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Game Mechanics[]

Work in progress

(This will be a rough translation of the manual that comes with the game. I'm not proficient with wiki edition and english is not my main language, so feel free to add/edit/change things as needed.)

Standard Play Pattern[]

This game is not meant to be completed in a single run. The story can progress through different routes and has various endings depending on your actions during the game. The general flow of the game is:

  1. Start the game from the beginning
  2. Clear the game on any route (earning achievements in the process)
  3. Start once again (with new advantages, thanks to earned achievements) 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to eventually arrive at the true ending

Clear Points[]

Unlike typical RPGs with a new game+ feature, experience points are not carried over from one playthrough to the next. Even so, if you feel you're not progressing as you'd like, don't give up and start form the beginning. Keep playing until you get your first clear.

In this game you earn achievements for clearing the various routes. By getting these achievements, you'll earn CP (Clear Points) which can be spent on CP Bonuses (CPボーナス) that will help you on subsequent playthroughs.

You can check in-game achievements from the menu:

  • [MENU] → [コレクション] → [実績]
  • [MENU] → [Collection] → [Achievements]

Also, after you clear the game for the first time, the After Mode (アフターモード) and Combined Unit (統合部隊) options are unlocked in the main menu.

Game Flow[]

The game works on a turn-by-turn basis. Each turn is comprised of around two in-game weeks. This game begins in the beginning of October LP7 (Turn 1), and may go on as long as the end of May LP8 (turn 16). The maximum number of turns is 16.

Turns and Phases[]

Each turn consists of a number of phases, which occur in the following order.

  1. Turn Top Phase (ターントップフェイズ)
    • Automatic quests and events can trigger at this phase.
  2. Preparation Phase (準備フェイズ)
    • Choose and participate in one quest.
    • Usually small-scale quests that serve as warmups for the quests in the Operation Phase.
    • Quests may allow you to obtain Military Gains (戦果, represented by a Chaos icon), which contribute to the war to save humanity, as well as other rewards.
  3. Meal Ticket Phase (First) (食券使用フェイズ(1回目))
    • Meal Tickets (食券) are obtained as rewards, and are used to unlock character events, as well as to quickly level up underleveled characters.
    • If you have any Meal Tickets, they can be used at this point.
  4. Operation Phase (作戦フェイズ)
    • Choose and participate in one quest.
    • Usually important large scale quests. This is the main part of this game.
    • Operation Phase quests allow you to obtain much more Military Gains (戦果) than Preparation Phase quests.
  5. Meal Ticket Phase (Second) (食券使用フェイズ(2回目))
    • Meal Tickets may again be used at this point.
  6. Base Phase (拠点フェイズ)
    • Once the Operation Phase is over, Rance can choose to do something at the base of operations.
    • Base Phase quests are usually comprised of events and don't involve combat.
  7. Turn End Phase (First) (ターンエンドフェイズ(1回目)
    • Automatic quests and events can trigger at this phase.
    • Mainly about other human factions and characters.
  8. War Status Phase (戦況フェイズ)
    • Watch the war progress report of each region.
  9. Turn End Phase (Second) (ターンエンドフェイズ(2回目)
    • Automatic quests and events can trigger at this phase.
    • Mainly about the monster army and enemy characters.
  10. Hero Phase (勇者フェイズ)
    • Data on the world population, the human death toll, and the Hero that is watching it carefully.

Things that Rance Should Do[]

Although Rance really just wants to have sex with beautiful girls, these are the things that Rance has to do in order to win.

Protect Humanity From the Invading Monster Army[]

Leazas, Helman, Zeth, and the Free Cities are all simultaneously under attack. It's up to Rance's special Demon-Slaying Squad, an elite corps of humanity and its allies' finest, to help repel the invading monsters. Of course Rance can't be everywhere at the same time, so he must plan his strikes carefully. If all four countries fall to the invaders, humanity is finished.

Save (yet to be) Demon King Miki[]

Kurusu Miki is somewhere on the run, trying to avoid her transformation into the Demon King. She is in need of assistance. If nothing is done, and she awakens as Demon King Little Princess... that would spell the end for all mankind.

Stop Theoman the Hero[]

The Hero wields a sword called Escude. Its true power awakens gradually as humanity dies off.

