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New skills are learned from events, that usually cost the teal orbs. Rance's "Brutal Attack" for instance, uses a teal Eagle orbs to teach it to him. So if you get him (or anyone) above 45 and he doesn't have Brutal Attack (or the skill they acquire at LV-xx), it's because you didn't unlock it via the event. You can earn up to 2 (one is easily obtainable) Eagle orbs in the Nearby Forest, though the 2nd takes a bit to get since the orange crosses that give Adventure Achievements are usually gone around 60 map points, although after a battle there is a chance of a 3-point orb-star or a treasure chest appearing on a random location of the map. It may be faster (when it comes to getting Eagle Orbs, and not necessarily EXP) to simply get the first Orb at 40 points and then leave and restart.

At high levels it's easy to make your achievement score (the counter to the lower right above gold amount that increases each time you win a battle) reach 100 in Italia, by which time you'd get 3 orbs of red and yellow colors and 2 blue orbs even if you started empty.

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