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Main Screen[]


Main Screen

The main screen in Rance 6 is where you can manage your characters and progress through the story. The screen is divided into 6 areas as depicted in this illustration.

Party Setup[]


Party Setup (c)Alicesoft

This is where you will select characters who will be in your party. Characters may be unavailable if their Friendship (FR) is below the dungeon requirement. Rance does not need to be included in the party.

Item Equip[]


Item Equip (c)Alicesoft

This is where you can equip characters with items and use consumable items.



Shop (c)Alicesoft

Pluepet's shop is where you can buy armor, weapons, and consumable items such as HP restoration items and keys for use in dungeons.

Level Up[]


Level Up (c)Alicesoft

This is where you go when you want to level up your characters. The higher Rance's level, the more clothing Willis loses.



This is where you can save your game. To load a game click the blue button and then choose a save to load from.



Event (c)Alicesoft

This is probably the most important screen as this is where you will be progressing through the story and accessing events. Events often cost red, yellow, or blue spheres, which are earned by amassing BP in dungeons. Events requiring a red sphere are often either quests, FR events, or unique conversations. Events that require a yellow sphere are usually Hing a female to raise her level cap and usually have (H) in the title. Events that require a blue sphere are usually either learning skills or FR events to level a character's skills or SP. Events that require one each of a red and yellow sphere usually are a repeatable FR raising event and usually have (FR) in the title. Also, the character involved in the event has their name in the yellow box before the title.

Clicking on the red button in the lower right corner will take you back to the main screen, and clicking on the blue button in that corner will take you to a screen and let you choose your dungeon after escaping the slave prison. Before that, it will automatically drop you into the slave dungeon.

Dungeon Basics[]

Dungeon Information[]

The map is located in the lower left corner of the screen when in a dungeon. Upon mouse hover, the map takes up a much larger portion of the screen and you can view the different levels. Later in the game, you will be able to see where items, yellow crosses, character events, and special fights are located, as long as that part of the map has been uncovred by standing on it.

Along the bottom in the center, is the status of your active party. By clicking on the party member, you will go straight to their status screen.

Along the bottom right are two pieces of information. Your money is the lowest piece of information, while the battle points are displayed above. On mouse hover, you will see 4 commands. The top command allows you to see your party screen where you can change active party members. The second command displays the current objectives. The third command calls for a monster, making it easy to grind for experience, and the final command allows you to leave the dungeon. The shortcuts are displayed on the button and are C, N, M, and D respectively.

HP, SP, BP, FR, and What They Mean[]

If a character runs out of HP, he or she is taken out of the active party. If all active party members die, you have lost and it is game over. In battle some spells can restore HP, but when it drops to 0, the only alternative is the item Seirogan (Ibeprofun), which looks like small black beads on a brown piece of paper in the item screen. Rance has 2 of these at the start and they can be bought in the shop (though the more Seirogan in your possession, the more expensive it is). The Seirogan completely restore HP, but can only be used outside of battle.

SP is the number of battles a character can fight in. SP can be completely restored by the Viagro item (resembles yellow pills). These can be obtained by acquiring 50 and 90 battle points or in a treasure.

BP, or battle points, help you obtain rewards while traveling through a dungeon. You obtain 1 BP for every fight you win and can also be obtained by collecting the Yellow Crosses placed in certain fixed spots in dungeons. Yellow Crosses will also appear randomly throughout the dungeon as you fight and explore. When you mouse hover over the status portion on the dungeon screen, a large dungeon status window will open. This window tells you how many battle points you currently have as well as the amount of map completed. There are new items to be obtained every 5 BP, but the sequence always remains the same. After 100 BP, no new rewards are given for that run. The amount of gold given at a certain amount of BP changes depending on the dungeon.

FR, or Friendship point, is for each character to learn new skill (refer to Allies session for what skill each character can learn at how many FR). Most character will also have power ups at 15, 20, 25 and 30 FR. The power up can be increase SP, % damage, accuracy or reduce charge time.

  • 5 BP - Gold
  • 10 BP - Crab Orb (red)
  • 15 BP - Monkey Orb (yellow)
  • 20 BP - Crab Orb (red)
  • 25 BP - Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item (83% S / 17% M)
  • 30 BP - Monkey Orb (yellow)
  • 35 BP - Gold
  • 40 BP - Eagle Orb (blue)
  • 45 BP - Gold
  • 50 BP - Viagro (SP Restoration Item)
  • 55 BP - Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item (42% S / 42% M / 17% L)
  • 60 BP - Crab Orb (red)
  • 65 BP - Gold
  • 70 BP - Monkey Orb (yellow)
  • 75 BP - Gold
  • 80 BP - Eagle Orb (blue)
  • 85 BP - Gold
  • 90 BP - Viagro (SP Restoration Item)
  • 95 BP - Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item (67% M / 33% L)
  • 100 BP - Gold

Note: The Weapon/Armor bun's grade (S/A/B/C) is determined by a random party member's Weapon/Armor grade.

Earning Experience and Gaining Levels[]

Fights in a dungeon give a set amount of EXP. The first two dungeons give 10 EXP per fight per character as a base. Later dungeons give more EXP per fight. The amount of EXP earned, however, is not always the amount set in the dungeon. The more characters in the active party who are not at their current maximum level, and the higher their level, the lower the percentage of total EXP earned by each character. This number can be found in the lower left (above the FR requirement for the dungeon) when adding party members in the party selection screen.

Experience always accumulates, even past the required amount to gain a level. However, after reaching the needed amount to gain a level, there is a limit to prevent you from gaining more EXP after you have gained two levels (that said, it is possible to gain more levels if you gain them in a single battle with a low-level character, as explained in this comment). To gain levels, the player must return to town and access the level up screen, which has F4 assigned as the shortcut.

Base experience is at 110% (Capped at 100%), the decrease is by level of (un-max) char divide by 5, rounded down it seems. Example, a lv 46 uncapped char reduces the % by 9.

Regarding level up, not really tested/proven, but it seems to be by %. For level 35 and below(I think) its 10% of your stats. For levels above that, the increase is by 5%. (So if that is true, if Rance pumps his attack up by a lot before you start leveling him, he can become...?)

Effects that increase experience gains include

  • Talent Ocarina: Multiplies gained experience by 1.3 (1.6 if equipped twice) for the character wearing it.
  • Protagonist skill (Rance): Multiplies gained experience by 1.5 (2 if upgraded) for the whole party.
  • Improve Fortune skill (Copandon): Multiplies gained experience by 1.2 for the whole party.

All of these effects stack multiplicatively.

Rance 6 1.05 patch[]

Rance 6 1.05 patch

The links above don't work, so here are two new ones (1.03+1.05):!YssUxKoQ!RpwRI-mcPIVNwoZL4TJLDbINGiU_EXgo-RPmUPtWXxU

Password to the zip: rancepatch

Takega Satsu Bonus[]

Satsu's events are already translated in the ain file from the english version, so here are the resized/modified/original pictures:

Mediafire link

MEGA link

*Fixed Satsu's "Skirt" event with missing picture.