When 30% of humanity is dead, Escude will gain the power to slay Demons. When 50% of humanity is dead, Escude will have the power to kill the Demon King.

The current Hero, Arios Theoman, after being abetted by Cola. is on a quest to obtain the power to slay the Demon King at any cost, oblivious to the true intention of Cola. The Hero declines to defend humanity against the Monster invasion, instead waiting for humanity's mortality rate to rise. Actually, he's not only waiting... he's even helping increase the death toll personally.

Of course Rance had to do something about this.

Reference Guide[]

From the menu you can access the reference guide where Nunuhara will teach you about the Rance series setting, characters, past events, etc.

[MENU] → [コレクション] → [図鑑]

[MENU] → [Collection] → [Picture Book]

Characters and Items[]

Pm06 1

Card Front; Card Back 1; Card Back 2

In this game, characters and items are represented by cards.

A collection of cards and card art may be found here. A table containing all card data may be found here. BOTH OF THESE LINKS CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Cards details[]

Character Name (キャラ名前)[]

Character (or item) card-specific name. Many characters have more than one card, but their various cards will still have different names. For example, Sill has a "Lv35 Sill" card, but also a naked variant called "Naked Sill".

Skills (スキル1、スキル2)[]

Each card has a maximum of 2 skills. Cards can have 0, 1 or 2 skills.

Attribute (属性)[]

Each character has one of the following attributes:

  • None (無)
  • Fire (炎)
  • Ice (氷)
  • Lightning (雷)
  • Light (光)
  • Darkness (闇)

Allegiance (所属)[]

Each character belongs to one of ten different factions:

Protagonist (主人公), Leazas (リーザス), Helman (ヘルマン), Zeth (ゼス), Free Cities (自由都市), Other (その他), JAPAN (JAPAN), Demihumans (亜人), Monsters (モンスター), or Gods & Demons (神魔).

★Rank (★ランク)[]

Represents the growth of the character. It's not the Level of the character, more like its combat proficiency.

Cumulative Rank (重ねランク)[]

Starts at zero and increases by one for each additional copy of the card acquired.


Health. Increases with ★Rank and Cumulative Rank.


Attack Power. Increases with ★Rank and Cumulative Rank.

Character Growth[]

Pm6 1b

There are three ways to make characters more powerful.

  • Increase their ★Rank
  • Increase their Cumulative Rank
  • Collect different card variations of the same character

Increasing ★Rank[]

★Rank goes up by obtaining experience points (the way it usually is for leveling up) in these ways:

  1. Participating in battle as a Leader
  2. Participating in an Automatic Battle
  3. Using a Meal Ticket on the character during one of the Meal Ticket Phases

Each ★Rank up gives the characters a small boost to it's HP and AT stats. At certain ★Rank ups the characters recives a big bonus to it's HP and AT stats and gains an aditional ★ as follows:

  • At ★Rank 10 the character becomes ★★Rank.
  • At ★Rank 20 the character becomes ★★★Rank.
  • At ★Rank 40 the character becomes ★★★★Rank.
  • At ★Rank 80 the character becomes ★★★★★Rank.

It's recommended to try and raise characters to at least ★★★Rank, as this may be a condition to unlock character variation cards for some characters as drops from treasure chests.

Note: The manual does not mention it, but at ★Rank 160 there is another rank denoted by a single large rainbow colored star.

Cumulative Rank[]

By obtaining extra copies of a card, it's Cumulative Rank increases. Each Cumulative Rank gives a 10% HP and AT bonus, maxing at rank 10 (100% bonus).

Note: Some cards are unique and it's impossible to obtain more copies, so there's no way to increase their Cumulative Rank.

Variant Cards[]

"Lv42 Rance", "Lv45 Rance" and "Lv55 Rance" are all different cards, even though they are the same character. Each version has a specific set of skills and its own HP and AT, and can be swapped in an out to adapt to different situations. However, ★Rank is a common stat to all versions of a character, so when a character's ★Rank goes up, all its variants become stronger at the same time.

This means that obtaining a new version of an already high ★Rank character can have a big impact on the total HP and AT numbers. The same goes for leveling up a character of which you have many variants.

