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Basic knowledge and basic strategy[]

  • For all Dark lords, you need Rance or Kentarou to break their invincibility field first.
  • Double Suppression means "To defeat 2 Darklords in 1 Turn".
  • Double Suppression is not recommend for your first playthrough (But you can challenge some...). If you think it is too difficult, just go with "Normal Clear" for each boss in your first playthrough.
  • Most bosses starts battle with locked resistance buff that reduces their dmg taken (for example 20% physical and 20% magical dmg resistance) - you can dispel it only with armor breaking skill like Kibako's 3AP 装甲破壊パンチ.
  • If you have any problems with bosses' difficulty or their too high HP, just go with Basic Strategy. Work with every bosses except Galtia (Immune to Poison) and some bosses with high resistance. For Kayblis, he immune to sleep, but poison and curse still work. For Warg, you will be the one who sleep... zzz...
    • Basic Strategy = POISON + CURSE + SLEEP + [STOP and/or HEAL and/or DEFENSE]
      1. POISON = Kouhime and then poison x2 with Papaya (Optional)
      2. CURSE = Pastel Kalar, Vivid
      3. SLEEP = Elenoa, Senhime, Warg (Sleep is optional but very helpful)
      4. STOP = Shuriken by Kanami, Orime, Kiku, Dark Heron. Strip by Unique Cream. Atalanta barrier (Melee only) by Atalanta. Magic barrier by Crook. Assassin double by Dark Heron.
      5. HEAL = Temple knight, Kibako, Kimchi, Wenlina, Pope Crook, Copandon & other healers.
      6. DEFENSE = Physical attack defense by Cordoba, Patton. Magic defense by Rizna.
        • After bosses' HP is reduced to an appropriate amount, change members and take care of the rest. Poison will not kill the boss since it reduces HP by percentage and becomes less and less effective as the HP is reduced.


Darklord Silky[]

  1. Normal Clear : Just beware her 6 combo attacks. Guard by using Cordoba, or have Sachiko in the party will help. Or just use guard before being attacked.
  2. Double Suppression :
    • 8 rounds limit, HP=700. She does not take any damage less than 200k. Starts with an armor which reduces 50% damage.
    • The HP doesn't change based on difficulty level.
    • It's recommended to challenge in the mid-late game (T7~) and you should well prepared.
    • There are 2 ways.

      -Rance 10- Silky 8R Cleared

      • First method (recommended) : Break the armor first and keep attacking with 200k dmg or above. In order to break Silky's armor, choose between teams of Kibako & Uspira and Poron & Kabachahn. Increase your damage by using Kenshin, Bezeleye and combo by using 0AP attackers. After armor break, using 2-times attackers such as Ghandi, Saias, Sill F-Laser can help you breach the 200k limit. However, it will be very easy if you have the Rei & Mary combo.

        Kibako to break the armor.

      • Second method : Match the attack timing with weakness (Light or Fire), and achieve > 400k dmg without breaking the armor. Use Kentaro, Ghandi, Sill and use Nunuhara to always show the weakness.
      • A somewhat easy way to do this earlier in the game is to build a big monster army in the Kesselring's castle, as described in the gameplay tips on the walkthrough page and train a Hanni monster(easy to stack 10 red ones which will give them +100% stats) to a 40+ level so that it would have 200k+ atk(you need a set of 200 card for the x8 stat multiplyer, too, though), have physical damage boost(+30%) squad bonus, the AP recovery bonus and ideally 3+ 0AP attackers(but 2 is sometimes enough with lucky rolls), preferably Rick and lv55 Rance card with two of those attacks, then after 2-3 0AP attacks the Hanni's x1.5 attack will go through the armor(and it's somewhat useful that it doesn't miss) and you will be able to repeat it next turn and most other turns. This will usually get Silky defeated just in time, but stacking some double attack chance(連撃発生率) bonuses will further increase your chances.

        ランス10 魔人シルキィ戦(フルスペック)

  • For both methods, you can use any characters who can call support for combo such as Keselring or Galtia. For AP recovery, Amadeus also helps.

