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Rance X: Part 2 is an additional scenario featured in Rance X: Showdown that is unlocked after several requirements are fulfilled in the base game. Set 15 years after the end of the main game, the campaign serves as both an entirely new story and as an epilogue for the Rance Series, expanding upon the future of The Continent and Rance's adventures across it.

Rather than Rance himself, Rance X: Part 2 follows El Mofus, the child of Rance and Crook Mofus, on their journey to unite Rance's other children in order to defeat their father. El is a silent protagonist whose appearance, dialogue and, on additional playthroughs, gender can be chosen by the player. To accommodate this change, the game's narration style changes from being in the third person to the second person, directly addressing the player as if they themselves were El, something never done in the series prior.

While Rance X: Part 2 utilizes the same gameplay mechanics and interface as the game's first part, it does not feature any of the global strategy sections, instead taking place largely in the quest phase. At the end of every turn, the player is placed into a "friendship phase", wherein they are able to bond with one of their party members in order to learn more about them. There are also significantly fewer character cards at the player's disposal to reinforce each faction, making strengthening individual characters as much as possible the key to success. Overall, it is a substantially more straightforward and linear experience than the first part, though one that still contains a very high number of events.


15 years ago, Humanity was saved from the brink of destruction by a single incredible warrior. Against seemingly impossible odds, this man united the nations of the Human Realm to victory against the forces of the Monster Realm in an event that would come to be remembered as the 2nd Dark Lord War.

Following the end of the war, the man chose to take on the burden of becoming the Demon King, ruler of all Monsterkind, in order ensure that humanity would remain safe from harm. Commanding the monsters to retreat from the human territories, the warrior disappeared from the public eye. While many were saddened by his absence, the world appeared to have achieved peace for the first time in centuries, and the man was viewed as a hero for his actions.


The Demon King's blood, which now flowed through the man, began to fill him with an unquenchable desire to bring ruin to humanity. While he used all of his power to suppress this urge, he could not completely control it, driving him to cause destruction to the very same nations and people that he had previously protected.

Once celebrated as a savior, the man was branded the enemy of all mankind. The few who continued to support him were declared heretics, and the nations that they controlled traitors to the human race.

The peace that the man had created was thoroughly shattered.

The world was once again thrown into a state of chaos.

Years later, in February of RA0015, El Mofus, one of the man's many children, celebrates their 13th birthday. On this day, they are given a quest by their beloved mother:

Gather their brothers and sisters scattered across the Continent together and defeat their father.

Demon King Rance.



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