2 diff team Elena

Also, if there are multiple variants of the same character in different factions in the active party, then the EXP obtained by that character will be much greater. For example, if Elena is present as a leader for both Zeth and Helman, she will get twice as much EXP as if she were only in one of those two slots. Examples of characters who have cards across different factions:

  • Elena Flower (Zeth, Helman)
  • Pigu Geliciam (Helman, Leazas, Zeth, Other, Protagonist): card variants require rank 40 and may require 1-2 meal tickets (unconfirmed) to drop. Might be the fastest character to level up if 5 cards of her are present?

Item Strengthening[]

Unlike characters, items cannot be faction leaders, and therefore items cannot gain experience and ★Rank up from battles.

At start of ng+, the 取得時★ランク+5 CP also affects items.

All items share the same ★Rank, and the way to raise it is to touch an Item Up (アイテムUP) symbol on the map during quests. Each Item Up raises the ★Rank of all items by one. Items obtained later will have their ★Rank already increased.

Also, there's a Unit Bonus that multiplies items ★Rank by 2. (e.g. If items ★Rank is 8, it becomes ★Rank 16 after while this bonus is selected.)


Pm06 1c

Skill Types[]

Pm06 1c 01


Pm06 1c 02


●Attack (Physical Attack): Basic damage-dealing melee and ranged attack skills.

Pm06 1c 03


●Magic (Magical Attack): Basic damage-dealing magic attack skills.

Pm06 1c 04


●Healing (Recovery Skills): Skills that have an effect on allies. Mainly healing and recovery.

Pm06 1c 05


●Support (Support Skills): Skills that have an effect on allies, but not healing. Mainly support effects.

Pm06 1c 06


●Interference: Skills that inflict some kind of effect on enemies, without dealing damage.

Pm06 1c 07


●Automatic: Skills that have an automatic activation and cannot be selected in battle.

Pm06 1c 08

Status UP

●Status Up: Skills that give a passive boost to unit stats and can not be selected in battle.

Skills Descriptors and Effects[]

  • 攻撃(nn倍): This skill does physical damage equal to nn times the user's AT value.
  • 魔法(nn倍): This skill does magical damage equal to nn times the user's AT value.
  • <nn%>: Skill base hit chance. If absent, its base hit chance is 100%. If an attack fails to hit, "MISS" will appear on screen.
  • (遠隔): Ranged attack. Can hit far-away enemies, but has reduced attack power in small areas.
  • 必中: Sure Hit. Final hit chance set at 100%. Some effects have priority over this, like melee attacks against enemies with the Flying buff which will always miss.
  • 命中率+nn%: +nn% accuracy bonus.

Final hit chance = base hit chance - enemy's evasion stat + accuracy bonus

Base hit chance for skills is 100% unless stated otherwise.

  • n連撃: Consecutive attack. Skill activates n number of times. Special effects can only apply once and won't stack.
  • ▼呪い nn% (Curse): Causes the target to be Cursed for three turns. A Curse has no effect when applied, but if the Curse is allowed to go away on its own without being dispelled, it will inflict damage equal to 20% of the target's HP. If Curses are used repeatedly in the same battle, the number of rounds they take to wear off will increase. Will never reduce HP below 1.
  • ▼毒 nn% (Poison): Inflicts the Poison debuff, which deals damage each round for three turns. The damage dealt is a flat percentage of the enemy's HP. This means it is especially useful against enemies with a lot of HP or high defensive power. Will never reduce HP below 1.
  • ▼混乱 nn% (Confusion): Stuns the target. When used by the enemy on Rance's allies, may prevent a character from taking action for one turn. When used on the enemy, it may block a random action.
  • ▼弱体 nn% (Weak): Makes the target weak, decreasing damage dealt and increasing damage taken for 3 turns, by about 20%.
  • ▼暗闇 nn% (Darkness): Inflicts the Darkness debuff for three turns, which lowers the target's accuracy by 25%.
  • ▼睡眠 nn% (Sleep): Puts the target to sleep for three turns. A sleeping target cannot act at all, and has zero evasion, and all incoming attacks deal twice as much damage. However, a sleeping unit will wake up once it is hit by an attack. Poison and Curse damage does not wake sleeping units.
  • ▼反再生 nn% (Anti-Recovery): Inflicts a debuff that prevents all forms of HP recovery, including automatic recovery, until the effect wears off or is dispelled.
  • ▼燃え nn% (Burn): Burns the target, doubling damage taken by the target from any skill with the Fire attribute.
  • ▼凍え nn% (Freeze): Freezes the target, doubling damage taken by the target from any skill with the Ice attribute.
  • ▼感電 nn% (Shock): Shocks the target, doubling damage taken by the target from any skill with the Lightning attribute.

