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Important Deadlines (by the end of Turn) Edit

  • Ruberan and Merim Tser are killed by Babolat = Turn 3
  • Free City falls = Turn 5
    • Counter by Defeating Lei or add Military Gain during Turn 5-7
  • Alex gets killed = Turn 5
  • Miki gets killed by Kayblis = Turn 6
    • Counter by Finding Miki
  • Shangri-La is Conquered by Monster Army = Turn 7
    • Counter by Conquering Shangri-La
  • Tolstoy dies (Helman 2nd army commander) = Turn 7
  • Cordoba dies = Turn 6
    • Counter by not defeating any Dark Lords or add Military Gain.
  • Saving Hornet = Turn 7 (Turn 8 if on Route A)
  • Papaya and Nelson die = Turn 9 with Medusa still alive
  • Warg > Silky/La Hawzel > Satella get killed (Satella just disabled) = 30% Casualty Or Silky or La Hawzel/La Seizal
  • The Truth of God/Hero's Fulfillment endings = 50% Casualty before Turn 11 depending on Rance's current base.
  • Miki gets killed by Kayblis = End of Turn 14

Route Branches on Turn 8 Edit

  • Floating Castle (Route A)
    • None of the countries fall
    • Conquered Shangri-La
    • Win against Red Eye on Turn 8
  • Cliff Fort
    • None of the countries fall
    • Didn't conquer Shangri-La
    • Conquered Shangri-La but lost against Red Eye
    • 1 of the countries falls

Endings Edit

Floating Castle Edit

  • From the Sea (海から) (Ending A)
    • Choose 'Ship' path during 1st Extermination Mission in Free City. 'Tank' path also works; but requires doing Base Phase mission ランス船団 and picking 2nd choice between Turns 8 and 11.
    • Invade Monster World through sea on Turn 12
    • Be sure to pick the second operation phase quest instead of the first on turn 13.
  • From the Sky (空から) (Ending A)
    • Preparation mission on turn 11(浮遊するだけのランス城) "Rance Castle just floating" required
    • Two Disasters (2つの厄災) operation quest, pick Toppos route and follow the game
    • Need to start this Route no later than Turn 11 or Kayblis will kill Miki and become Demon King
    • Choose the "Mountain" choice in Operational Stage as the last mission.
  • Breakthrough (強行突破) (Ending A)
    • Kayblis retrieved Kamilla by not saving Zeth by Turn 5
    • Rescue Hornet (when entering the castle you have to defeat all 4 of the enemies in max 7 rounds in total - suggestion: 1st enemy 1st round kill, the rest 3 enemies 2 rounds kill each)
    • Recruit Hornet in base phase
    • 強行突破 Quest on Turn 10 only, you will fight all 2nd Majin if they aren't killed yet
  • Great Invasion of the Monster World (魔物界大侵攻) (Ending A)
    • Invade by the end of Turn 14
    • All 4 countries liberated
    • 1.000.000 troops (100万) across the map (there is a quest that give you 200.000 / phase as soon as you entered this Ending route)
    • Failing to meet these requirements will lead you towards Demon King Kayblis route
    • It is recommended to attempt this after completing other routes and getting certain achievements
    • You need to double suppress demons to get this route. Doing it "normally" would take too much time
    • When fighting Dark Lord Kayblis you have to kill him without decreasing your HP to half (or getting hit by Kayblis' HP halving attack?) or it will be game over (so no need to use Hanny Zippo)
  • I've defeated the Demon King though (魔王を倒したが) (Ending B)
    • Kill Demon King Kayblis at turn 6 if didn't find Miki; or
    • Kill Demon King Kayblis at turn 15 without achieving another ending's requirements
    • The easiest way to complete this is to avoid all the difficulty increases you can (the purple mist looking thing that usually come after beating a dark lord). Do demon suppression missions and then leave them just before the difficulty increase at the end to gain as much experience and cards as possible before turn 6. Along with CP boosts, Demon King Kayblis should be very easy.
  • Defeat (敗北) (Ending C)
    • Multiple ways to get this ending:
    • Select the wrong location to invade during "From Sea" route during a turn 13 quest.
    • Retire from the "From Sea" route final quest

Cliff Fort Edit

  • The Truth of God (神の真実) (Ending B)
    • 50% casualty
  • Underground Strategy (地底大作戦) (Ending B)
    • Keep playing and do important mission with Poppins and Cream
    • Assuming you do all of the Poppins related missions, the soonest you can achieve this ending is turn 12. (Note: If you lose a country during these missions, the game automatically kicks you to Japan route if before Turn 11 or to the Truth of God route assuming you still have 1-2 nations surviving.)


