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This is a Notes page for Rance VI. It is intended to document information useful to programmers and data-miners.

Base Menu Events Code Structure[]

Base menu events are stored in a global array@sイベント called gm, each of which stores variables in an array@int called 変数. Most characters have a dedicated index, while other events are gathered under specialized indicies.

This is the order the IDs appear in T:拠点制御/選択 file. Note that some of the IDs re-occur as the file goes on: 1, 86, 89.

Standard Mode[]

#		Association
88		Most Chapter 1 events
89		Chapter 2-4 main story events.
86		Chapter 5-6 main and side story events
89		Side Missions and other side story events
86		"Check the information panel at headquarters" event
1		Rance
2		Sill
24		Urza
31		Kimchi
22		Magic
9		Rocky
25		Sanakia
7		Rizna
5		Shizuka
4		Maria
13		Kaoru
8		Copandan
6		Caloria
11		Tamanegi (Gal Monster data is stored at index 92 and is checked here as well)
19		Patton
18		L'il Avenger
21		Sel
14		Abert
12		Prima
16		Megadeath
15		Cessna
10		Bernard
23		Miscellaneous: Gandhi, Elizabeth
27		Satsu
89		Miscellaneous: Daniel, Uspira, ???, Lottery, Mikan
1		Miscellaneous: Red Coupon Store, Madness Mode, Fictional Battle, Present Shop, Exchange Party Members.

Exchange Party Members Mode[]

Exchange Party Members Mode uses the same character indicies as above, where applicable.

#		Association
10		Add Bernard
20		Add Seyadatara
15		Add Cessna
16		Add Megadeath
12		Add Prima
18		Add L'il Avenger
27		Add Satsu
13		Add Kaoru
11		Add Tamenegi
23		Add Gandhi
17		Add Rick
26		Add Alex
24		Add Urza
23		Remove Gandhi
17		Remove Rick
26		Remove Alex
24		Remove Urza
11		Remove Tamenegi
18		Remove L'il Avenger
27		Remove Satsu
12		Remove Prima
16		Remove Megadeath
15		Remove Cessna
10		Remove Bernard
20		Remove Seyadatara
13		Remove Kaoru
1		Finish Exchanging Party Members

Finally, there's a third menu mode exclusively for the post-game "Time to explain things, hope you listen!" event, which uses index 1.

Story Progress Values[]

While the events screen does frequently reference the current chapter variable (◆章), it also measures story progress via the deployment (◆展開) var. This section will list the triggers that adjust the ◆展開 var.

#		Trigger
0		Initial value
1		Event "Green Squad's First Meeting"
2		Event "I order you to fire almost everyone"
3		Clear the Cooperative Bank mission
4		Event "I'll cure her with the antidote."
5		Clear the "Punish Emi" mission.
6		Clear the "Kidnap Magic" mission.
7		Start of Chapter 3. Redundantly set both at the end of Pentagon HQ and the start of Chapter 3 itself.
8		Clear Anise's Mystery Dungeon.
9		Start of Chapter 4. Redundantly set after clearing Magazine Tower, the start of Chapter 4, and the debug
			menu's option to start Chapter 4.
10		Clear the "Scout the Capital" mission
11		Clear the Paris Academy story mission
12		Start of Chapter 5
13		Clear the "Rescue the Defenders" mission
14		Clear Disposal Dungeon story mission
15		Start of Chapter 6. Variable is oddly also set to 15 at Start of Chapter 7, see below.
16		Clear the Smoky Sewer story mission.
17		Clear the Fruit Ruins story mission.
18		Clear the Maginot Line story mission. Note that, in practice, this will immediately be reset to 15, above.
19		Clear the "Stop Neo-Pentagon" mission.
20		Defeat Papaya Jump Tower's lower levels.

Dungeon IDs and Variants[]

This information is close to the information in the debug menu, but is organized by ID number and reproduces dungeon IDs in ASCII to make the list searchable.

Note that I haven't checked the maps to see if there are any variants NOT listed in the debug menu.

1	Abandoned Mine F							廃坑洞窟F

	0	Standard							通常もぐり
	1	Opening sequence						最初の迷宮
	2	"Dreadnought Class Monster" mission.				超弩級ボス 

2	Slave Pits								奴隷観察場
	1	Rance Imprisoned						観察場に閉じこめられて
	2	Searching for Patton						ヘルマンの王子

3	Nearby Forest								森

	0	Standard							N/A
4	Italia									イタリア

	1	Saberknight mission						サーベルナイト
	2	ATM mission							サラキン
	3	Bloody Angel mission						血まみれ天使
	9	Standard							ノーマル

5	Haniwa Plain								ハニワ平原

	1	Hot springs mission.						景勝の招待
	2	"Horny Nun" mission.						ロゼ
	9	Standard							ノーマル
6	Cooperative Bank							共同銀行

	1	Bank Robbery Mission						銀行侵入
	2	Target: Colmic							頭取コルミック
		Note: Debug menu includes an option to do the second half of the bank robbery mission, but it is not an official variant.
7	Girl's Prison								女の子刑務所