Skills with the above effects have an nn% chance to inflict that abnormal status condition. Reduced by targets' Debuff Resistance stat.

  • 対nnn 効果大: Super effective against nnn. Does 100% extra damage to a particular type of enemy. Examples: Bosses (ボス), Small Units (小数), Big armies (大軍), Hannies (ハニー), Monster soldiers (魔物兵), Plants (植物), etc.
  • 属性:n: Extra attribute. In addition to the leader's attribute, the skill also counts as having the given attribute: Fire (炎), Ice (氷), Lightning (雷), Light (光), or Darkness (闇). The skill is considered to have both attributes for enemy weakness purposes (extra 100% damage when attribute matches weakness).
  • ブースト: Boost. When the skill activates, Boost status is applied to another leader.
  • コンボ+n: Combo + n. Increases combo by an additional n number of hits.
  • 行動阻止 nn%: Interrupt action. Has an nn% chance to cancel a random action from the enemy's action queue.
  • 暗殺 nn%: Assassination. nn% chance to immediately annihilate the enemy.
  • 自爆: Self-destruct. Ally Unit receives damage at activation.
  • 支援配置 nnn: Support deploy. Activates a support effect for allies. No effect if there are already 7 supports active.
  • 敵支援をn排除: Remove support. Removes an n number of enemy's supports randomly. Some supports cannot be dispelled (these have a lock mark). Note that some supports with lock marks can be removed under special conditions.
  • 敵支援を排除 nnnも対象: Remove support including nnn. Removes enemy's support, can even remove a particular type (nnn) od locked supports. Examples: Storm (嵐), Defensive structure (防御施設), Magic (魔法)、Armor (重装甲), etc.
  • 異常をn消す: Cure n abnormal status conditions. Cures an n number of random debuffs on allies.
  • HPを回復: HP recovery. Recovers HP based on users's AT as follows:
    •   Small recovery (小回復): Around 50 % of leader's AT
    •   Medium recovery (中回復): Around 100 % of leader's AT
    •   Large recovery (大回復): Around 200 % of leader's AT
  •   HPをn%回復: %HP Recovery. Recovers a set percentage of Unit's max HP.
  •   APをn回復: AP recovery. Recovers an n number of Action Points.
  •   "(Ro*nn%): This skill's power is proportional to the current round number times nn% of the leader's AT.
  •   "スタンダウン 無効: Recovers target from Down or Stun conditions.
  •   "戦闘引き分け: Draw. Immediately ends the combat in a draw, as if the round limit was reached.
  •   "ランクUP(nn限): Randomly ★ranks up a character whose ★rank is below nn.
  • "ダウン発生時 優先的に自身が受ける": Down priority target. When any leader would be afflicted with down condition, the character with this skills takes it's place ad gets downed instead.
  • "AP累積: Incremental AP cost. Each time is used skill's AP cost rises by 1. cost goes back to initial only at recovery map symbol and quest end.
  • "1回制限: One use limit. This skill can only be used once. This use counter resets at recovery map symbols and at the end of quests.
  • "行動後=ダウン: Downed after use. Once this skill is used, user gets the Down status condition.
  • "条件 xxx: Requirement. Can only be used if certain xxx requirement is met. E.g.: Combo 0 ("コンボ0"), 5 or more nude characters ("全裸5以上"), enemy HP below 20% ("敵HP20%以下"), ineffective against bosses ("ボス以外"),  enemy HP ends in 7 ("敵HP下一桁7"), etc.

The following skills, known as Leader Deployment Effects (リーダー配置効果), give a passive bonus if character is deployed as a leader. Works similar to Supports with the same effects. ※Stat bonuses from Leader Deployment Effects do not stack. Only the best one counts for each stat.