  • Time Capsule (タイムカプセル) (Ending B)
    • Do Siberia (Helman) mission when Kayblis comes to invade on turn 11
  • Demon King Miki (魔王美樹) (Ending B)
    • Intercept Kayblis invasion and kill him.
  • Hero's Fulfillment (勇者の成就) (Ending C)
    • 50% Casualty

Others Edit

  • Demon King from Another World (異界の魔王) (Ending B)
    • Miracle's Operation Mission, Steel Horror
  • The Collapse of Humanity (人類滅亡) (Ending C)
    • 4 countries get annihilated, not doing anything since the beginning of the game
    • You know if you got this if there is no battle with Demon King Kayblis
  • Demon King Kayblis (魔王ケイブリス) (Ending C)
    • Failed to kill Demon King Kayblis at turn 6 if didn't find Miki; or
    • Failed to kill Demon King Kayblis at turn 15 without achieving another ending's requirements

How to Unlock Part 2 Edit

  • Rescue Hornet
  • Liberate all countries
  • Defeat Kayblis on any Ending A
  • Go to Soul Administration through Poppins Tunnel mission
  • Don't let Crook use her pope wish by getting Wenlina by the time Arios come to kill you (Turn 8 at the earliest)
    • How to get Wenlina: Do Base Mission about 4 Holy Gal Monsters (might not needed *unconfirmed*) and do Preparation Mission on Leazas about finding Holy Gal Monster (NOT Chaos mission)
    • You can get Wenlina from ??? event in any mission if you are lucky
    • Very important: don't have sex with Wenlina because if you do, Wenlina will lose her power so she can't revive you when you get killed by Arios
    • It's possible to avoid the event where Arios kills you and get the achievement without getting Wenlina, but it's unlikely.
  • Can be done through multiple playthrough as long as it ends on an Ending A
  • Note: Doing Breakthrough end will net you 3 of the required achievement ( 5 if you did Poppins and Have Wenlina/Didn't get Arios'd )

CP (Clear Point) TipsEdit

You get 1 CP everytime you get a different Ending. It is advisable to collect as much CP as possible (at least 2 after your first run) before starting a New Game+ as CP gives you huge bonus.

Bonus that you should prioritize is 

  1. Two of "New cards get (+5) Star level upon acquiring" since it gives you massive boost to your overall party strength (since this also effects items)
  2. "Army Rank +1". Two of them should be enough since you will naturally increase your Army Rank along the way anyway and the more Army Rank you have, the usefulness will diminish since you will eventually run out of useful bonus to get
  3. As much "Battle EXP +50%" bonus as you want 
  4. Leftover "Army Rank +1" and "Battle EXP +50%"
  5. EXP gives you +1 Star level = trash. It's arguably useful for the end game, but you should be leveled up sufficiently by that point anyways.

And "All cards available" for card collection purpose whenever you feel like using it. Generally speaking, the new cards are more likely to be overpowered than useless, but there's still a good degree of luck involved. Note that the type of cards that are unlocked are based off what you have accomplished on previous runs.