*REMARK* You will get Silky after defeating her. (Both Normal and Double suppression)

Darklord La Hawzel[]

  1. Normal Clear : Hawzel will not start with "Flying" and also not use magic attack. Just defeat her normally.
  2. Double Suppression :
    • 8 Rounds, Start with "Flying", Heavy atk at round 3 and 6, Immune to fire.
    • Recommend to challenge in very early of the game (T2 / T3), or else her HP will go too high to take down.
    • First step : bring her down by 1.) Use LV45 Rance "Throwing Chaos" OR 2.) Use dispel without atk (Megawas or Sachiko will do) then follow by Rance
    • Combo damage matching with weakness (Dark or Ice), however you need to level-up them preparing for this.
      • Dark = Bezeleye, Rolex, Aegis, Rizna
      • Ice = Full, Io, Uspira, Arlcoate, Sill and other 0AP attackers.
        • Depend on each round, if Hawzel fly or heal too much, just reload.

*REMARK* You will get La Hawzel after defeat her. (Both normal and double suppression)

Darklord La Hawzel and La Saizel[]


-Rance 10- La Hawzel, La Saizel

  • Unlimited rounds, Start with Flying, Immune to fire and ice, heavy atk at round 3,6,9,12.
  • Easier than single La Hawzel in that there is no limit turn. Harder than her alone in that they will have higher HP and attack you with heavy attacks a lot and will have Fire AND Ice immunity. Don't try this in your first couple of playthroughs until you're beginning with 10 star and collecting lot of cards for all factions.
  • Hold and defense until pass turn 12. You can use poison or curse during these 12 turns. Or the easiest way is use Elenoa sleep (put them to sleep after poisoning as any kind of hit will wake them up.
    • If doing this, have someone like alternate Aegis who will prevent usual auto-attacks. Or else such hits will wake them up prematurely.

      ランス10 魔人姉妹戦(サイゼル&ハウゼル)

  • After turn 12, the attack will become softer which means you can do some damage along with healing.
  • Since their attacks are focused on fire and ice. Try to dispel "Burn" and "Freeze" statuses when you can. Or just use 0AP dispel of Ruberan, Calory or mob Kalar.
  • REMARK* You will get both La Hawzel and La Saizel after defeat them.

2nd Video for how to beat them on Hard Mode

Darklord Lexington[]

  • Lexington will come with two buffs (Apostle Juno and Atlanta) and will recast them time to time. These buffs will block melee and range attacks. Use Crane, Sachiko, Megawas to remove.
  • Lexington attack pattern is normal, nothing to be worried. If you want to evade her big attack, just use Shuriken or Magic barrier.
  • REMARK* You will get Lexington by Normal Clear (Leazas2) only. Double Suppression will result in her dead.
    • However, while Lexington's a cute character, Atlanta is more important if you want to make future boss fights easier. You need to beat Lexington on your first attempt to obtain Atlanta.


Darklord Babolat[]

  1. Normal Clear : Just not forget to dispel his "Acknowledge" status. You can use Magic's 1AP atk for this.
  2. Double Suppression : Babolat's foot?

    -Rance 10- Babolat 5R

    • 5 Rounds, No attack. Weakness = Lighting and Light
    • Recommend to clear as earliest as possible. (T2)
    • It is difficult to find Lighting / Light damage dealer within T2, therefore use your best damage dealer Full Kalar combo with other ice members which you can get along the way. (Sill, Arlcoate, Io and as much as 0AP attackers as possible).
      • Magic should at least be used as she's with you from the beginning.
      • Other recommended chars: Houjou Souun & Leila Grecni (lightning) and Shizuka & Crook (light). But first three are difficult to obtain so early.

        ランス10 魔人バボラの足?戦

    • Damage buff also help, Arlcoate, Bezeleye.

Here is the Video Guide for how to DS Babolat on HARD MODE.

Darklord Kesselring[]

  • Normal Clear (During daytime) : Only beware of KO one male character attack. He starts battle already cursed. Apart from this, after some time he is going to damage himself and doing nothing most of the time. Just defeat him as other normal battle.
    • There are two route branches in this path.
      • If taking the Perell route (Sheila Helman's maid), all maids but one will be available for joining after killing Kesselring. However you still won't be able to revive Kesselring (as it requires all eight maids).
        • The dead end fork before the final fight leads to game over.
      • If taking the left (refugees) route, no maids will become available after defeating Kesselring (but route is longer and you will have a few battles where you can get exp).
  • Double Suppression after Babora OR fight him at night :
    • Kesselring at night will have 2 phases.
      • Dark phase : Can be recovered by dispel (But will make Kesselring change to Mist phase). Poison can be hit during this phase.
        Kesselring Dark