  • 回避率 +20: Evasion +20.
  • 魔法レジスト +20: Magic Resistance +20%.
  • 物理レジスト +20: Physical Resistance +20%.
  • 物理倍率 +20: Physical Boost +20%.
  • 魔法倍率 +20: Magic Boost +20%.
  • 命中率 +20: Accuracy +20%.
  • 自動回復 +20: Automatic Healing +20%.
  • 戦闘後に魔物を捕獲する事かある: May capture monsters after battle.
  • nnn割り込み: nnn interruption. When a the character with this effect is deployed as leader, nnn character has a 50% to trigger an interruption attack on each round. This effect is treated separately from the usual interruption rate.
  • 通常戦闘を全て自動戦闘にする: Turns all normal battles into automatic battles. Excludes Boss battles.
  • 自動戦闘を全て通常戦闘にする: Turns all automatic battles into normal battles. Very useful for collecting cards, but only appears on Magic's Fated Girl card.
  • 敵弱点表示: Expose enemy weakness. Makes enemies always show which attribute they're weak to. Usual chance is 50% each round. No effect against enemies that have no weakness to begin with.
  • 割り込み 無効: Interrupt disabled.

Skills with 自動戦闘効果 (Automatic Battle Effect) take effect if the character with it gets chosen to participate in an auto battle.

  • 経験値2倍 ダメージ半減: EXP x 2 and Half Damage.
  • 経験値3倍 ダメージ無効: EXP x 3 and No Damage.

The Tactician (軍師) skill has a percentage chance to cause a support effect, which a percentage based boost to damage. In case of both parties having an active tactician effect, only the one with a higher level effect gets the bonus, relative to the difference in levels. Example:

  •   Ally: Tactician Effect 4 (Damage +40%)
  •   Enemy: Tactician Effect 1 (Damage +10%)

  In this case allies get a +30% damage bonus and enemies get no bonus at all.

  • 食券が出現: If this skill's support effect is active at the end of a winning battle, a Meal Ticket will be obtained. If a treasure chest is dropped, it will overwrite one of the cards and show up for selection instead.
  • 特別な品が出現: If this skill's support effect is active at the end of a winning battle, the special item that monster is holding (if it has one) will be obtained. If a treasure chest is dropped, it will overwrite one of the cards and show up for selection instead.
  • 捕獲対象が出現 / 敵捕獲中: Capture target. If this skill's support effect is active at the end of a winning battle, a monster's faction card of the defeated enemy monster will be obtained (only if it can become an ally). If a treasure chest is dropped, it will overwrite one of the cards and show up for selection instead. Gal monsters' cards can also be obtained this way.
  • 毒の効果UP: Poison Effect Up. Amplifies damage received from poison. Affects enemies and allies.
  • 部隊編成効果 ◆nnnn +n: Unit Formation Effect ◆nnnn + n. The ◆nnnn status gets a +n% bonus to a certain Unit Stat. This effect takes place if the card is in your collection. It's not necessary for it to be set as leader, but there must be a leader from the card's faction present.
    • Possible stats:  Physical Resistance (物理レジスト), Magical Resistance (魔法レジスト), Abnormal Status Resistance (異常状態レジスト), HP Amplification (HP倍率), Physical Amplification (物理倍率), Magic Amplification (魔法倍率), Automatic Battles Amplification (自動戦闘倍率), Critical Rate (必殺発生率), Consecutive Attack Rate (連撃発生率), Automatic Healing (自動回復), Interruption Rate (割り込み発生率), Extra EXP (EXP増加), Treasure Chest Drop Rate (宝箱発見率). (See Unit Stats section below)
  • 部隊編成効果 宝箱のレア率UP: Rare Treasure Rate Up. Increases the chance of finding rare cards inside treasure chests. This effect takes place if the card is in your collection. It's not necessary for it to be set as leader, but there must be a leader from the card's faction present.
  • 部隊編成効果 女の子Mを含む集団に 接触する確率UP: Chance To Find Gal Monsters Up. Increases the chance of making contact an enemy unit containing gal monsters. This effect takes place if the card is in your collection. It's not necessary for it to be set as leader, but there must be a leader from the card's faction present.
  • 部隊編成効果 お神籤運UP: Fortune Slip Rank Up. This skill effect increases Copandon's Fortune Slip ("お神籤") skill's effect by one level. This effect takes place if the card is in your collection. It's not necessary for it to be set as leader, but there must be a leader from the card's faction present. Possible Fortune Slip results by level:
    • Terrible Luck (大凶): 10% Damage to ally
    • Bad Luck (凶): Inflicts Down to one Leader
    • Little Luck (小吉): Recovers 5% HP
    • Medium Luck (中吉): Attack (Damage x1)
    • Great Luck (大吉): Attack (Damage x3)
    • Awesome Luck (超大吉): Attack (Damage x4), Combo 5
  • いつでも効果発動中 リーダーのATとHP n倍にする: Constant effect multiplies by n Leader's HP and AT. Does not require to be part of the formation.
  • ダウン x名: Down X. Gives Down status to x number of leaders. Only enemies have skills with this effect.
  • スタン xx%: Stun xx%. xx% chance to induce Stun status. Only enemies have skills with this effect..
  • AP消滅: AP vanish. Reduces current Action Points to 0. Only enemies have skills with this effect.
  • 攻撃を受けた時 反撃で攻撃す. Counter. When receiving damage from an attack, counters with 1/3 of that damage. Only enemies have skills with this effect.
  • ダメージnn以下は完全防御となる: Perfect defense for damage bellow nn. Nullifies all attacks that do less than nn damage. Only enemies have skills with this effect.