Make sure to make a save file every Turn (or even better every Phase), so you can reload to any of them and progress to different Endings

Easy Bad Endings to get (see Endings section for detail)

  • The Collapse of Humanity (人類滅亡)
  • Demon King Kayblis (魔王ケイブリス)
  • Hero's Fulfillment (勇者の成就)
  • The Truth of God (神の真実)
  • Defeat (敗北)

And any 1 of Floating Castle/Fort route Endings (2 for JAPAN) if you are doing well enough to see the end of the route

Gameplay TipsEdit

  • Don't abandon any country, balance your Operation mission, don't do same country twice in a row.
    • Generally speaking, you want to kill the Dark Lord of the country with the greatest difference between monster and human troops and do the preparation mission for the country with the second greatest difference.
    • Operation mission difficulty from easiest to hardest = Leazas > Helman > Free City > Zeth.
    • But if killed 2 Dark Lords for one turn = Zeth > Free City > Leazas > Helman
      • If you're doing multiple one turns in a row, it's best to do them from hardest to easiest so the initial boost from the new game plus bonuses can help you muscle your way through the harder one turns.
  • Flying can always be debuffed so close ranged characters can attack. If the flying character has an invincibility field, debuffs that do not deal damage will still remove the flying status. It's unlikely, but some flying characters may rebuff their flying status occasionally, so be careful.
  • Rank up as many cards as possible since their levels matter for your party strength. Notable levels include 10, 20, and 40, since those are when cards gain an extra star and have a dramatic increase in stats. Another notable level is 80, but that's only likely to be reached during hard mode.
  • Try to get 200 cards as soon as you can and open the party managing window at non-battle time: there will be a short event and the total HP and ATK modifier will get from x5 to x8 (there will be another cow carriage item in the "Other" team)! Another one modifier x10 is at 400 cards which needs some work (e.g. get Rance VI Magic in wedding dress card 100% in Zeth 2nd Dark Lord extermination as that by equipping it can convert auto-battles into normal battles to get more cards).
  • All other things being equal, characters with variant cards will increase the overall stats of a faction more than those without whenever they level up.
  • Pay attention to elemental weakness, use cards that give you elemental advantage (it's on your map screen) and do all-out combo attack when the enemy shows elemental weakness for bonus damage
  • If you absolutely need to inflict a status condition or intercept an attack on the first turn of a battle, save scumming from a file right before the battle works. It does not work if you're trying to make sure a chest's contents are different however.
    • Many timed battles can be cheesed using an assassination character like Katyusha. Again, this can be save scummed.
  • Be sure to always get the 2nd Chaos sword in the preparation missions. The enemy after the general miniboss is never that hard, and in the worst case scenario, you can simply try to tank all of the damage until the turn limit is up.
  • Try to do the finding Miki and Shangri-la missions as soon as possible. The former gets you Kentarou, a very useful unit that can also break invincibility fields, and the latter will make it harder for the other countries to survive the longer you put it off.
    • During the Shangri-La mission make sure to pick the Shariela H route. She will join much later into the game and is an extremely useful character. This is especially important if you're aiming for an Ending A on a 0 CP playthrough.
    • On the other hand if you pick the option to bully Kaybnyan you will unlock them as supports and they will allow you to pick up to two red chests that will contain two unique weapons for Rance, the second chest requires having Merim alive
  • During the Pi-R extermination mission, there is a giant mechanical hand miniboss that only buffs itself with reinforcements and does not attack normally. After being debuffed 5 times with a character like Crane, it will stop trying to rebuff itself and will only heal when its HP reaches the halfway mark. If you are persistent enough, you can rank up all of your characters to level thirty using Willis or level 45 if you have the best version of her.
  • I've defeated the Demon King (魔王を倒したが) can be achieved by repeatedly leveling up characters without raising game difficulty by abandoning the quest right before the difficulty up square, then facing Demon King Kayblis on Turn 6 by not choosing to save Miki.
  • Requirements to H Miki:
    • defeat Warg on turn 9 and then recruit her in base phase
    • on turn 10 preparation phase
  • Bonus on a rare item when you turn off or turn on before fight, gives a different variation of awards
  • Always try to get as much exp as possible from any fight. Cumulative exp counts for meal tickets, so always aim for exp bonus from finishing within 3 turns and killing in one turn. Note that one turn kill doesn't require doing it on the first turn, you need to finish the same turn you started damaging opponent, you can use non-damaging skills like buffs or thieving or increase AP for a big combo on 3rd turn.
  • When fighting against dragons they can use breath attack that deals half of your hp damage. But their skill has a requirement - combo 3 or less, which means if you do at least 4 attacks the same turn you see them going for breath you will not take any damage at all. Some Leazas cards have attacks that add bonus to combo counter.
  • Watch your HP on Hard mode or if you are playing a New Game without CP. If your HP is too low you will get killed off in random battles. This means you can win a regular battle but with low HP and you will still lose when you hit a random battle before healing. You cannot heal outside normal battles/rest points/special events.
  • Useful characters to have: Non-attack Dispels (which you use for Dark Lords that fly like La Hawzel first fight)-

