The Popularity Poll of the characters from Rance X hosted by Alicesoft. The poll allowed to vote for a single character in each male and female category and only characters with portraits in the game were accepted, which means that characters that only appear in CGs such as Elizabeth Des or that appear only in text like Starlevel the Great did not qualify (the sole exception being Meglass).

As the game features hundreds of characters it is the largest character pool Alicesoft has ever had in a poll, but the following list only shows up to the top 50 since it was the official list presented by Alicesoft.

Female CategoryEdit

Male CategoryEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The result announcements for both polls were hosted by the characters Nunuhara Cabbage and Nagata-kun.
  • Rance scored 6.6 times as many votes as Nagata-kun, the male category runner-up.