Unit Data[]

In this game, all of your units fight together as a team. Eventually, over 100 people will lend their power to the Demon-slaying Squad.

Unit formation[]

RanceX Unitformationscreen

The unit formation screen

One unit from each faction may be selected as a leader, and placed into one of up to seven leader slots (at the start of the game, you will only have access to four slots). Only one unit per faction may be a leader, and item cards cannot be placed here.

However, not only the selected leader will fight in combat. Rather, the entire faction will fight, under the leader's command. Therefore, a leader's combat stats can be calculated as follows:

  • Leader AT = (5 * Unit AT) + Total AT of Faction
  • Leader HP = (5 * Unit HP) + Total HP of Faction

Leader AT/HP can also be boosted directly by certain cards, such as the Luxury Cow Carriage (高級うし馬車), which has the skill "リーダー補正5" that multiplies Leader AT/HP by five.

Because every unit contributes to the stats of the Leaders and not just the Leader unit themselves, it's important to gather as many characters and items as possible, and level up a variety of characters.

Unit stats[]

RanceX UnitStatsScreen

The unit stats panel

On the right side of the unit formation screen, there is a panel describing the cumulative stats of the Demon-Slaying Squad. There are the two primary statistics:

  • Total HP (総合HP): The overall fighting strength of the army. This number is the sum of all active Leaders' HP.
  • Total AT (総合AT): The overall offensive power of the entire army. This value is not used in normal battles, but it is used to determine the army's attack power in auto battles.

The rest of the values are important positive modifiers. These bonuses are accumulated through acquiring cards that have skills which increase them - such skills are denoted with the "Status Up" icon (see Skill Types section above), and have the text "Unit Formation effect" (部隊編成効果) in them. Such skills add to these stats passively, even when the units that have them are not serving as Leaders. Therefore, it's important to acquire characters that have these skills even if they remain away from the front lines.

  • Physical Resistance (物理レジスト): Incoming physical damage is reduced by this percentage.
  • Magic Resistance (魔法レジスト): Incoming magical damage is reduced by this percentage.
  • Debuff Resistance (異常状態レジスト): When the enemy attempts to inflict an abnormal status effect, the likelihood of one occurring is reduced by this percentage.
  • HP Boost (HP倍率): Increases total HP by the given percentage. The number under Total HP (総合HP) at the top of the panel is the final value after applying this boost.
  • Physical Boost (物理倍率): Physical damage dealt is increased by this percentage.
  • Magic Boost (魔法倍率): Magic damage dealt is increased by this percentage.
  • Auto-Battle Boost (自動戦闘倍率): Damage dealt during auto battles is increased by this percentage.
  • Critical Boost (必殺発生率): At the start of a round, a leader may gain a special effect that causes their next attack to be a critical hit, which deals twice as much damage. This modifier increases the chance of such an effect appearing by the given percentage.
  • Multi-Hit Boost (連撃発生率): At the start of a round, a leader may gain a special effect that causes their next attack to hit twice in a row. This modifier increases the chance of such an effect appearing by the given percentage.
  • EXP Boost (EXP増加): Increases EXP gained by this percentage.
  • Auto-Recovery (自動回復): At the start of each round during battle, there is a [given percentage] chance that the army will recover 10% HP. This cannot happen before round four, cannot happen in consecutive rounds, and will only occur a maximum of three times per battle.
  • Treasure Chest Rate (宝箱発見率): Increases the chance of obtaining a treasure chest after a battle by this percentage. Very important modifier for obtaining a lot of characters.
  • Interrupt Rate (割り込み発生率): At the start of each round, a member of a leader's faction may perform a free automatic attack. The probability of this happening is the given percentage.