- Megawas, one of the other Horus you start with in the Horus ship

- Miracle Tou (you will always recruit her when you do Free Cities). Miracle's Dispel will target Magic buffs and will even clear locked Magic buffs

- Crane has a 2 AP dispel that removes 4 buffs

- Orure also has 2 AP dispel that removes 4 buffs

  • Numerous characters have attack-based dispels including-

- Arlcoate -

Magic -

Sakura Kalar has the same ability as Magic -

Reset Kalar has a 2 AP attack that dispels 1 buff and cures 1 debuff -

Uruza has a 2AP attack that dispels 2 buffs -

Poron Chao/Kibako has a 3 AP attack that targets Armor buffs (even locked)

Kasumi K. Kasumi has a dispel that targets Fortification buffs (even locked)

Noah has a dispel that targets Storm buffs (even locked)

  • Some other characters you should have-

- Shiela's normal attack has a 60% chance of debuffing Heal Seal, which stops enemies from healing themselves. That's a rare ability

- Crook's 2 AP ability creates a magic Barrier that completely absorbs the next physical or magical attack, which is one of the most useful abilities against bosses

- Marina Curry's ability creates meal tickets. It's useful although getting new characters is even more useful

- Eleanor Ran has a sleep spell that if it works, causes enemies (even bosses) to skip their entire turn until they get attacked or the sleep wears off, which is crazy powerful

- You've probably figured out that the ninjas (Kanami, Kiku, Freya and Dark Heron) have attack cancel like they do in previous Rance games. In fact if you've played through RQ/ RQM, most characters have abilities similar to their RQM abilities

- Maria has a once per rest buff that leaves a permanent castle fortification which reduces physical damage by 20%. It's very useful against bosses

- Kouhime's attack (dango attack) poisons enemies, and is a very effective way of damaging high hp bosses

- Merim and Ruberan Tser are both very useful if you saved them (in fact basically all of the common Helman characters are useful). Merim has a 0 AP small heal, and Ruberan can cure debuffs for 0 AP. Merim is also required to get you access to the treasure room at AL church and the 2nd treasure for the Kayblis Apostle path.

- Rocky and Anasel have enemy target priority (like Merim in RQ) so they are also very useful

- If you get Crook's 2nd card in base phase, later on you can get her 3rd card (Pope) which actually is one of the best heals in the game

- If you are lucky enough to find them in chests, make sure you take Atago and Pleupet. Atago's ability gives you +1 AP every other round (crazy) and Pleupet lets you find more rare cards from chests -Ian (Leazas Civilian) Has a one time skill gives you 3 AP!