        Kesselring Dark Phase

      • Mist phase : Resistance (Poison somehow cannot pierce through), Block big skill (Any skills that larger than 2-times), Resist to Magic atk 80%.
        Kesselring Mist

        Kesselring Mist Phase

    • Weakness = Light
    • Round 1 - Round 3 : KO one male character. If you want Rance to be saved, prepare Shuriken and Magic barrier (Kanami, Crook) or Assassin's body double (Dark Heron). Or lay a bait (Rocky...)
      • Using apostle Atlanta will evade all melee attacks and prevent KOs. Just watch out for the magic then.
      • At end of round 3, Kesselring Invincibility Field will be recovered, so you need to have Rance survive until here at least. This only happens once. Or use Kentaro + Nikkou.
      • After that, you can let Rance be KO'd and use only females instead, but that means less free attacks every turn.
      • This will be very long battle because it has to become defense game. During Dark phase, let start with poison and/or curse. During Mist phase, aim for defending and use 0AP attacker to do damage. Kesselring normally start his attack with 3-times skill, therefore you can block easily with Magic Barrier. Shuriken is also OK to stop his action but somewhat risky. And sometimes he will use continuous Magic attack, Rizna can handle this pattern. Moreover, Kesselring will often use healing, which you will want to stop by Shuriken (Depend on your luck). And you will need lot of healers in your roster for this kind of long battle. (Sill, Mi-Lordring, Kimchi)

        ランス10 魔人ケッセルリンク戦(フルスペック)

*REMARK* You have to defeat him at night for Kesselring 8 maids flag (All maids survive). After that, all 8 maids will appear in treasure chest for you to collect. And when you collect all 8 maids, there will be an event to get Female Kesselring at Base phase. Moreover, after you unlock this flag, starting from next playthrough, if you choose "All cards available", 8 maids will appear in the chest since T1 with very high drop rate.


Darklord Galtia[]

  1. Normal Clear :
    • Put Kouhime, and that's all. Her dango attack will not poison him but stun him instead. He will also not use his suck-in KO attack. Dango won't stun him if you choose to fight him immediately instead of giving him food - you need to stick to Rance's tactic (when on right route there is a boss fight, choose left event instead). Dango stun is not ideal as it only prevents one of his actions per turn so it's more like ninja shuriken with 100% chance of blocking one spell. He summons his 3 apostles as buff - and they easily can do more dmg than Galtia each turn, so when he uses triple buff try to block 2 of those with dango/ninjas and keep him on only one apostle or dispel it with character that can do that (for example Horus queen).
  2. Fair fight full spec :
    • Galtia will rapidly use "Eat-up" on player which is a debuff and can't be blocked with barriers or Atlanta/Juno. Need 2-3 Ninja with Shuriken to stop his actions all the time.
    • Or if you have lot of characters in your roster, just blunt through and keep attacking might work also.
    • This allows you to do double suppression but doesn't net you Galtia.
  3. Eating Contest :

ランス10 魔人ガルティア(大食い対決)

  • Should be cleared as earliest as possible(T2-T3). If you increase difficulties too much, even you have all Glutton characters, it will become impossible to clear.
    • 2 Duels, No attack. Just eat (well it's still "attack" though)...
    • There are only 2 types of attack. Eat (食べる) and Glutton (大食い). Glutton will deal more damage than Eat.
    • Equip BP for +30% Physical Atk. AP recover can helps you do one more Glutton with combo on Ro2 than when you not equip.
    • Characters with Glutton skills are as follow :
  • REMARK* You will only get Galtia by defeating him in Eating Contest.

Darklord Medusa[]

  • Normal Clear : Keep Sill in your parties. Alive until turn 15 (seems to increase if Sill herself is petrified?), or until Medusa's HP is reduced to 75%. Rance will then the rejoin with massive auto attacks every turn.
    • Keeping any other healers like Crook, Sel, Maris etc. active but without Sill will only cause an event that will down them.
    • If Sill is petrified, switch in another card of her and she'll be OK.
    • If you have Kentarou, you can use him instead of waiting for Rance. You will also need him to reduce Medusa's HP to 75% if you don't want to wait for 15 turns.