Preparation and Operation Phases[]

Emblems and Unit Bonuses[]

Emblems can be obtained as map symbols, quests rewards and (rarely) as rare drops from treasure chest. Every 3 emblems increases unit's rank by 1 and gives 1 point to assign to a Unit Bonus. The effect of these bonuses is powerful, so aim to collect a lot of emblems.

Bonuses selection can be rearranged at any time you can access the formation screen, so don't worry about choosing wrong and experiment with the bonuses as you like.

Leader limit up (リーダー枠追加)

At start leader limit is 4 and can be increased up to three times up to 7. Remember that by having an extra leader you're are adding an entire extra faction to your formation and that's reflected heavily on the unit's stats.

Max AP increase (AP最大値強化)

Increases max Action Points in battle from 6 to 10, allowing to string higher AP cost skills in combos.

AP regeneration strengthening  (AP回復強化)

Usual Action Points regeneration is 2/turn. This bonus gives an extra AP on every even numbered turn (2, 4, 6, etc). In other words, you get 5 AP ever 2 turns instead of 4. Don't underestimate this bonus.

Leader Switch (リーダー入れ替え)

This allows to switch leaders every turn.

Gods & Demons ban lifting (神魔枠解禁)

Permits the participation of the Demons & Gods faction in your formation. It is also required for the units of this faction to show up in the meal ticket phase.

Boost Chance (ブースト確率)

Makes boost have an activation chance of 100% when conditions are met, instead of the usual 50%. These conditions are:

  • Leader did not act in the previous 3 turns.
  • Leader is of the current quest's effective faction and is the first round of battle (chance for this is always 100% regardless of bonus).
  • Leader is of the current quest's effective faction and is not the first round.

HP bonus increase (HP倍率強化)

Physical bonus increase (物理倍率強化)

Magical bonus increase (魔法倍率強化) 

EXP increase (EXP強化)

All these increase the corresponding unit's stat.

Note: EXP increase has no effect for automatic battles.

All items ★ increase (全アイテム★強化)

Multiplies current ★Rank of all items by 2.

All-around bonus (全体強化)

+3% to all unit's bonus stats.

Stats limit cap increases (上限解禁)

Usually unit's bonus stats are capped at +49%. These bonuses increases the cap by 25% each, maxing at +99%.

Rare luck increase (レア運強化)

Higher chance to find rare cards inside treasure chests.

Hanny Zippo (ハニージッポ)

Once per quest, if HP reaches 0 in battle, revive with 50% HP.

Annihilation Pursue Attack (全滅追い打ち)

With this bonus combat does not end once enemy's HP reaches 0, and you can continue to use skills until end turn. This helps for the Overkill bonus to treasure drop rate.

Meal Coupon and Meal Coupon Phase[]

Meal Coupons are obtained in quests as map symbols, inside treasure chests as rare items, after battle if a specific skill was used and as quest rewards. Max number in possession is 3, so is a waste to get more if you already have 3.

Meal Coupon Phase will trigger after preparation and operation quests if you have at least 1 coupon. In this phase 6 randomly selected characters from your current collection will show up for selection. By choosing one of them you can watch an event. Also, this choice can be skipped if you want to save your coupons.

There are 0-3 character specific meal coupon events for each character. It's physically impossible to watch all character events in a single playthrough (there too many of them). At the start of each playthrough there's the option to carry over meal coupon events (食券イベント引き継ぎ), so already seen ones will not show up for selection.

Essentially this is an opportunity to watch event of your favorite character, but there's also a bonus. After the event, the chosen character will get EXP equal to half the current accumulated total EXP. As the game progresses this number gets higher and higher and can give a big boost to your characters ★Rank.



General combat explanation[]

Status Effects[]

Support Effects[]

Other Effects[]

Combat Results (How to get stronger)[]

Pm10 1d2

Battle results screen.

