from its pre-programmed directive to seek out every means available to increase its own power, and consequently filters all aspects of its life around this singular goal. This lack of fluid intelligence is perhaps most apparent in its distinct manner of speaking, where it places random emphasis on certain words in a voice that is described as high-pitched and discordant, causing everything that it says to sound slightly mangled and incorrect. RedEye is relentless in its blind pursuit of strength, and spends much of its time ruthlessly slaughtering every living thing it encounters under the twisted belief that doing so will work to assert itself as the more powerful creature. It is no less vicious toward those that it deems irrelevant to its mission, as it considers them to be obstacles on its path to completing it.

Despite its limited mental capacity, RedEye possesses an undeniable cruelty behind its actions, and describes the act of tormenting living things, which it refers to as “making drama”, as the only thing other than augmenting its strength that brings it joy. It is also quite conceited, equating its excellent magical power with intelligence, and wastes no opportunity to brag about its genius when in battle. With this narcissism comes a great deal of insecurity, however, so much that it is prone to going off on shrieking tirades of disbelief and self-beratement whenever it is equaled or outmatched by another. This fragility is the root of RedEye’s allegiance with the Kayblis Faction, as it chose to side against Hornet entirely because of its outrage over the strength of her magic rivaling its own. Both RedEye’s inherent maliciousness and cowardice come to the fore whenever its life is threatened directly, where it shamelessly cries over not being able to continue bringing pain to organic creatures.

Fearing their power, RedEye has deprived the descendants of the Kestina family of all feelings of hope and agency.

RedEye has a long and complicated history with the Kestinas, the family responsible for its existence. While its programming forced it to remain loyal toward Gaugau Kestina, its creator, throughout his lifetime, it otherwise holds no more affection for members of the bloodline than it does any other creature, and derives great pleasure from bringing pain and suffering onto them. Nonetheless, RedEye is deeply afraid of the power the Kestinas hold over it due to its first ever defeat having been at the hands of one of Gaugau's descendants, and has devoted a sizable portion of its existence since becoming a Dark Lord toward making sure that the family is never again able to rise against it. In spite of this, it is unable to bring itself to destroy the lineage entirely, as Gaugau placed a failsafe command in its directive ordering it to instantaneously cease all function the moment his essence disappeared from the world. RedEye has chosen to enslave each successive generation of the family to circumvent this weakness, dominating their minds and spirits while also ensuring that they produce children by forcing them to copulate with other captured humans. One year after the birth of a new Kestina, RedEye kills the parent, simultaneously for its own personal enjoyment and to limit the bloodline to only have a single person carry it at a time.

In actuality, the Kestinas that RedEye has placed under its control represent only a small portion of Gaugau's blood relatives, and it is only the Dark Lord's simplistic way of thinking that has caused it to believe otherwise. By the time of the LP era, so many distant descendants of Gaugau exist that RedEye's dependence on the Kestinas to live has essentially become entirely psychological, to the point where merely deceiving it to believe that the family has been wiped out is enough to get it to stop functioning.


RedEye is able to channel its astounding magic through whatever it seizes control of.

An extraordinarily powerful magic-amplifying parasite, RedEye possesses the ability to attach itself to other things, both living and non-living, and gain full control over them. There is no known limit to what it is capable of dominating by using this power, with incredibly deadly creatures such as dragons, Toushin, and even the legendary monster Toppos falling under its thrall once it has embedded itself onto them, allowing it to freely harness their great strength for itself. In addition, RedEye also wields the fabled Magic Lv3 Skill Level, bestowing it with a truly terrifying innate potential for magic that makes it nearly peerless in the field. RedEye is able to channel this magical energy through the body of anything it manipulates and exponentially magnify its destructive power in the process, giving even an ordinary magic monster soldier the capacity to cast a fire blast spell with the same potency as zetton, the ultimate fire magic.

By capturing a sufficiently powerful object or organism, RedEye is easily capable of rivaling an Elite Dark Lord in sheer ability, and has accomplished several jaw-dropping feats in battle as a result. These achievements include matching the Supreme Dark Lord Hornet in a magical duel while possessing Toushin Gamma, repeatedly casting white and black destruction beams, two top-level magic spells, in rapid succession while possessing Anise Sawatari, and shattering the Dark Sword Chaos, one of the only weapons capable of harming Dark Lords, in two while possessing Toppos.