ランス10 魔人メディウサ戦(フルスペック)

  • Double Suppression after Galtia:
    • Heal yourself to full or near-full health in the mob battle right before Medusa as there are no healing points in between. Either use the mikos/Rance's maids or Wenlina if obtained.
    • Prepare for a rather difficult battle. Medusa's noticeable moves are physical attacks, F-Laser, set of debuffs (stun and fear), petrification.
    • MUST prepare at least 2 members who has status recovery (For stun, fear, stone). Best are 0AP recovery by Calory, Ruberan, mob Kalar.
      • Or one 0AP recovery and one healer with multiple cards (Sill, Mi-Lordring) is even better because when both get petrified at the same time, you can just swap the healer's card variant to make him/her available next turn and heal.
    • It is notable that if you have no bad status, Medusa will always go with a debuff remover / AP regen debuff pattern. Therefore if you keep recovering yourself, you will take less attack from her.
    • Also need to beware of her F-Laser, Rizna can take care of this.
    • Caesar with a 3 AP/ 3x damage can both exploit the fire weakness AND protect you against her physical attacks in one move and is a great choice.
    • You will need to heal time-to-time since it will become very long fight. Temple knight, R8 Sachiko, Kibako or Kimchi can help with your HP level.
      • But you should be using Rizna instead of Kimchi.
      • Wenlina if available is a great choice for heavy healing, but Rizna and Caesar together will protect you from much more damage than Kimchi and Wenlina can heal you for. Wenlina is best used to heal up in the battle before.
    • She clears debuffs from here pretty often so you probably won't be able to hit her with curse, so don't bother. She still can be poisoned effectively for 2-3 turns if you poison her right after her recovery skill pattern.
    • Remaining spaces can filled by 0AP attackers.
    • She dispel buffs from you rarely - only with her special ("!") bow attack so you can try stacking some buffs like Pigu's combo but be aware that after some time she will probably dispel it eventually. And that attack is usually not first on her turn so you can't block it with barrier.

IMPORTANT: Double suppression is the only way to obtain King Gandhi and his two followers. It is also the only way to Kill Medusa and later liberate Zeth without permanently removing Rizna from the rest of the game.

Free Cities[]

Darklord Lei[]

  1. Normal Clear (All vs One)
    • Nothing special. Defeat him normally. He still counters melee though.
  • REMARK* You will get Ray and/or Mary only this way, from rare treasure chest after battle.
  1. Normal Clear (One vs One)
    • (Recommended) Use the LV45 Rance and change BP bonuses accordingly.
    • (Not recommended) If you did not obtain LV45 Rance, there still a way. Use BP for Hanny Zippo, +AT30% and Boost. Then keep attacking and being countered until your HP is remaining around 20% or something. Keep guarding with AP until Boost/critical comes and go for Rance attack. Doing the same after being revived by Zippo.
  • REMARK* You will not get Lei by defeating him One vs One. But you will get the "Ray man-on-man" achievement instead. (レイタイマン) Do this in your early runs because he'll otherwise be needed in high-difficulty endings.
  1. Double Suppression (Ray at Half HP) (Recommended)
    • No Invincibility Field or Lei's Counterattack (Except Ranged) Doesn't seem to counter ranged attacks either?
    • 4 Rounds to kill.
    • In some turns he does not attack but buffs up with Defense so bring a Debuffer. Or just skip turn that he defenses. His attacks are really weak so don't bother with any defensive options.
    • Weakness = Ice, Light
    • Since ice characters can be gathered easier, challenge him by ice members team leading by Full, Io, Sill.
    • Ria Leazas can be devastating if you use her in conjunction with +30% physical and/or Bezeleye physical boost. Hold out for the first turn with just 0 AP attacks and attack when the ice weakness shows up.
      • Reload if that doesn't happen in the 2nd turn.
    • Remaining can be Bezeleye buff and 0AP attackers for combo.
  2. Double Suppression (Ray at Full condition) (Very hard)
    • Starts off with Invincibility Field, and Ray's melee counterattack which cannot be removed.
    • 8 Rounds to kill.

*REMARK* You will not get Lei if doing Double Suppression.

Darklord Pi-R[]

  1. Normal Clear (With Root Ari)
  2. Double Suppression after Ray
    • Battle seems exactly the same as the one in Pi-R's Normal Clear mission. (Except for Root Buff)
    • Pi-R constantly buffs himself with Quadruple supports and doesn't hit very hard.
    • Bring Quadruple Debuffers like Oruore (the Lupin III ripoff) and Crane to almost trivialize the battle.