Experience modifiers[]

部隊.EXP増加 +nn%

Increased experience effect based on the formation's EXP + stat (EXP増加) .

結果.勝利 +20%

+20% EXP bonus if battle ended in a victory.

結果.3ラウンド内撃破 +50%

+50% EXP bonus if battle ended in 3 rounds or less.

結果.1ラウンド撃破 +50%

+50% EXP bonus if battle enemy is defeated in a single round. This means enemy's HP goes form 100% to 0 in a single round, not necessarily in reound 1. Can be done in round 4, round 10 or any other round

自軍HP10%以下 +50%

+50% EXP bonus if owns unit HP is at less than 10% from max at the end of the combat. It can be pretty risky to aim for this bonus. A tiny mistake could mean dead.

Treasure drop rate modifiers[]

部隊.宝箱発見率 +nn

Increased treasure drop rate effect based on the formation's Treasure Drop Rate stat (宝箱発見率) .

対象.ボス +100%

+100% treasure drop rate bonus for boss battles. Bosses always drop treasures.

オーバーキル +nn

Overkill bonus. Any overflow damage done to the enemy below 0 HP gives a % increase in treasure drop chance. Aim to reduce enemy HP as much as possible and then finish it with a high damaging skill to get a high Overkill Bonus.

Usually the battle ends when enemy's HP reach 0, but Unit Bonus "Annihilation Pursue Attack" (全滅追い打ち) enables the player to use to use skills after enemy's HP goes below 0 until the round ends.

nnnで初トドメ +50

Each character gives a one time per quest +50% treasure drop rate bonus for performing the finishing move in a combat. It's once per quest per Character. Card variations of a character count as only one character. +50% it's a big bonus so change characters frequently during quest if possible to get it every battle.

Note: With the Unit Bonus "Annihilation Pursue Attack" (全滅追い打ち) enabled, the move that gets the enemy to 0 HP is the one that counts. Also, this bounus can't be obtained with Cut-in Attacks, Automatic Attacks and damaging Support Effects that defeat the enemy.

累計失敗ボーナス +nn

Consecutive Failure Bonus. Treasure drop rate bonus if no treasure was obtained the previous combat. Even unlucky players will get treasures eventually.

Treasure Contents[]

Treasures form weak enemy units (low enemy count) will have 2 cards inside, while treasures form usual enemy units will have 3. Players get to pick one of the presented cards to add to their collection.

Possessing any of the following gives an increased chance of finding rare cards inside treasures boxes:

Character Pluepetto skill "Treasure Appraiser" ("宝物鑑定士")

Unit Bonus "Rare Luck Upgrade" ("レア運強化")

Item "Tiny Reach B" ("タイニリーチB")

Achievement "Tiny Reach E" ("タイニリーチE")

Combat Formulas[]

Each combo adds +10% damage dealt. So if you are at 5 combo and make an attack, that attack will do 50% extra damage.

Damage dealt seems to very from the listed value by +-20%. So a unit with 1000 strength and a 1X attack will deal between 800 to 1200 damage.

Different sources of damage resistance seems to stack multiplicatively, so two sources of 50% physical resist gives a total of 75% physical resist.

Automatic Battles[]

After Mode and Combined Unit[]

Both options are accessible from the star menu, but only become availible after clearing the game once.

After Mode[]

In this mode you can challenge strong enemies using your combined unit.

Special rules:

  • Each character can only be used for one battle, becoming unavailible after that battle for the rest of the challenge.
  • You can't get EXP nor treasure chests in After Mode.
  • The first 6 times you clear a challenge you earn achivements that give slight bonuses in automatic battles for your next playthrough of the main game.

Combined Unit[]

The Combined Unit shows all cards obtained in all playthroughs. It updates when clearing the game, after credit rolls. It does not update at game overs.

★Rank an cumulative number are set at the highest values obtained in previous clears. So there is no risk of overwriting with weaker cards.

(Apparently there's a bug that overwrites item's ★Rank, even if it's lower, when clearing, so it's a good idea to have a save the game of the playthrough in witch you attained the best item's ★Rank just before clearing, to easily re-overwrite it.)

Note: There is a card (某ホムンクルス) that won't show up in the Combined Unit, since it would break After Mode balance.

Adventure Tips[]