In contrast to its exceptional capabilities when manipulating another lifeform, RedEye is regarded as the weakest of all Dark Lords when left to its own devices. Despite having reached its impressive level cap of 160, giving it an excellent amount of offensive power, it is only able to utilize its outstanding magic when controlling the body of another, and is virtually helpless by itself. Its small size also makes it incredibly fragile, with even a single direct hit from a weapon capable of penetrating its invincibility field being enough to destroy it completely. It is nonetheless very agile and difficult to track because of its smallness, however, making it adept at fleeing to safety or attaching itself to another object whenever it is knocked off of its current host body.

Along with its individual weakness, RedEye also has an additional shortcoming brought on by its man-made origins. In an attempt to curb its power, its creator Gaugau Kestina installed a command within its programming intended to make it deactivate in the event of his death. While RedEye was able to circumvent this directive somewhat and continue operating after Gaugau's death through its belief that traces of Gaugau's existence remained in the blood of his descendants, it is still reliant on the Kestinas to live, and will immediately stop working should the bloodline run out. The same logic that allowed RedEye to avoid dying alongside its master also serves as an exploitable flaw, as merely convincing it that the Kestinas have been completely wiped out is enough to get it to stop working, even when it is not truly the case.

RedEye is shown throughout its appearance in Kichikuou Rance to be even weaker than it is canonically presented to be, as it is seemingly incapable of movement when not connected to Toushin Gamma. At the same time, its dependence on the Kestina lineage to live is also suggested to be more literal, as it spontaneously explodes after Rona, the last living Kestina, is killed even when it is in a completely different location from her and has no way of knowing about her death.


  • An item known as the "RedEye Ring" appears as an equippable item in the Alicesoft game Kaeru nyo Panyo~n. When equipped, it increases the wearer's magic strength by a value of 15; the second-highest of any item in the game. Notably, the one item that increases magic further is named the "Hornet Ring" in reference to the Dark Lord of the same name, possibly as a nod to the one-sided grudge RedEye has against her.
  • RedEye is the only invading Dark Lord in Rance X that isn't featured in the opening sequence of the game, and as such is the only one that does not receive a special title during it. According to Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, this was a deliberate choice done to make its appearance come as more of a surprise.
  • RedEye's name is possibly derived from the Japanese cocktail drink of the same name, which combines beer with tomato juice in a similar fashion to how RedEye combines the powers of other creatures with its own.
  • RedEye's distinct manner of speaking consists of inserting English words alongside standard Japanese, causing all of its sentences to sound disjointed and strange. The English translation of Kichikuou Rance adapts this style by leaving the English words used in the original script unchanged and rendered in all capital letters, maintaining the Dark Lord's peculiar way of structuring its sentences.
  • RedEye's catchphrase "MAKE DRAMA" is directly lifted from a phrase coined by Shigeo Nagashima, who served as the manager of the professional Japanese baseball team the Yomiuri Giants in the 1990s. In its original context, "MAKE DRAMA" referred to the Giants making a miraculous comeback during the final inning of a game they had been losing handily that allowed them to emerge victorious. The phrase became very popular in Japan across the decade, even getting voted the country's most popular buzzword in 1996, the year of Kichikuou Rance's release. Notably, every battle that RedEye takes part in throughout Rance X provides an example of the phrase's original meaning, with the Dark Lord nearly succeeding in defeating the heroes before being stopped at the last minute by the sudden intervention of a third party. RedEye also refers to Toushin Zeta as a "pinch hitter" during its final battle, furthering the allusion to baseball.
  • RedEye is the only Dark Lord that appears in the first part of Rance X to not place in the top 50 of either the "Females" or "Males" category of the Rance X Popularity Poll.
  • Both RedEye and Kesselring were considered as candidates to serve as the final boss of Rance Quest at various points throughout its development, but for unknown reasons were ultimately not chosen.
  • In a Twitter Q&A, Orion revealed that there were plans to have RedEye possess a "High Dragon" in addition to Anise and Toppos during its appearance in Rance X. As development went on, however, it became clear that there was nowhere within the scenario for this event to occur, causing it to get cut from the final game.
  • RedEye is the only Dark Lord to have originally been an artificial creation rather than an organic one.
  • RedEye is the only Dark Lord known to have reached its level cap.
  • Despite being a gemstone, RedEye contemplates transforming Biscuitta Burns into its Apostle, a process that requires a Dark Lord to share their blood with another creature. Whether this is meant to imply that it somehow possesses blood, has another means of converting an individual into its Apostle, or is simply too unintelligent to recognize its inability to create Apostles, is unknown.
  • RedEye has the largest number of potential means through which it can be defeated of any Dark Lord featured in Kichikuou Rance.
  • Due to the unique nature of its appearances, RedEye is the only Dark Lord that the player is required to defeat in Rance X to complete the game, as well as the only Dark Lord other than Kayblis that is required to be defeated to obtain an A-rank ending.