*REMARK* You will get Pi-R Robot or Root (and her H-scene) only by Normal Clear.

Other Darklords[]

Darklord Red-Eye[]

  • Red-Eye in Anise (First attempt)
    • 4 Rounds limit.
    • Some CP with Full Kalar can defear him(/her?) easily.
  • REMIND* Difficulty increase with only one rare treasure and you will not get Rizna.
  • Red-Eye in Anise (Second attempt)
    • No limit rounds.
    • Use Rizna for Magic defense and defeat him normally.
  • REMIND* You will get Rizna by this route.
  • Red-Eye in Toppos (First attempt)
    • 8 Rounds limit.
    • A lot of "KO" attacks. And high HP.
  • REMIND* Nothing special in defeating him in this attempt.
  • Red-Eye in Toppos (Second attempt)
    • No limit rounds.
    • During the first few turns, he will go with lot of "KO" attacks same as first attempt. Stop by Shuriken or Magic Barrier. Having Dark Heron as well helps a lot (she can do both shuriken and body double when needed).
    • After few turns, there will be an event that Toshin Zeta (Stop Red-eye action) and Patton (Attack) will support you. After another few turns, Red-eye will try to remove Zeta and Patton. Prevent this by add others buffs to reduce probability in Zeta / Patton been removed. Use Kesselring, Miracle, Pigu, Galtia, Shizuka, Nagi or other members with lot of buffs. And press one guard button before his dispel.

Darklord Kentarou[]

Buff Miki

Miki Buff (Full recovery to Kentarou when HP reduced to 50%)

  • Kentarou will start with buff "Miki" which will activate and full recover his HP when his HP reduced to 50%.
  • Normal Kentarou's action is only 1 attack per turn.
  • If you want to challenge OR do not want him to recover full HP.
    • You can remove his "Miki" buff. However this will make him turn to Berserk Mode.
    • Or you just used debuff "Anti-Recovery" (Ex: Shelia,..) to prevent Miki heal Kentarou and defeat him normally
      Kentarou Berserk Mode

      Kentarou Berserk Mode

  • Berserk Mode Kentarou's action is 3 consecutive attack or Kentarou slash (4-times dmg).
  • Either way, it is not that difficult unless you've been double killing dark lords a lot.

Darklord Warg[]


-Rance 10- Warg (Pattern 1)


-Rance 10- Warg (Pattern 2)

  • Only Rank 51 or above members can join.
  • High resistance (Poison and curse not work).
  • Weakness = Fire
  • Auto-cast sleep to players start from 50% chance and increase when she take off her clothes...
  • After sleep, Warg will buff herself and Lassie will do 3 heavy phsical atk with stun effect and 2 magic atk to player.
  • Sometimes she heals herself. (If she heals too much, reload...)
  • Usually she buff Defense3 to herself.
  • To defeat her, prepare BP for AP6>10, AP increase, +30% Atk are MUST. During your sleep, keep your AP and do massive combo and attack after wake up from her attack. Stun recover

    ランス10 魔人ワーグ戦

    is required. Defense3 dispel is required. Auto-attack or auto-heal or auto-support skill character will help.
  • Good characters for this battle :
    1. Main damage dealer : Hunty or Hornet or La Hawzel or Sill (with F-Laser) or Saias.
    2. Combo 0AP attackers : Fire units are prefer, Rick or Ghandi
    3. Dispel to take off her Defense3 : Sachiko, Arlcoate or others
    4. Stun recover or heal : Sill, Rubelan
    5. Physical attack guarder (Auto) : Sachiko, Silky (Little), Patton
    6. "Auto" characters : Kimchi for heal, Julia or Super-Julia or Silky for auto attack, Destra, Lia, Parsley, Root-Ari for auto-support.

*REMARK* You will get Warg from Base phase event.

  • After obtaining Warg's card once you can unlock Cessna Benville's third meal ticket event, unlocking the special Awakened Cessna to be obtainable on subsequent playthroughs.
    • Awakened Cessna makes the battle far easier, as it possesses a passive that makes the party immune to sleep. However, because Cessna needs to be deployed for this to take effect, you still need to take Cessna to rank 51+.