	1	Emi Mission							刑務所侵入

		TODO: No listed variant in debug menu for accessing post-game state - is this a variant or a modification?
8	Sakura & Pasta								料亭

	1	Martina	Mission	 						料亭侵入

9	Eternal Dungeon								地下牢

	1	Camilla	Mission							地下牢
10	Zeth MV									写真館

	1	Finney Mission							写真侵入
11	National Gymnasium							体育館

	1	Yuzu Mission							体育館侵入
12	Autumn Forest								秋の森

	1	Ex-Resistence Members						サーナキア任務横取り
	2	Girl Bandits							女の子山賊隊
	3	Mint Robbery							桜の通り抜け
		TODO: No standard variant listed in debug menu, but one must exist.

13	Insect User Ruins							廃村

	0	Standard							ノーマル
	1	Find the Antidote						解毒剤を探せ
	2	Emi's Challenge							エミの挑戦
	3	Punish Emi							エミをお仕置き
	4	Insect-Adding Ritual						カロリアの儀式
14	Public Safety HQ							治安本部

	1	Story Mission							治安本部
		Note: No listed variant for starting in the second half. Probably set directly.

15	3rd Test Site								試験会場

	0	Standard							フリー挑戦
	1	Kidnapping Magic						マジックを襲え
		Note: Debug menu lists "1B: Kidnapping Magic" as a way to get to the second half, but this isn't a true internal variant.
16	Pentagon HQ								ペンタゴン

	1	Negotiate with Pentagon						ペンタゴン基地侵入
	2	Stop Neo-Pentagon						ネオペンタゴン
	9	"None," unused standard delve					無し
17	Zethan Capital								首都

	1	Investigate the Capital						偵察
	2	Rescue the Defenders						救出
	3	Annihilate the Remaining Squad					7章にて
18	Amber Castle

	0	"None," unused standard delve w/ errors	無し
	1	Abduct Radon							ラドン誘拐
19	Anise's Mystery Dungeon							赤川

	1	First visit							ラドンと取引
	2	Subsequent visits						二度目以降
20	Magazine Tower								マジックの塔
	1	Destroy the Mana Battery, part 1				最初の侵入
	2	Destroy the Mana Battery, part 2				パパイアの後
21	Jump Tower Lower Levels							パパイアの塔

	1	Destroy the Mana Battery					パパイア
	2	Defeat Papaya, part 2						パパイア征伐/後編
22	Paris Academy								パリス学園

	1	Story Mission							N/A
23	Lolita House								ロリータハウス

	1	Take Down the Cause of Alfra's Fear				ロリータハウス
		Note: Debug menu lists a variant 2 called 眼鏡っ娘ハウス (House with Glasses) that doesn't exist and will fail to load.

24	Royal Museum								博物館

	1	Scout for Magic Tools						博物館1回目
	9	Standard							汎用
		TODO: Debug menu only gives access to first theft, how are the others accessed?
25	Moheca's Mansion							モヘカの館

	1	Investigate the Missing Boys					モヘカの館偵察
	2	Investigate the Suspicious Laughter				モヘカの館再び
	3	Abert								アベルトの館

26	Sunday Tower								日曜の塔(ナギ)

	1	Shizuka's Revenge						ナギの塔
	2	Unused variant (Jump Tower protoype)				パパイア征伐/前編

27	Sleepy Village Cemetery							地下墓地

	1	Destroy the Undead						魔物退治
	2	Queen Anokia							アノキア退治
	3 	Defeat the Necromancer						ネクロマンサー退治

28	Alpha Fortress								要塞

	1	Story Mission							N/A

29	Disposal Dungeon							廃棄迷宮

	1	Retrieve Chaos							カオス取り
	9	Standard							汎用

30	Calculator Cube								電卓迷宮

	1	Kanami's Dungeon						かなみモード
	2	Sill's Dungeon							シィルモード
	3	Shizuka's Dungeon						志津香モード

31	Noctun Mine								ノクタン鉱山

	1	Maria's first request						チューリップ1
	2	Maria's second request						チューリップ2

32	Smoky Sewer								地下水路

	1 	Story Mission							N/A

33	Fruit Ruins								フルーツ遺跡

	1	Story Mission							N/A

34	Maginot Line								マジノライン

	1	Final Mission							マジノ攻略1
	2	Rescue Blue Squad						アベルト救出
		Note: The debug menu includes a way to get to the second half of the final mission, but this is not an actual variant.

35	Jump Tower Upper Levels							パパイアの塔上

	2	Story Mission							N/A