How to Get Notable Characters/CardsEdit

  • La Saizel 
    • Defeat both La Saizel and La Hawzel together on 1st Leazas mission. You will get both characters and their (short-version) of  their H CG by doing their Base Event OR
    • Defeat La Hauzel alone and see two of La Saizel's ??? events on any mission on later Turns (10+). New Base Event will appear and you can get (long-version) of their H CG. Make sure the casualty is below 30%, so Arios won't come to kill her, preventing you from getting La Saizel's events
  • Nimitz Leak
    • In Leazas 2, be sure to defeat Atlanta and Juno within the 8 turn time limit. Do not kill Lexington in the 1st fight.
  • Galtia
    • You need to defeat him in both consecutive food eating contests in Zeth 1.
    • This is easiest on turn 2 as the difficulty up squares affect the "HP" of the feast. (Not possible on Hard Mode, the food HP is too high, scaling with difficulty, and you won't be able to do enough "damage" at Turns 1-4)
    • It's recommended to have at least 5 big eaters in your party. The usable ones are Kenshin, Biscutta, Kibako, Caloria, Desutora, Orime, Patton, Cordoba, and Terra (Horus Queen). They do "extra damage" to the feast. If you have less, you can grind up the ones you do have with the help of New Game plus bonuses to have a chance of winning.
  • (Female) Kesselring
    • Defeat Kesselring by one-turning Helman, collect every single one of her maids (8 of them) and do Base Event mission about reviving Kesselring OR
    • On Helman 2, go on the other route where you fight Kesselring early. OR
    • With New Game+ "all cards" bonus, his maids have extremely high drop rate since the beginning of the game. You can collect all of them and get Kesselring very early in the game
  • Warg
    • She will appear on random country on Turn 9 at the earliest only if you are doing very well with your game by one-turning at least 3 countries (1 country in version 1.01-1.02). Having only 2 dark lords in different countries left on Turn 9 also seems to make Warg appear.
    • To fight Warg, only characters with at least 51 Star level can fight her. Every other characters below Star level of 51 will be unable to participate in fight, so be prepared.
      • NOTE: Rance must be level 51 even if he doesn't participate or the quest fails!
    • Do her Base Event to officially get her card after that
    • Note that to get a special scene, you have to beat Warg by turn 9.
  • Pope Crook
    • Do her Base Event mission before doing AL Church Preparation phase mission (Turn 5)
  • Wenlina & Serachrolas
    • Preparation mission in Leazas (Wenlina) and Helman (Serachrolas)
    • Can also be gotten on a random ??? square. The chances of encountering one of the two seems to be higher if Bezeleye if in the party.
  • Adult form of Holy Gal Monsters
    • Have the child form of the gal monster in your party during a battle where the EXP received ends in a 7. Interestingly enough, this works even if the battle is a yellow monster battle, and the gal monster technically isn't in the fight. This can also be done even if you have had sex with the adult form during the play through.
  • Toshin Sigma
    • Do Helman's Operation mission that visits Toshin City ruin
  • Nude cards
    • Nude cards will only drop after obtaining their non-nude version
    • There is a rank requirement for a non-nude card you need to reach to have a chance at first time nude card drop. Most cards require rank 40 but some more difficult ones like Rizna require rank 80. This is shown on rank up bonus screen as 全裸力ード 取得可能. Once you get the card it can drop on subsequent plays even at rank 0. There are few exceptions though, some nude cards have additional requirements and the system might be buggy (1.01 patch fixes some of the issues).
    • Base Event "裸・裸・裸” has a chest with only naked cards although the card pool variation that you can get seems to be quite low. However this quest has a very low priority and will not show up if all 9 quest slots are filled with other base quests.
    • The chances of finding a nude card may be affected by how many meal ticket scenes you have unlocked for a character (usually 1-2 meal tickets)
    • (unconfirmed)Some cards can only be dropped after watching their meal ticket scenes
      • 2nd scene
        • Sarutoan (サルトアン)
      • 3rd scene
        • (Female) Kesselring
        • Parsley
  • Gandhi, Kaoru, Wichita
    • Defeat Galtia by Eating Contest or Fair fight full spec, and continue to defeat Medusa.
    • They may drop randomly before this, but they will become unusable if you start Zeth 2.

How to Get Missable CGsEdit

  • Agireda : One meal ticket to her, and base event of her will be appeared.
  • La Saizel and La Hawsel 3P Full scene (Both sides) :
    • After clear twin crush at Leazas Dark Lord 1, do not forget to view in CG mode OR
    • View ??? events or La Saizel 2 times after get La Hawsel, then select La Saizel Base event.
  • Young Katyusha Bosch (CG 16 on page 1): Choose to H with Katyusha (between her and Cecil) and later interrogate her on Free Cities Dark Lord 1 (in the tent). Have adult Seracholas when you do Free Cities Dark Lord 2 and later there will be a branch, pick the top option.