Darklord Masuzoe[]

  • His attacks are nothing special, he don't have anything besides low dmg hanny flash attack.
  • Just beware of his "Seal" attack which make your skills become "USED" (next turn all your skills costs 1 AP more, one-times are wasted). Therefore, skills with accumulative AP or One-Time-Use skills are quite not effective - or just use them at start/swap characters right after that debuff since he never use it 2 times in a row (I believe he uses it once per 3 turns).
  • Probably the biggest problem might be 30 turns limit to kill since seal attack will hinder your dmg output but you can just skip those turns and attack with combo using more AP next turn. He is also rather not that hard to curse/poison and in 30 turns you can do plenty of dmg with those alone.
  • And he is Hanny, actually he is not at least when it comes to resistance - you can hit him with magic without any problem (patch v1.04, maybe in older versions he was actually resistant).

Darklord Kayblis[]

It is recommended you get Shariela in Shangri-La for A Route. Otherwise prepare for quite a battle on Hard Mode. Here is a video guide for Hard Mode without Shariela. Good luck.


ランス10 魔人ケイブリス戦(魔物界大侵攻)

  • Other versions of Kayblis may be easier or harder depending on difficulty setting and Route. And where he is the demon king or not. For example last map of "from the sea" route and "from the sky" route is almost the same, but in "from the sky" you have to fight Mud Princess, Kayblis (he run away), Stroganoff and Kayblis (to kill) in a row and in "from the sky" you get full recovery after Stroganoff fight.
  • Having obtained apostle Atlanta from Lexington can make the hard battle much easier as using her buff just before Kayblis' chain of "Squirrel" attacks will prevent all of them. It evades all melee attacks.
    • Otherwise, keep in mind the following:
      • Use spare AP to defend when shuriken doesn't help.
      • Use shuriken all the time to protect yourself (Destined Girl Kanami helps a lot with her 90% stoppage).
      • Magic Barrier or Body Double will not help as Kayblis' terror aura will hit you upto twice in the beginning - it doesn't deal much damage but will nullify both your barriers and you'll eat Kayblis' main attacks. They are effective if you got medicine from Maereeta squad though - aura still can nullify them but activates very rarely.
      • Keep the Hanny Zippo equipped, it basically gives you +50% health after all (on death). This is the final battle of the run - there's nowhere else left to use it.
      • Keep Atago on as long as possible for the extra AP.
      • Remember that your team HP depends only on characters you start battle with. I were struggling to defeat Kayblis for 2 days and only managed to do that after I changed my starting team to characters with many Hp (Leveled Kanami Giant card, Hanny King and Hornet helped me a lot). As a fight will be probably pretty long it's probably more important to have long term survivability than advantage in first 2 turns.
      • In a fight when he starts with half hp he will heal himself once for 30% at a start of the battle. Have ninja at a start and try to cancel his heal - if it didn't work just restart battle, 30% is pretty big difference after all.
      • And of course keep poisoning him with Kouhime. Depending on his "version" curse may also be very effective - in some versions (for example when he starts with half hp - he only dispels debuffs once on a start) he will not dispel debuffs from himself at all. Keep in mind though that he have high resistance so he have big chance of not getting poisoned/cursed - but since he usually have many hp it's still worth to try to curse him at least 2 times and poison for the most of the battle.

Other Bosses[]

Ray Whale Boss in Sea Route


ランス10 海獣レイドボス


Kaiju Raid Boss[]

Japanese Officers[]

First-class Devil Neplacus[]

  • He uses very powerfull attack in first 2 turns, have someone with barrier at a start of a battle and use it on first 2 turns. It looks like magic attack but my Rizna didn't block it at all, so use barrier for that, not magic resistance.
  • He don't use that attack later, instead he have 3 turn patterns:
    • Two magic attacks - most common, those can be of any element (he will give you fire/ice/thunder debuff). It's nothing special but does some dmg. You can use Rizna to help you survive this battle.
    • Normal melee attack + special ranged attack - ranged attack will down one character from your team, since it's used after that melee attack you can't block this with barrier, you can try to block it with ninjas or just let him down few characters, you can probably win without blocking that.
    • Special debuff attack - gives you curse that kills you after 3 turns.
  • He seems to be not resistant do debuffs at all - curse and poison him all the time.
  • I believe he don't dispel your buffs so if you have some good long-term buffs feel free to use it.
  • You might want to always have someone with 0AP debuff heal. You will need it if he hits you with that special curse (or it's game over in 3 turns) and it's helpful in surviving as you can use it to dispel elemental debuffs from yourself.
  • He is weak to light.