(somebody please do this, I'm too lazy and already forgot most of it)

How to get Tiny Reach items and AchievementEdit

First you need to capture a gal monsters whose name starts with 絶魔物. An easy way to recognize them before combat is that their HP is way higher than normal gal monsters. Once you have one 絶魔物 gal monster you need to do the 女の子モンスター脱がす Base phase quest.  This gives you an H-scene and an item card. And then you need to repeat this 5 times, getting items Tiny Reach A, B, C, D and E in order.
If you have more than one 絶魔物 gal monster you will get all their H-scenes, but only one Tiny Reach, and to activate the quest again you'll need to capture another 絶魔物 gal monster. There's a total of 10 絶魔物 gal monsters in the game.
If you clear the game after getting Tiny Reach E, you'll unlock an achievement that gives an increased chance to find higher rarity cards in treasure boxes, although in my experience the effect is noticeable weaker than the Unit Bonus with the same effect.

Treasure chest RNG manipulationEdit

If after a battle you don't get the treasure drop you can reload and redo the battle until you get it. Of course a higher treasure drop rate helps a lot.

As for the contents of the treasure chest, at first glance it seems to be fixed, since reloading does not change the cards. But there are ways to manipulate it.

The first (easy) method: Treasure content changes based on if you have the Unit Bonus that gives a higher chance for rare drops active or not. So, by reloading and re-battling with that bonus active or inactive you can get 2 different sets of treasure content.

The second method: Treasure content is determined at the end of the previous battle based on if you:

  • got the treasure (but choosed a different card)
  • didn't get the treasure,
  • didn't get the treasure but got a meal coupon,
  • have Richelle von do Kosusu as a leader of the Others faction.

Each of these results changes the next battle's treasure chest content. In combination with the first method you can get 6 different sets of card drops to pick from. This takes lot of time, so I don't recommend to use this method.

Some treasures have 1-3 fixed card drops than can't be manipulated in any way.

There is also a more chance to get item card at use skill from Heidi Pankrau, Peruelé Kalette, or with attack skill from Tiny Rance, Oruore the 3rd, nude Arms Arc. Meal coupon may get from skill of Martina Curry, Tillday Sharp or Varen (short brown-haired maid of Kesselring).

Treasures from weak enemy units (low enemy count) will have 2 cards inside, while treasures form usual enemy units will have 3. Players get to pick one of the presented cards to add to their collection.

Possessing any of the following gives an increased chance of finding rare cards inside treasures boxes: Character Pluepetto skill "Treasure Appraiser" ("宝物鑑定士") Unit Bonus "Rare Luck Upgrade" ("レア運強化") Item "Tiny Reach B" ("タイニリーチB") Achievement "Tiny Reach E" ("タイニリーチE")

For more information go to the part 3 section.

Meet with the Eternal Hero : Legendary Five Edit


Legendary Five

Target : Prepare phase event "Blessed with Wisdom of the Sage" (Limited only T9-T10, floating castle route only)

What you need to do?

  1. Get Kentarou as fast as you can by clear strategic phase, "Demon King Search" event. (Best is T4)
  2. Get Cafe from treasure chest. (Depend on your luck here)
  3. After 1., clear ??? event where Nikkou and Chaos have a conversation.
  4. After 3., clear base phase event "Holy Katana Nikkou" (<< Within T7-T8)
  5. After 2. And 4., clear base phase event "Hero British" (<< Within T8-T9). You need Cafe here.
  6. IMPORTANT : you need to clear slots of events in Prepare phase for "Blessed with Wisdom of the Sage" because this event is showing in the bottom. Therefore, most of the events should be clear before T9-T10, such as Guy Monster Dungeon, Gal Monster Dungeon, Practice in different world, Increase troops.

*REMARK* : You will not get Ho-Raga from the event. Only you will meet him and he will tell you about Kayblis's weakness and there will be a buff during your final boss battle.

Moreover, this is the only chance to get Mercy Jiuletta, sisters of Lucy and Earthy.

What you need to do?

  1. Clear Zeth1 as fast as you can.
  2. Find Lucy in any treasure drop. (Depend on your luck now)
  3. After get Lucy, find Earthy in ??? event.
  4. Must get Lucy and Earthy before enter "Blessed with Wisdom of the Sage". In the stage, there will be an option to turn and get Mercy if you clear above condition.